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The stars twinkled above Percy and Annabeth as they lay on the soft beach towel. It was a warm humid night, perfect for spending time together with the ones you loved. Summer was made for us, he thought, just for us my love.

Percy snuck a peek to look at her and studied her profile. Right then, Percy decided he wanted Annabeth by his side, forever. Sure, there were some flaws he didn't like about her. A stream of memories played through his head. Percy's favorite one was the time he had challenged her at the coffee shop a few blocks away from his mother's new apartment. It was karaoke night. Annabeth hated karaoke.

Some people had horrible voices yet they still went up and sang. At the end of the night Annabeth would have a horrible headache and complain about the noise and her ear and so on...

But that time he had been upstage, trying to pick the next person who would sing 'Wannabe'. A Spice Girls song. His eyes had landed on his 18 year-old girlfriend who was giving the waiter dirty looks. He had breathed a sigh of relief that it was a kind of slow song. Of course, because heaven forbid, if Annabeth had to rap or scat it would be the end of his life.

Meeting his eyes, Annabeth looked up, annoyed. She sighed and took another sip of her French vanilla coffee. He pretended to scan the crowd, and then jerked his thumb at Annabeth.

"Come on, Annabeth. I pick you," he had said.

She looked up, bewildered and shook her in mouthing 'no'.

Percy crossed his arms determined to make her sing. "Of course, the only place you sing is in the shower," He raised an eyebrow, ignoring Thalia's look of confusion, "where no one can hear you."

By now Annabeth's eyes were bloodshot. By the way her lip twitched he knew that he would never get to see the sun shine again. Oh well.

Annabeth began to stand up, slamming her hands on the table.

"It's okay baby. You don't have to do it. We all know you're shy with singing. How about someone like...you?" He pointed to a girl with long red hair and a cast on her leg. Her eyes widened as big as the size of dinner plates. She shook her head. "Oh, come one, sweetheart, you don't want to end up like my—"

A sudden noise made him stop. His girlfriend staring intently at him, her head held high in a stuck up way. Annabeth was beautiful like the Aphrodite children, but not as stuck up even though she acted like that sometimes. Another flaw.

Come to think of it, she isn't stuck up at all, he thought, she's perfect.

No one was perfect, not even the Abercrombie models. Annabeth had lectured him once about it that, and Thalia had give him a punch for asking stupid questions.

But that wasn't why he was asking stupid questions, Percy was just nervous because Annabeth had changed so much over that summer.

The move to San Francisco had had a huge effect on her. When Percy had first seen her he practically had drooled a lake. Her legs and arms were well tanned. She looked radiant.

Anyway, Annabeth snatched Thalia's beer and took a sip. Percy scrunched his nose, wondering where the beer had come from and why she had drunk some. Awkwardly, Annabeth made it up to the stage and took the microphone away, pushing Percy, thus causing him to knock a speaker down. She stuck a violent pose, snapped her finger and said, "Hit it."

(Five minutes later...)

In the end Annabeth had done an awesome job. She walked back to Percy and smirked, hands on hips. "You're sleeping on the couch for two weeks."

"How unfair! You can't do that. It's my room too," he protested.

"Yes, but...you challenged me."

"I thought you liked challenges." Percy pursed his lips to keep from laughing. His girlfriend gave him a death glare.

"Shut. Up. That was not funny. What if someone heard you?"

"They'd be shocked."

Without thinking, Annabeth whacked him upside the head. "Stop it. You know I hate karaoke. You wanted to test me! You're supposed to be my boyfriend."

Percy wrapped his arms around her waist. "I know a bunch of stuff boyfriends do."

Sighing, Annabeth pushed him away. "I thought you would understand. I guess you don't." She turned and walked away. "Don't bother coming home tonight."

The flaw: She took things seriously.


Annabeth pointed at the dark, sparkling sky, "Isn't it beautiful?" she whispered.

It was. There weren't any city lights around, so you could see thousands, maybe even millions of stars. Percy gave a nod as a response.

"Are you mad?" she asked, her voice sweet and a bit worried.

Percy played with one of her golden locks. "Of course not. I could never be mad with you."

"I know..." her voice was soft. " But you do sound mad. Kind of strange, ya know. You're usually never mad. Not even when I refuse to—."

Percy cleared his throat. "It's nothing."

"What's wrong? Please tell me." Ever since Percy and Annabeth got together, Annabeth had begun to take more interest in him. Every time Percy would talk to a girl Annabeth would shun him for like a week! Even if he talked to Clarisse!

He propped himself on his elbow, "I'm just remembering the good times."

Annabeth closed her eyes. She saw Thalia dying, Luke trying to kill her, the camp in flames and worst of all...she saw Percy dying. But Percy wasn't really dying. He was close to. But the ambrosia had saved him, and so did Aphrodite. Those weren't good times.

Annabeth shuddered and hugged Percy tighter. She couldn't bear losing him. "Tell me you love me."

"I love you," he repeated.

"No you don't."

Percy grimaced, "Why would you say that? You know I love you."

"Say it like you mean it."

Percy scoffed. "What's wrong with the way I said it before?"

"You sounded like a robot."

He laughed, and clutched her tighter, burrowing his face in her hair.

"Well...? I'm waiting."

"Annabeth..." he breathed against her neck. "I love you. I love you so much, that I would rob a bank for you. I need you. You're...everything. You're all I ever wanted and you still are."

She choked back a sob. "OH PERCY! I LOVE YOU TOO!!" She tackled him on to the sand. They rolled around in the sand, laughing. When they stopped, there was an awkward silence.

"Gods, remember when Thalia found out we were living together?" Percy muttered.

"Her head practically exploded," she giggled softly.

-flash back-

"You're joking. Am I being punk'd? Oh my gosh! Where's Ashton?! ASHTON?!"

"Thalia. You are not on Punk'd. Ashton isn't here," Annabeth drawled.

"No Kutchie?"

Percy burst out laughing. "Kutchie..."

The blonde rolled her eyes at her immature boyfriend. "No Ashton. Get it? You are not being punk'd or anything. What we're telling you is true. Percy and I live with each other."

Thalia's pale face went even paler. If that's even possible. "You are what?"

"Living with each other," answered Percy, casually biting into an apple. "We've been living with each other for two months now." His half cousin's face went beet red.

"You chose him over me? I'm cleaner! And nicer and I probably don't beg to you when I want something."

"Face it, she likes Poseidon better."

That did it. Thalia lunged at him, knocking down a lamp. The fell onto the floor. "Annabeth was my roommate, Percy! You stole her away! That's not fair. You guys aren't even married! You don't have kids!! No ring on her finger! Percy, you took her innocence away!"

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Prove it," he challenged.

"You prove it, Fish Face."

"Fine. Hey honey, did I take your innocence away?"

Annabeth faked a sniff. "Yes, you did."

"Ha!" Thalia punched him in the gut. She got off him and ran to her best friend. "It's okay. We all know Percy is an idiot."

"Yes he is."

"So are you moving back with me?" A spark of hope flickered in Thalia's electric blue eyes.

"No. I love Percy."

Thalia threw herself on the sofa, and screamed.

-end of flashback-

"You have to admit it was amusing."

"Yeah, I guess." Annabeth stared into his eyes. He stared back.

"I like flash backs."

"Me too..." Annabeth looked at the diamond ring on her finger. "Hopefully, we'll make more."

"Let's make a new one." He growled and pulled her into a deep kiss. "I love you, my darling."

"I love you more, Seaweed Brain."

"I doubt it." He kissed her again before she could ruin the moment.

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