A/N: I don't know if anyone listens to Ludo, but this idea was inspired by their song "The Horror of Our Love."

The person who's POV this is in…That's a secret. This is AU, I guess, because they are teenagers in a small town. Enjoy!

?'s POV

I love you, Maria. I really, really do. But you don't know that, do you?

I feel horrible about this.

It pains me to see you standing there like you are now. You're dressed in all black. Truly, I prefer you in blue.

I realize the setting that we are in, but do you really need to cry? Your makeup is running down your face, but you've never looked so beautiful. I'm sorry it had to be this way.

I killed John. I killed him for us. He was my best friend, so you'll never suspect me of this.

He was in the way.

I returned to John's grave the next day. I held the carefully folded up note in my hand. I didn't want to crush it like I crushed the life of my best friend.

Never before had a woman put this kind of effect on me. I mean, I'm only seventeen! I'm a senior in high school! I have my whole life ahead of me, but I've already decided who I want.

And I feel horrible that I have to go on a killing spree to get to her. I have a theory. If I'm the only one left, then I'm the only one she can have. I'm the only one who can have her.

I placed the note on John's gravestone, leaving the name I scribbled on it facing upwards. I knew that Maria would be here sometime soon. They were dating, after all.

I heard a car not too far away, and I instantly recognized it as Maria's car. I looked around for an escape. I walked here, and I don't think I could run away fast enough. She doesn't suspect me, but I don't want to be face to face with her. One look from her green eyes, and I'd be pouring my heart out to her. I'd be in jail in an instant.

I scuttled up the nearest tree. Luckily, it had a lot of leaf cover. Maria stepped up to the gravestone. Her eyes went straight to the white of the note, standing out against the dark stone.

Her eyes widened as she saw that the note was addressed to her.

With a shaking hand, I watched as she picked up the note. My heart started beating faster. I wanted to lurch out of the tree and tackle her to the ground. I don't know if I would love her or if I would kill her with my bare hands. I didn't want to risk it. She'd make a lovely corpse, though.

Her nimble fingers opened the note I had generated on the computer. I remember what it said.


I killed John to be with you. He was my greatest enemy. I did this so we could be together. Don't get close to anybody else. You don't want me to get jealous.

I closed my eyes. I could hear her sweet sobbing. I wanted to smother her to shut her up. The sound was too tempting, but I pride myself on self control. Because of my impressive control, she was still alive.

Maria Kanellis is going to be the end of me; I'm sure of it. But I want to be the end of her, first.

Obsession is deadly, after all.

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