A/N: lol two years. If you're new to this story, it's supposed to be jacked up. If you're not, well...we've all grown up.

Homecoming. Ugh.

Yeah, we had our actual game a few weeks after John was brutally murdered by yours truly. Of course the game was dedicated to John's memory, and we won. See, coach? We didn't need that fucktard, anyways. However, the dance had been postponed. Once everyone had "gotten over" the deaths of John and Chris, the student council demanded that we should not be denied our actual dance. On a side note, nobody really cared that Cody was dead.


"He was such a nice boy," Maria sobbed, turning around to face me during work time in English Lit. "Everyone misunderstood him. If only people would stop being so judgmental about each other and just get to know a person..."

"Let me get you a tissue," I offered.

"Thanks," she smiled. I will string those teeth and hang them on my Christmas tree. Bank on it.

I walked over to the teacher's desk and grabbed the entire box of tissues. I smiled at the teacher when she gave me a quizzical look. "Maria was good friends with Cody," I whispered. The teacher nodded sympathetically. I brought the box of tissues back to Maria. "Here you go, sweetheart. Let all those tears out." Yeah, so I can drink them. Or bottle them and wear them as cologne. Whichever you prefer.

Maria ripped out a few tissues and blew her nose. I turned the box over so she could put the used tissues on there so I could throw them away for her. I threw a few of them away before putting the box back on the teacher's desk. I stuffed one in my pocket.

I wanted to ask her to Homecoming so badly. It was two weeks away. But that would give away that I possibly had more than friendly feelings for her. I already picked off three people who probably would have asked the queen of my world for an evening out. Granted, she wouldn't have said yes to Cody, but I still felt better knowing that there was a very good chance she wouldn't go with anyone but me at this point. She doesn't need to know that. In my mind, she's enjoying this game just as much as I am.

My mind is a dangerous place.

"Hey, chumpstain. Pass this to the hottie in front of you, will ya?"

I felt a tap on my shoulder and faced the dumbass who dared interrupt my time with Maria.

Adam Copeland. That blonde bastard.

"Sure," I said, chuckling at the fool. I took the note and reached out to touch Maria, but I just couldn't do it. It was as if there was a force field between us. I wanted to touch her, but I was afraid the animal inside me would come out and demolish her in front of everyone.

I cannot tarnish my good name.

"Maria," I finally managed to say. "Adam asked me to give you this."

Maria's eyes were mostly dry as she took the note from my hand. Her manicured nail slightly scratched my skin. "Sorry," she mouthed. Sorry? If there's a mark at all, which there won't be, I'd wear it as a symbol of your love. My princess opened the paper note and read Adam's chickenscratch. She turned around again leaned around me so she could get a better view of the piece of trash behind me. "I'd love to go to Homecoming with you, Adam."

Well excuse the dog shit out of me.

"I'll pick you up for dinner before hand. We'll exchange the deets later," Adam said, stretching his arms out and placing them behind his head. Maria turned around and Adam leaned back. "I am so going to spear that," he whispered as he leaned back.

Don't ask me how Adam's body was harpooned through the pole of the field goal post. It's not like my father works for the city. It's not like there's not a bunch of construction going on around our school. It's not like someone drugged Adam's lunch that day at school. It's not like he was my next door neighbor, or anything.

This better not postpone homecoming anymore than it already has been. Maria will be my date.