I'm BACK!! Sorry that it's taken so long for me to post this story. I've had an extremely busy summer and I've been deeply immersed in working on an original story that I've been writing. Anyways, I've had this part written for a while, but haven't posted it yet since it's only a summary of the first story. Tonight I went back and read all of my wonderful reviews from the previous part of the story to get me back into the mood. So I am currently at work on chapter 1. As soon as it's finished I'll post it.

"You can't stay" were the words that echoed through Kel's head. She had just left Lord Wyldon's office after he had promptly told her that she couldn't stay. "You will regret not letting me stay," was all that she had to say to the man. After informing her friends of his decision she moved into her parents' house in Corus. There she had an emotional breakdown. She became so intent in proving Lord Wyldon wrong she spent all day and all night practicing with her weapons until her parents put a stop to it. She soon left for The Yamani Islands with only Peachblossom, who had been given to her as a gift from her secret well wisher. There she was offered the chance to become a Yamani knight - the most feared knights in the world. Not only were they the Emperor's knights they were also his assassins and spies. They were trained in every type of weapon known to man. They were also taught how to sneak about, write in code, disguise themselves and do many other things important to their jobs. The multiple jobs of the knights was not a well-known fact. It was a well-kept secret and if it found its way into the wrong hands it could be used against the Emperor. Another thing that made them different from other types of knights was that their training could progress as slowly or as quickly as they wished. Kel used this to her advantage becoming a knight quicker than most.

After a couple of years as a page, she was sent in search of her True Name. She found it when she rescued another page in search of his True Name, who also happened to be a favorite nephew to the Emperor, which is why he was kidnapped. They were announced as squires together for the first time. He was The Horse. She The Kraken. They ran into trouble with one of their fellow squires, a boy, whose name was The Ironfist, and his friends. They soon solved the problem by tying him into his bed, making it practically impossible to escape. They were sent on one of their first assassination missions together. Their target - a man whom the Emperor suspected of being a spy. He ended up being one of George's spies and his last trustworthy spy in The Yamani Islands. His death meant that Tortall received no inside information from The Yamani Islands, but most importantly no information of Kel. After about a year Kel and Henrik (The Horse) were knighted and given an indefinite mission. The mission - Protect the princess in Tortall. Bring her home if it becomes too dangerous or I order you to. But most importantly - Be my Spy.

So after becoming engaged to one another and passing their Ordeals, Kel and Henrik packed all of their belongings to leave for Tortall. There was a decent sized party that accompanied them, but after the marriage, only the princess, Shinko, who ended up being an old childhood friend of Kel's, Yuki, another of Kel's childhood friends, and Hamane, Shinko's other lady-in-waiting, would stay in Tortall. Deciding not to let anyone know of her true identity yet, Kel disguised herself as a Yamani man and dyed Peachblossom's coat. Once she arrived she became reunited with her friends (though they didn't know that it was her) and made new ones. Lord Wyldon even asked Kel to teach the pages and squires with swords. She became a greatly loved figure. Then came the day that she revealed her true identity.

It was at a tournament. She was going to joust against Lord Wyldon. Kel had removed her disguise and hid beneath her padded armor. She and Lord Wyldon waited at opposite ends of the field waiting for the signal. It came. They charge. Both lances shattered. This happened one more time. Finally they lined up for their last run. Their horses ran towards one another and the crowd held its breathe as Kel sent Lord Wyldon flying. She trotted Peachblossom over to her former master. When she arrived she pulled off her helmet and uttered, "I told you that you would regret sending me home."

Her true identity stirred up everyone. She soon came head to head with Joren. She beat him and caused him to become mad. Deciding to get revenge he went and killed her fiancé, Henrik, in his sleep. This caused Kel to hide behind a mask and take her job even more seriously. The opposite of what Joren wished for. Once she discovered who was responsible for his death she sought permission from the Emperor to kill Joren. When it came she slit his throat and carved an intricate throwing star upon his bare chest - her sign as an assassin known as The Star. It turns out that it was actually Henrik's evil twin brother, Jenrish, that was killed and Tusaine held Henrik captive. Henrik was able to escape and make his way home. Deciding that it was a little too dangerous on the road for the moment the party returned to the palace until the problems with Tusaine could be resolved. And that is where we left our heroes.