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Chapter 1


Kat leaned out the taxi car's window and looked at the hills, so large and thick, full of trees and the secret paths that her and Casper had created when she was younger.

Kat Harvey had been away from Whipstaff for almost five whole years. College had taken its toll, but she was back now for a little while until she decided where she wanted to go next.

New York or maybe L.A. Until then it would be great being back in the small Maine town. Maybe she and her father and her could go and get dinner tonight.

Kat sat back in her seat and thought about it, the last time she was here had been during the autumn, and Casper had been so happy to have her back. They had hung out and caught up and Kat had been glad to find nothing was weird or awkward, she only hoped this time it would be the same.

Finally they turned off the main road onto a road that was not paved, it was covered in grass and the only way to know where the road was, was to keep your car tires on the small ruts in the ground. After about twenty minutes of a steep incline, Kat stared out the window again and found they had reached the peak of the hill and now she could look out over the quiet town below.

Smiling she looked out the front window and her heart leaped when she saw the huge towering building of Whipstaff Manor up ahead.

"Home." Was all she could think as the Taxi approached.


Dr. Harvey watched out the window, and a small smile formed on his face when he saw the taxi come over the hill down the drive. He let the lace-curtain fall as he turned and left the room. Exiting the library, Dr. Harvey yelled, "CASPER SHE'S BACK!"

He heard crash from the attic and then through the ceiling a white floating powder puff flew and landed next to him. "Really?" Casper asked eagerly.

"Go see her." He said softly smiling.

Casper smiled and flew off down the hall. It may have taken Dr. Harvey two years to notice that Amelia had been flirting with him, but even a blind man could see how strongly in love Casper was with Kat. Even the ghostly trio had noticed and took great pleasure in teasing the poor spirit.

Not to say Kat didn't return the love, but Dr. Harvey knew that Kat could never love Casper the way he loved her, Kat saw Casper as a best friend and nothing more. It made him sad that the poor boy would have to deal with his feelings someday.

Dr. Harvey reached for a cane; which was in an umbrella stand, he had been using the cane as of late. Since he had fallen from the roof last winter when Casper had begged him to hang some Christmas lights. He had busted his leg, and now he could barely move it some days.

It took a little longer then he would have liked, but Dr. Harvey finally reached the stairs. The door was already open and Casper was flying quickly in and out dropping Kats bags in the center of the large circular entryway.

"I can't wait to go up into the attic, I have so many things to tell you! You will love it and I learned how to make this new soufflé, but the best thing is the surprise I have for you out in the back of the Manor…" Casper stopped rambling when Kat stepped over the manor's threshold and she looked up at her father. His heart skipped a beat and a tear came to his eye.

"Well…" he said having to clear his throat, "You've definitely grown since I last saw you…" She smiled and ran up the stairs towards her dad. Casper smiled and took the bags; he floated away, heading for Kat's old room, letting Kat and her dad catch up.

Dr. Harvey took Kat in his arms and hugged her tightly, "Oh Kat, I 've missed you so much." He said softly.

"I missed you to dad." Dr. Harvey let Kat pull away, "Ok now, let me have a look at you." He said eye balling her.

He felt his heart melt; she had grown up and become just as beautiful as her mother. Long, thick dark brown hair, her soft brown eyes and wide warm smile. She had definitely become a woman while she had been away. She was full and well rounded and her father could tell that a lot had happened emotionally and physically while she had been away.

"Come on, let's hit the kitchen… milk and cookies?" he said smiling.

"We haven't done that since I was like sixteen…"

Her dad looked to her and raised an eyebrow, "Has your age ever stopped our traditions?"

"Good point." Kat said remember he had still kissed her good night when she was a senior in high school.

She turned and started to walk down the stairs, Dr. Harvey took it a step at a time and when Kat reached the bottom he was only half way down. She turned around about ready to say something with a big smile on her face, however the smile quickly faded when she saw the cane and the expression of slight pain on her fathers face.

"Dad? Are you alright?" Kat asked furrowing her brow.

"Huh? Oh what? The cane? Don't think anything of it. I fell off the roof a while back and broke this sorry excuse of a leg. I am fine, it just gets stiff every once and a while. Nothing a hot pack can't deal with. Come on." He had finally reached the bottom and now walked slowly across the entryway with Kat holding onto his arm.


Casper eventually floated down and joined them, and soon the three were talking and laughing and reminiscing. Along the way the talking led to Kat's college and how it had been, the things she had learned and what she planned to do next.

"Are you going to get a job down in the town?" Casper asked hopefully.

"Well…" Kat glanced at her dad whose eyes darted back and fourth between her and the ghost, obviously he was leaving it up to her to tell him.

"That is, I don't know yet, but I was thinking of… maybe…. Going to a big city. Someplace I could really get things up and running. Maybe even California."

"But, Kat, that's… clear across the country." Casper said sounding shocked.

Kat nodded and spoke softly, "Like I said though, I'm not sure where I want to go just yet. I will be here for a year or two probably before I know for sure."

Casper's smile returned and he darted towards the ceiling, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I have to show you want I made, be right back!"

"Honey… when are you going to tell him?"

Kat blushed and looked down at her ring finger, the diamond ring was not very large, but it was beautiful.

"I'll tell him dad… it just… might take a while." She slid her hand off the table and stood up, "I'm gunna go un-pack. See you here for supper?"

"I thought maybe we could go into town," her dad said.

"Sure, sounds great… I'll buy." Kat said smiling slyly.

"Over my dead body." Her father said smiling.

"I heard that Casper said reentering the room, "And I am highly offended he said with fake sincerity.

The three laughed and Kat and Casper headed for her room.

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