Last Stand

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On to the story! One quick thing, this chapter starts off in Illusion's point of view, and about half way through it switches to one of the Chaotix members point of view. Just thought it'd be nice to know that.

Chapter One

Illusion's POV:

I don't know why I feel so strange today, maybe it's because I feel as though something bad is going to happen to us...

I have no idea why I wrote that. I guess it's because I get to meet the people that are going to protect us instead of having no idea who anyone is. My nerves are getting to me I swear! Anyways, my parents and I are going to go out for dinner and my dad wanted to hire a group of detectives to play as bodyguard for the night. Sometimes he makes me wonder; what's going to happen at an extraordinary restaurant with lots of security cameras all around? Not much that's for sure. And this is the first time I get to go with my family to this restaurant too! I can't wait!

Ooops... I have to act better than that. My mom and dad would have a fit if I dared to act like a kid for even a moment. Oh well, as long as I have my journal, then I'm able to write whatever I want, and they can't stop me from my freedom of expression! The clock says it's noon, so I have to go. I can't wait until the detectives come, that means new friends!

I snapped the journal shut and I shoved it under my bed where my beloved chao doll was and my scythe as well. I never told anyone about what was under my bed and if anyone other than my older brother knew, then boy would I be shipped out to military school before I could explain. As I stood up I glanced at the mirror and saw my reflection.

I was a pure white anthro cat with dark green markings on me. On the back of my shoulders were markings that looked like angel wings, on my forehead was a marking that looked almost like a starburst, and I had dark green on the tips of my ears, tail and my hands oddly enough had the dark green fur that sometimes I wish I could hide. I was wearing a light green wrap shirt that partially covered the giant angel winged marking on my shoulders, black ripped jeans, black skater shoes, and homemade arm warmers with light green laces running through it. I flashed my teeth that were just as white as my fur was; I was satisfied with my appearance and I dashed out of the small room.

Bumping into someone I yelped as I fell on my butt.

"Watch it!"

"You watch it Charcoal!" I retorted as before me stood my half brother. He was a dusty black cat with bright lime green eyes and lime green tipped hair. I guess in a way he was my twin. Only he was two years older than I was; which let me tell you sucked big time when I was younger.

"I don't have to."

I got on my feet and glared up at him. He chuckled at my dark glare and rubbed my head, messing my short hair.

"You're funny. Glaring at me like that."

"Shut up and lets just get down stairs before mom and dad yell at us for being late."

Charcoal shook his head with a grin, "someone's a bit happy today... is it because of the new bodyguards?"

"... What if it is?"

"Then I have to say you're pretty insane little sister," replied Charcoal as he rolled his eyes at me.

"At least I do research on our bodyguards and try to get along with them."

"You don't have to remember? We're the heirs of the throne. We're royalty, they're not."

"And now you see why you have no friends," I muttered as I walked away from him. Sometimes he was a major jerk... no wait. He's always a jerk!

Once I reached the stairs I took a moment to decide how I'd get down them. I could always go the normal way and just slowly walk down each of the steps and be classy... or I could just slide down the railing and do a spectacular appearance. I grinned at the look of the last person that I accidently landed on when I fell off the railing. Charcoal then appeared beside me and I groaned.

"Can you leave me alone for more than 5 minutes?"

"No can do little sister," he replied. "I suggest going down the classy way."

He knew my ways of getting down the stairs; he was the one that taught me how to use the railing to get down even faster and earn applause from the servants. Aka, my friends.

"I'll race you down!"

"No way."

"Why?" I asked almost childish. Actually my voice sounded a bit high pitched for it to belong to a 14 year old. I looked over myself and saw I had changed my age. "Crap!" I turned back into a 14 year old. That's right, I can change my age. I'm one heck of a special person if I'm the only one in my family that can do that. Charcoal laughed at my sudden age change and he ruffled my short hair again.

"Nice one."

"Ha ha, very funny. Now race with me please? We need some excitement!"

"As long as you don't change into a 7 year old when you lose."

I sighed irritatedly, "fine. I call the railing!"

"I'll go down the normal way."

I stood on the railing and held myself so I wouldn't get a headstart, "on your marks, get set... GO!" I shouted as I let go and started sliding down the railing as though I was a skater that was grinding a railing. Charcoal was right behind me.

Laughing I leaned forward slightly and I gained the major advantage of never running out of breath. Charcoal's eyes widened and he stopped running and just watched as I kept sliding.

"Hey! Why aren't you-"


I rubbed my head as I mumbled, "ooowww... that hurt."

"I bet it did," said a voice that made me instantly jump to my feet and bowed.

"I-I didn't mean to-"

"Save it. It's fine. You're excited, you have a reason for taking that route."

I loved my uncle sometimes; sure he was one heck of a strange raccoon but he was laid back when it came to half of the things I'd do. Charcoal walked down and said, "I tried to stop her."

"It didn't look like you tried very hard Scout," replied my uncle, Sherman, as he got me in a headlock and gave me a noogie. I giggled as I struggled against his strong hold. "Say uncle and I'll let go."

"Okay, okay! Uncle! Uncle!"

"That's music to my ears."

His hold was released and I hugged him. Charcoal wasn't the person to give people hugs, he'd accept hugs but he wouldn't actually give them out. Once again, I was the only person besides my uncle who gave out hugs.

"So do you do that often when your parents aren't around?"

I nodded, "of course I do. I'd get yelled at if they were here... oh crap."

Behind Sherman was my parents. They had a disapproving look on their faces as my father said, "Illusion..."

"I tried to stop her I swear," stated Charcoal, him being the little liar that he is.


"I-It was fun! You do what I just did and you'd agree fully with me."

"No excuses. You're a lady, you're to take the normal way instead of... that way."

I bowed my head as I sighed. Charcoal grinned as father patted him on the shoulder and told him how much he appreciated him watching over me. My mother then said quietly, "they have arrived. The people that are going to help protect us. Would you like to meet them Illusion?"

I loved my mother because of that; she was the one that said it's wise to meet anyone you can and become friends with them. I nodded, a grin crossing my face as she started to lead the way.

Charmy's POV:

"Hey Boss! When are we going to meet everyone!?" I asked hyperly. I was wearing my trademark helmet and my orange jacket as I buzzed around Vector. The giant alligator that was Vector swatted as me until he looked at Espio who gave me a piercing stare. I stopped buzzing around Vector and landed on my feet.

"You have to be patient Charmy," replied Espio.

"I asked Vector not you."

"You have to be patient."

"Okay," I said, happy that Vector answered me instead of Espio. Espio just scares me sometimes when he gives me that stare. We were in the living room of the biggest house I think I've ever seen. Okay maybe it wasn't a house, but it was a mansion or something even bigger than a mansion! I was excited and when there's a bowl of candy sitting in front of a six year old, the six year old usually have the candy gone within five minutes. It's been twenty minutes and I only had half the bowl emptied.

The door to the room opened and I looked toward a young woman in her early thirties; she was wearing a ruby dress that seemed to make her look perfect. I knew that because Vector's face turned red; he was probably embarrassed when he saw himself staring at her instead of Madam Vanilla. Vector turned his attention to the other people that entered with her and so did the rest of us.

"Who's that Espio?"

"That would be one of our clients," muttered the chameleon as he stood up along with Vector who had all been sitting on the couch.

"Hello, you must be Team Chaotix?"

"That's right! I'm Vector and I'm the boss of this team."

Espio held out his hand and started shaking hands with everyone, he looked at me, saying I should do the same. I walked up to the small group of people and shook the woman's hand, a raccoon's hand, and a young girl's.

I did a double take at the girl; she was a white cat wearing clothes that I thought a girl wouldn't usually wear in a mansion.

"I'm Espio and this is Charmy Bee."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Shaylah, the queen. The raccoon is my brother-in-law Sherman, and this is my daughter, Illusion."

I looked at Illusion and she had a smile etched on her face. I found my face turn slightly red as I flew up and sat on Vector's shoulders. I looked at Shaylah and I forgot what kingdom we were in; I know Espio or Vector told me but I forgot. Pretty dumb on my account but oh well, the kingdom's name would get mentioned again, I was pretty sure of it.

Silence made us all look slightly uncomfortable until Illusion asked us, "will you play with me?"

Espio looked at Shaylah really quick and Shaylah whispered, "Illusion!"

"I'm just asking mom... I-I'm sorry," quietly said Illusion and her eyes got really teary, as though she was about to cry... wait a second! That's my trait! I glanced at her and I felt my heart strings get tugged, crap, my trick worked ten times better on her innocent face. I flew off of Vector's shoulders and walked over to Illusion.

"I'll play with you."

Instantly Illusion's sad face vanished under her grin, "you will?"

"Sure. Is that okay boss?"

Vector shrugged, "why not?"

Espio said, "we're heading out in two hours so please meet us here in that time got it?"

"Yea!" cheered Illusion as she took my hand and dragged me up a large set of stairs. I could hear everyone giggle at Illusion's ethusiasm. A few minutes later we were in the small room that must've belonged to Illusion. She walked over to a large china cabinet and she took out two things. My eyes widened as I saw it was a lollipop.

"Want one?"

"Do I ever!"

She handed me one and I quickly put it in my mouth. Illusion led me over to a chair and motioned me to sit down, I did and she sat down on top of a giant chest; perhaps a toy box? That's when I noticed that she seemed shorter than she was a few minutes ago, and she seemed to have more of a childish look.

"So... you're a princess?"

Illusion nodded, "yea. I'm a princess and my brother Charcoal is a prince."


"You're a detective?"

I nodded as a response. Soon we finished out lollipops and that was when I definately noticed something strange.

"Did you get shorter?"

She blinked and she looked at herself.

"Oops... I-I'm sorry!"

"What happened?" I questioned as I saw her concentrate very hard. Then she grew a little and she looked to be about 14.

"I... changed my age."

"You're an age changer?"

She nodded and that's when I saw her dark green eyes drop to the ground. Apparently she didn't like to talk about that. I wasn't going to pry. I felt the sugar rushing through my veins and I said, "that's okay. I'm not going to ask all about you. You said you wanted to play right?"

Illusion's face instantly turned happy as she grinned, "of course I do!"

"Um... what do you want to play?"


"Okay!" I cheered as she poked me.

"And you're it!" She cheered as she darted away from me at full speed. I laughed as I flew into the air and chased after her; let me be the first to tell you that she was fast. Not Sonic the Hedgehog fast, but she was pretty quick. About thirty minutes of chasing after her still and not getting her, I fell to the ground out of exhaustion.

"I'm pooped."

Illusion walked back over and she was panting for breath.

"Me too," she said as she sat down and tried to catch her breath. I found myself wondering why she wasn't like all the princesses that most people tell me about; how the princesses always wear frilly dresses, make up, and always avoid running when possible. She was a princess I was sure of that, but it was slightly scary how she didn't wear any dresses or make up and how she didn't mind playing games.

"Should we see what the adults are up to?"

"Sure... um... hey... wanna know a way to go down there and not get caught?"

My face was written with confusion because she took my hand and we started running toward the stairs. Along the way we saw a few people but they didn't even glance at us. She came to the stairs and she said, "I made us blend with our surroundings so we'll be able to go anywhere and not get caught."

Wait a second, back that up. Did she just say she made us blend into our surroundings? Camaflouge? She did. Okay either I was dreaming this whole thing up and that after half the bowl of candy was devoured by me I fell asleep or this really was happening.


She looked down and nodded, "I'm a weirdo okay?"

I heard the sadness in her voice, I heard how down about that she seemed and I shook my head quickly.

"Weirdo or not, this is pretty cool. Espio can do the same thing!"

"Espio... Espio... the purple chameleon?"

I grinned, "that's him."

"He seemed really interesting. Come on! We'll miss everything if we don't get down there!"

We darted down the large stairway and we slowly and silently walked toward the entrance to the living room. Everyone was talking about who they were, their past and so on... BORING!! The raccoon stopped talking and turned to Shaylah. Illusion frowned and she sat down, I gave a quizzical look and I heard Illusion being mentioned. I turned my attention toward the queen... that's when I heard all that I needed to.

Here's Chapter One... please don't kill me for it being so long and for me ending it when Shaylah was about to talk about Illusion. The next chapter will resume this one. So tell me what you think and I'll see if I can get the next chapter up soon!