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Allen and Kanda walked in through the front entrance of the hospital on the third day after the car accident. Neither had been able to visit Lavi yesterday because Kanda had work and Allen couldn't drive, so the catboy was aching to see the redhead. As they walked towards the stairs they passed the gift shop.

'You think Lavi would like it if I got him flowers?' Allen looked at the taller man beside him.


'I'll take that as a yes. I'll be right back.'

Allen ran into the small shop. Kanda stopped and waited for him for a moment, then continued on towards the stairs. As he began his ascent, the catboy came running, carrying a small bunch of white roses.

'Thanks for waiting.' He said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Kanda rolled his eyes.

They came to the floor Lavi was on, and Allen ran ahead of the Japanese man, along the hall, and up to Lavi's room. He opened the door and Lavi looked up from the book he was reading.

'ALLEN!' his face brightened considerable as the smiling fifteen-year old came in. Allen hurried forward, got onto the bed, and Lavi pulled him into a one-armed hug.

'Feeling better?' Allen asked, looking happy.

'Yeah, heaps. Doctor says my ribs are almost healed, should be out in two days or so... Ooh, are those flowers for me?'

'Uh, yeah...' Allen sat up and held them out, 'Like them?'

'Love them...' Lavi grinned and took them. He then reached out, put a hand one the back of Allen's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. It was cut short, however, when Kanda walked in.

'Che...' The Japanese man smirked, 'Paedophile...'

Allen's ears flattened in annoyance as he and Lavi broke apart to glare at him, Lavi for being called a paedophile, Allen for inadvertently being called a child.


Allen and Lavi chatted for a while and played card games, with Kanda occasionally joining in on the conversation to make a smart comment. About half an hour later, the door opened again, this time to reveal the smiling face of Lavi and Kanda's boss Komui.

'Hi guys!' He smiled cheerily as he walked in, 'Just visiting to see how you were Lavi.'

'I'm good...' Lavi smiled back. He felt a little awkward, as Allen had his arm wrapped around him, and Komui didn't seem to notice. The man did however notice Kanda was standing there.

'Ah, Kanda's here too?' Komui smiled sneakily, 'You worried that the person closest to you has been injured?'

'Shut up Komui...' The Japanese gritted his teeth, a vein throbbing in his temple.

'Aw come on Kanda! Admit it! You and Lavi are in love!'

Kanda had had it. He seized the back of Komui's shirt, turned him around and forced him to look at Lavi and Allen curled up on the bed.


'Um... Ok...' Komui blinked, 'What am I looking at?'

'Those two. You see?'

'...See what?'

'Those two are going out you idiot!!'

Komui blinked again and stared, studying the two. Lavi grinned and raised his hand a polite wave, his other arm around the smaller boy's shoulder. Then, realization dawned on his face and his eyes widened.

'OH! So you two... Are having a threesome with Kanda?'

Allen had to jump up to stop Kanda from throwing the Chinese man out the window.


The end.

Sorry its so short.