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The next night, the Russo family gathered in their loft common area getting ready for dinner. It was Magdalena's last night in Manhattan, and they were making the last dinner special. Theresa was in the kitchen making homemade enchiladas while her husband helped, and the boys were setting the table. "...you know, it's almost a shame Alex and I had to switch back so soon," Theresa was saying. "I managed to get that spell right without even trying much…I think I would've been a great wizard given the chance."

"I bet you would've, honey," Jerry agreed, kissing her on the cheek.

"Yeah, Alex must've gotten her bad student genes from Uncle Kelbo," Justin called over from the dining table.

Giving him a stern look, Theresa chided, "Justin, that's not nice…"

"True, but not nice…" Jerry muttered under his breath. But his wife heard him and elbowed him in the ribs. "Ouch! You're going to make me spill enchilada sauce!"

"Serves you right," Theresa joked. "Roll those enchiladas a little tighter. We don't want the stuffing falling out."

"Yes, ma'am," Jerry replied, concentrating harder when he made his next enchilada.

After setting a place on the table, Max paused and looked up at his mother. "Mom, do you really wish you were a wizard? Sometimes I think it's bunk that you'll never know what it's like to do magic, 'cause having powers is really cool."

"You know, Max, sometimes I do," Theresa confessed. "But then again, I consider myself blessed that somehow I was special enough to marry an ex-wizard and have wizard children. Like, yesterday…what other human gets to have her Quinceanera at age thirty-two?"

Jerry burst out laughing. "Thirty-two? Yeah, and I'm –" He then doubled over in pain when Theresa elbowed him again. "Ouch! Stop doing that!"

"Wait, thirty-two?" Justin questioned, doing the math in his head. "Then that would mean that Mom had me at – "

"That's right!" Theresa interrupted. Taking the hint, Justin shut his mouth and went back to setting the table. Continuing the previous conversation, she went on, "Yeah, having you kids is all the magic I need…"

She trailed off when Alex walked into the loft, loaded down with shopping bags. Groaning, Theresa finished, "And sometimes, that magic is more than enough. Alex! I told you not to go crazy when Grandma took you shopping!"

"Young lady, you are taking most of that stuff back to the store!" Jerry yelled as he and Theresa went into the living room. "Where's your grandmother?"

"Downstairs getting the rest of the bags. There was a huge sale at Aquapostale!" Alex exclaimed with a wide grin. "I got the cutest high tops and shirts and this really nice back pack…"

Her jaw dropping, Theresa exclaimed, "Why would my mother buy you all this stuff?"

"Well, uh…" Alex said. Knowing there would be some explaining to do, she slowly made her way towards the stairs with her bags. "Who knows? Maybe it was something you said!" She then turned and made a mad dash for her room.

Realizing that Alex had swindled her grandmother, Jerry began to get angry as he sputtered, "Bu…how the…what the…"

Angry herself, Theresa joined in and the parents shouted in unison: