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Lavi stared at the figure curled up against the doorway. It was a catboy of about fifteen, with white hair, and white fur on his ears and the tail curled around his feet. Every morning for the past week as Lavi exited his apartment, the boy was always lying sleeping or sitting in the doorway opposite his, only two meters away thanks to the narrow cobblestone street. It was a common occurrence to see cat people, they were basically a second human race, but by the poor state of this ones clothing and from the way he slept in that doorway at night, it was obvious he was homeless.

Lavi walked across to the doorway and saw the empty paper plate beside the sleeping boy. He'd started anonymously leaving food out so the boy didn't starve. He sighed, then turned and walked down the street to go to work. He was quite concerned about this catboy.


Lavi placed the order on the couples table, and then ran back to the counter to reload his tray for number three. It was always busy here on a Saturday morning.

'Oi!' his friend and fellow waiter Kanda shouted as they bumped into each other, 'Watch it! You almost made me spill the coffees!'

'Right, sorry Yu...'

'And don't call me Yu!'

'Now boys,' Their boss Komui grinned from the counter, 'save your lover's spat for another time.'

Kanda rolled his dark grey eyes and continued on to the tables outside. Lavi chuckled to himself and went to table three. As he put unloaded the drinks, he looked at his watch. It was his lunch break. He sighed in relief and went to the counter to tell Komui he was going.


'Seriously...' Kanda growled as he and Lavi walked down the street, 'If Komui calls us lovers one more time, I'm going to impale him on a flag pole.'

'Calm down, Yu,' Lavi chuckled, 'it's all in good fun.'

'You'll receive the same treatment if you don't stop calling me that!'

'Hm...' Lavi made a thoughtful noise, 'Hey, do you know any cat people?'

'Yes, why?'

'No reason... It's just there's this catboy roaming around my street and I think he might be a runaway, cos his clothes look new and stuff, if a little dirty.'

'Well go talk to the kid if you're so concerned.'

'I dunno... He could just be homeless. But either way I can't just let a kid rot on a doorstep.'

'Suit yourself...' The Japanese man shrugged and walked ahead so Lavi had to jog to keep up. Kanda had been friends with Lavi since primary school, and like him, was an orphan, though while Lavi lived in an apartment alone, Kanda lived with his relatives. They were both eighteen and fresh out of high school, but had decided to take a year off to work before going on to university. Kanda was unsociable and moody, but he usually acted civil so long as you didn't annoy him in any way.

'Oi!' Kanda called back to him, 'Hurry up, Rabbit!'

'Right, coming!'


Lavi walked back to his apartment later that afternoon. His feet hurt a little from standing and running around all day, but no where as bad as when he'd first started working there a month ago. He walked up the steps, unlocked the door and entered his home. It was a two bedroom flat, with bathroom, kitchen, laundry and living room, and was surprisingly good for its cheap price.

The redhead went to the kitchen and searched for a clean plate. As he did, he glanced out the window. The catboy wasn't at his usual spot, like usual in the afternoons. Lavi supposed he wondered around town during the day. Sitting in a doorway must be a dull way to live.

'Screw it,' Lavi sighed as he shut the cupboard door, unable to find anything clean, 'I'll order take out when the pizza shop opens.'

He then went to go collapse on the couch. His parents had been quite rich, and had left a great deal of money to him, but Lavi didn't want to live off of it, so he'd gotten a job to earn money for himself, using his parent's money only when he absolutely needed to. But, the job was quite tiring, and he worked six days a week, so he didn't have much time or energy for things like washing the dishes or making lavish meals.

Only two hours later, Lavi was awoken by a knock at his door. He jerked awake, got up and went to it, yawning sleepily and stretching his stiff limbs. He turned the door knob and to his surprise, found the catboy smiling nervously up at him.

'Hi,' the catboy said in a polite voice, 'Um, hate to bother you, but do you have any spare bandages lying around? I cut my hand accidently and I don't have any of my own.'

Lavi blinked and his gaze moved down to the boy's hand. He was cradling it in his other hand, and from what he could see, it was bleeding pretty badly.

'Holy shit what did you do?'

'I tripped, and, um... Fell on a nail. I got the nail out, but... Uh...'

'Ok, I'll be right back.'

Lavi went back into his house, and emerge a minute later with a first aid kit, which he was shuffling through.

'Hold on, I just gotta find... Ah, here we are!' He held up a roll of bandages like a prize. 'Kay, hold out your hand.'

'Oh, you don't have to do it! I can just-'

'It's hard to bandage something with one hand, kid. Please hold out your hand?'

The boy looked a little hesitant, but he held it out nonetheless. Lavi put the first aid kit on the ground and got out a disinfectant wipe. The catboy winced as it stung his wound as Lavi cleaned it.

The redhead, meanwhile, stole a secret glance at the catboy. He had misty grey eyes and a cute, friendly face despite living on the streets. There were shadows under his eyes, probably due to hunger and lack of sleep.

'I've seen you around,' Lavi stated casually as he winded the bandage onto the boy's hand, 'You... Sleep outside all the time?'

'Well... Yes,' the boy's cat ear's seemed to flatten slightly as he admitted to being guilty.

'You don't have a home? Family?'

'Nope. I had my father, Mana, but he died. I've been sort of wandering around ever since.'

'Oh... I'm sorry.'

'It's ok...' He shrugged.

Lavi made a thoughtful noise and tied the bandage into place using the clip. The catboy withdrew his hand.

'Thanks for helping me,' He smiled in a friendly manner, before turning and jumping down the stars onto the street. He walked back to his doorway and settled against it, getting ready for sleep.

Lavi sighed and retreated back into his apartment. The boy had no home or family. So he was homeless, and not a runaway. Thoughts whirled through Lavi's mind as he went to the phone to order some take-out.


Lavi sat in front of the TV, munching on his pizza. Every now and then, he'd look away from the screen to glance at the kitchen, even though he couldn't see through the window from here. Now that he'd actually met the boy and heard part of his story, he could feel his concern for the cat rising. Was he cold? Had he found something to eat? Did he need pain killers for his hand?

Finally, Lavi couldn't take it anymore. He got up, went to the door and stepped out into the cold night air. It was late winter, and it was already foggy in the street despite it being only six at night. The catboy sat in his door way, rubbing his arms and shivering, attempting to generate heat.

'Hey,' Lavi said as he approached, 'You wanna come inside and sleep the night?'

'W-what?' He looked up with surprised grey eyes, 'N-no thanks.'

'But it's freezing out here! Come on, what harm would one night do you? I've got food too, more then half a pizza with your name on it.'

At the mention of food, the cat's large white ears perked up and his tail flicked curiously. He looked up sheepishly.

'Um, what kind of pizza?'

'Hawaiian.' Lavi grinned.

'Ok...' The boy stood up. Lavi took his hand and led him inside.


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