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Chapter One – The Idea

Angela Montenegro walked into the Jeffersonian Medico-Legal Lab at exactly eight-thirty on a Tuesday morning. She instantly sighed at the sight before her. Temperance Brennan, already dressed in her blue lab coat and working ponytail, sat on a stool on the platform, carefully examining a set of remains. Rather than heading to the Imaging Unit as she normally did, Angela ran her card through the security scanner and joined her friend by the body.

"Bad date?" Angela asked, taking a seat next to Brennan.

"What makes you assume that?" Brennan asked, never looking up from the mandible she was examining.

"You're not only here on time. You were here early," Angela pointed out.

"So?" Brennan asked. "I don't understand the association between my arrival time and my date last night."

"Sweetie, have I taught you nothing? Bad date means early to work. Good date equals late to work," Angela explained.

"The fact that I didn't have sex with him doesn't mean the date was bad, and even I if had had sex with him, I'm still fully capable of making it into work at my normal time," Brennan said.

"You're right," Angela said. "So the date went well?"

"No, it was awful!" Brennan exclaimed.

Angela sighed again. "What happened?"

"He thought I was a novelist," Brennan said.

Angela chuckled. "Bren, you are a novelist, but it's okay. Admitting it is the toughest step," she joked.

"No, you don't understand. He thought I was only a novelist," she said.

"You're right. I don't understand. I'm not seeing the problem, sweetie," Angela admitted.

"He found out about this career, my first career. I was telling him about my life at the Jeffersonian, and he said he hadn't realized I did anything other than write books. The double career thing intimidated him. He bolted when he found out about my doctorate and realized how much New York Times bestselling authors, who also work with one of the most prestigious research institutions in the country, must make," Brennan explained, finally putting down the bone.

Angela's face twisted into a disgusted expression. "Ugh, he left because you were too smart and successful? Jerk!"

"Anthropologically speaking, men like to appear superior to women and give off the illusion that they're necessary for a woman's well-being. My ability to financially take care of myself, not to mention my academic superiority, scared him away because he realized he wouldn't be able to appear in control of me," Brennan responded. "Statistically speaking, men also generally tend to date or marry someone in a lower socio-economic class than themselves."

"Yeah, okay, while I'm sure that's all true, you don't need to try to explain the situation with logic. He's a jerk, plain and simple," Angela said. Brennan locked eyes with her best friend.

"Yes," Brennan agreed.

Angela suddenly gasped. "Oh, Bren, I have the best idea!"

Brennan's face fell. "Uh oh."

"No 'uh oh.' It's good. I promise," Angela said.

"What is it?" Brennan asked.

"I'm going to set you up," she revealed.

"Angela, no," Brennan immediately said.

"Sweetie," Angela started.

"No blind dates!" Brennan insisted.

"Why not?" Angela asked.

"I don't need your help," Brennan said.

"Yes, you do," she said. "Your date last night ran because he was intimidated by your success, the one before him just wanted a piece of your money, and the one before that was way too needy, and men think we're the whiny ones," Angela said.

"And you're going to be able to help that how?" she asked.

"Sweetie, Hodgins and I know a lot of guys. I'm sure we can find one who is single, independent, financially stable, and successful in his career," Angela said.

"Angela, I don't know," Brennan said.

"Come on…please?" Angela said in a sing-song voice.

"I don't like blind dates," Brennan said.

"But I know you, Bren. I'll pick someone good," Angela said, brushing some of Brennan's hair away from her face.

"I know you know me, but…" she started.

"Sweetie, I know what I'm doing. I just want you to be happy. Please let me help you be happy," Angela said.

"I'm perfectly happy with my life as it is," Brennan said.

"I know you are. Okay, let me rephrase that. I just want you to find love. I want you to have with someone what Hodgins and I have," she clarified.

"I don't need you to set me up! I'm fine," Brennan said.

"I know you're fine, but I want to do it anyway. You are going to have a date before the week is over. I promise," Angela said.

With that, Angela turned to head down the platform to her office. She couldn't wait to start thinking of guys for her best friend. If there was one thing Angela Montenegro loved more than art, it was dealing with ways of the heart, especially when Brennan was involved.

"Angela!" Brennan called.

"Smart, sexy, and successful, Bren. I'll find him," she said confidently.

"Talking about me?" Hodgins asked, walking up behind Angela.

"Not this time, honey, but follow me to my office. I may need your help with something very important," she said.

Hodgins got a wicked sparkle in his eye. "Right behind you, baby."

"It's not that important!" Brennan called after Hodgins, but it was too late. He had already disappeared with Angela.

Brennan sighed heavily and pulled the magnifying device over to the skeleton to continue her examination. She heard someone swipe their card to join her on the platform, but she didn't look up. Booth pulled up a chair and sat down closely next to her, trying to keep his distance from the decomposing corpse in front of him.

"What'cha got for me, Bones?" he asked.

"Thanks to the results from Cam's tox screen, it seems relatively probable that the cause of death was an alcohol overdose," Brennan said.

"And what was the age range on this one?" Booth asked.

"Fifteen to nineteen," she replied with certainty.

"Great. Underage drinking," Booth realized. "Got an ID?"

"Not yet. All her teeth were pulled out, so we can't use dentals, and Angela's sketch isn't coming up with anything from the missing person database yet," she said. "This ID may take a couple more days. You have to wait a certain amount of time before reporting someone missing, and somebody doesn't want us to find out who this is."

"So is it murder?" he asked.

Brennan sighed. "The disposal of the body and the removal of her teeth suggests yes. However, the likely cause of death suggests a simple accident. It could go either way at this point."

"Okay," Booth sighed. "Thanks."

"Mmm-hmm," she acknowledged.

"I'm going to go talk to some of the business owners around where her body was found, see if they saw anything. Do you want to come?"

"No, it's okay. I'm not done with the examination yet, and then I have to clean the bones. You go ahead," she said.

"Are you okay, Bones?" he asked.

"Fine," she said. "Why?"

"You just seem a little irritated, that's all. I was just wondering if it was because of the frustrating case or something else," he said.

"I'm fine," she said.

"Okay. Just checking," he said.

Booth knew that she was lying. He stayed in his seat, looking at her, while she attempted to get back to work. She could feel him watching her and set the bone back down with a sigh.

"You won't be interested," she said.

"Try me," he smiled.

"It's Angela," Brennan revealed.

Booth chuckled. "What'd she do now?"

"My date last night was uncomfortable with my success in dual careers, and Angela's taken it upon herself to fix my recent pattern of bad dates," Brennan explained.

"How does she plan to do that?" he laughed.

"By setting me up," Brennan said.

"With who?" Booth asked.

"Someone smart, sexy, and successful," she said, slightly rolling her eyes.

"A blind date?" he asked.

"That's her plan," Brennan said with another sigh.

"And you don't like this idea?" Booth concluded.

"Of course not. Angela's…Angela. You should see some of the men she's dated," Brennan said.

"Her little black book doesn't hold any good prospects, huh?" he asked.

"I don't know what that means."

"Nothing," Booth said.

"Besides, I can get my own dates. I don't need help," she said.

Booth laughed. "Yes, you do."

"I do not!" she protested.

He laughed again. "Okay, Bones, let's reminisce, shall we? Do you wanna start with the cult member or the murderer?"

Brennan shot him a death glare, and his goofy smile disappeared.

"Okay," he said. "I'm sorry. If you don't want to do it, just tell Angela no."

Brennan laughed. "You think I didn't already try that?"

"A blind date, huh?" he asked again.

"Yes," Brennan said with a defeated tone of voice.

"Want me to talk to her for you?" Booth asked.

Brennan shrugged. "If that's what you want."

"Is that what you want?" he asked. Brennan just simply looked at him again. He smiled. "I'll go talk to her."

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