Chapter 5

"Mom!" Renesmee cheered in my ear, "Let's go! I'm ready to beat you!" I grinned, messing up her bronze hair. She was fifteen, cocky, and as much as a teenager as Renee was. Almost reaching maturity, she was shorter than me by not much, and her boyfriend, Jacob, didn't mature anymore. It's been two years since she was born, and her unnaturally growth spurt was a shock to all of us.

Seth and Leah on the other hand, got a little older, but still as nimble, un-imprinted, and free spirited as always. They warmed up to Renesmee, even Leah, but she preferred to steer clear of Renesmee and her leader. Seth was sitting in the living room, watching something. Leah was next to him, waiting for us to get ready for the third annual Snowball fight. They thought they were going to win. I almost laughed outright.

Silly, stupid, naïve werewolves.

After much refusing, Alice and Emmett were still on my team. Edward, Rosalie, and Jasper in another. Of course, the werewolves were in the same team. The new addition and potential threat, the Esme, Carlisle, and Renesmee team. Esme was still going to be referee but she was going to do that while she was going to play. She will exclude members of her own team when time presented herself which will be very soon. Her eyes were like a hawk's, which came in handy since everyone loved to cheat.

"Love, when will this tradition end?" Edward materialized next to my shoulder, by now, this was a daily routine.

"When you can beat me," I replied, smirking. Edward pretended to reach out and ruffle my hair, and I countered by slashing at his ear gently.

"Hey, hey, no fighting until we get out on the field." Jacob pulled us apart, charging straight for Renesmee. I rolled my eyes playfullyl, although it's been happening for the past two years, I was finally starting to fully get over the affection my child shared with my best friend.

"Let's head out!" Esme declared, and like that, I ran with the wind to the top of the mountain that we played on for the past two years of kicking-Edwards' butt-fun. Everyone was pleased at Renesmee's swift maturing. "Okay, I'm sure you are all aware of the rules." We all nodded in confirmation. "Ready, set, go!" Immediately, Alice and Emmett bounded after me. I stretched my shield over them. It melted and solidified around their minds.

After a year of practicing, my mental armor could flow like water, linger like mist, and was as thick as the Great Wall of China. It was as easy as habited breathing.

"What's our plan?" Emmett murmured quietly under his breath.

"I don't see anything, but so far neither vampire groups are mingling with the mutts." Alice stated, looking into the future. "Oh, but it's going to be partly sunny for the day. No travelers." I grinned wickedly. "What Bella? I can't see if werewolves are in the equation!" She growled in frustration.

"I don't need to demonstrate with the werewolves," I replied as her eyes took on a misty look.

"Bella, I love you!" she beamed. Emmett looked at us in confusion. "She's going to blind the werewolves, and Emmett, do the honors of knocking the dogs down?" Understanding melted across his face, forming a lazy smirk.

"Sure, and Bella," I glanced at him, "You're a little devil aren't you?" I was flattered.

"Of course, now go find the wolves and report back. Alice, how much time do we have until the clouds part?" She checked her watch, and she was lost in her vision for a few seconds before responding,

"Fifteen minutes."

"And how many minutes does it last?"

"Uh…about five minutes."

"Excellent," I beamed evilly.

"What's our plan?" Emmett repeated impatiently.

"Okay, first we track the mutts, and then Alice and I step into the sunlight for a short period of time, blinding them since they have acute eyesight. Emmett you will stay in the shadows, grabbing a tree trunk and shooting them down one by one. Make sure to let their knees fall on the ground or else it won't work," I explained, saying it as if it was the easiest thing to do.

Alice stared at me. "Bella, I swear you've out done yourself."

"Thanks Alice." I rose to my feet.

"I never want to fight you," Emmett shook his head disbelievingly. I laughed.

"We'll see, anyway, let's find them." I tried to suppress another round of giggles.

"Already done, they're in a hole near the lake where you almost drowned Seth," I looked at Alice in confusion. She couldn't detect werewolves now could she? "I can't see the future in a section of the area, so I'm guessing that's where they are," She said.

Emmett launched himself onto his feet, "Let's go dog hunting." He was ready to speed toward the lake before I punched him in the head, "Hey! What was that for?"

"If we were to run, our footprints would make marks. Even in vampire speed," I noted. "I suggest we jump from tree to tree." Emmett frowned.

"It's going to be difficult to carry a tree trunk while jumping like a flying squirrel," He complained.

"Sure, sure, go ahead if you want to." Alice shrugged it off, "Bella, we have about eight minutes." I nodded. Alice shot up into the trees.

"Go ahead, I'm going to go another way, don't worry. I'll be there in time though. Later," With that, Emmett galloped the other way. My shield tried to hold, but failed once he was out of my area. I sighed heavily, bounding after Alice.

Tree branches blocked out paths, but with lightening fast reflexes, we ducked, hopped, and blasted them all away, leaving nothing but the rustle of the breeze as we zoomed across it.

"There they are," She whispered, hiding in the shade of the trees. The wind was blowing toward us, another prediction that Alice warned me about.

"How much more time?" I murmured urgently.

"Now!" Right on cue, a sliver of sunlight sliced through the clouds. I saw a piece of thick hair sticking out from inside a tree trunk; I exchanged a look with Alice. She shrugged, and called out, "Hey! Werewolves look-y here!" She pulled me down with her. Sunlight was now a pool of light, and we were directly under it.

"Augh!" Jacob snarled, shielding his eyes. Leah blinked quickly; Seth whimpered. Emmett immediately broke out into a run, shaking a tree as if it was a baseball bat.

"No!" Renesmee suddenly jumped in front of Jacob.

"Nessie, get back!" Carlisle's voice sounded. Emmett shook his head, continuing the swing. I was about to scream at him, but then the makeshift bat collided with Renesmee.

"Nessie!" A multitude of voices shouted. She was forced back into Jacob; Seth and Leah were shoved into the lake, both in wolf form. Edward suddenly charged for Emmett with Jasper close behind. Rosalie raced forward to defend Emmett. Fighting broke out as Carlisle and Esme sprinted toward Renesmee.

Alice and I stood there with our mouths agape.

Emmett was in a headlock with Edward; Jasper circled with Rose. Carlisle and Esme were feeling for a pulse on Renesmee. Jacob was still out cold as bubbles emerged from the edge of the water. Abruptly, Renesmee's head shot up.

"Aw man! Mom and Alice won again!" She yelled.

"No they didn't," Esme snapped automatically.

"Yes we did," Alice and I walked calmly toward them as they all broke apart. Seth and Leah swam toward them, changing quickly. "All of you guys touched, and Esme didn't call time."

"Still doesn't mean that you won though," Esme shot back

"Actually, it does. You win, Mom, but I'm getting you next year ," She sighed.

"That's my girl, playing fair and square." I kept a safe distance from the others. Alice followed my example; officially, we didn't win until Esme called it.

"Alright, alright, for the third time in a row, the Alice, Bella, and Emmett team wins."

Sweet, sweet victory.

(A/N: In case you guys didn't see it, I spelled it ABE. Haha.)

"Good, now can we get out of here? My pack members are getting colds." Jacob stood behind Renesmee protectively.

"Sure, sure," We laughed, strolling back toward our house.

I suppose that it was going to be a yearly custom now…

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