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Chapter 21

"Okay, I think I am in trouble." Kat said looking at the large group who sat around the table in the kitchen.

"Oh really? Why is that?" Stinkie said lying curled up like a cat on top of the garbage can.

"I've really been thinking it over in my head…I don't know if I can beat the devil." She said nervously twisting her fingers.

"I have confidence in you." Casper said flying over.

"Yeah besides, you beat Stretch… not even Casper's dad could do that and he was a genius."

"But that is the problem. The reason I am in trouble is because…" Kat took a deep breath. "I didn't beat Stretch. He let me win."

A gasp was what Kat expected but when nothing came she opened her scrunched eyes and peeked at the group. They all just sat (or floated) there and stared at her. She was pretty sure no one was breathing, that needed to at least, and the tension in the room had doubled.

"W-what do you mean he let you win?" Dr. Harvey said.

"He… he let me win so he could in a way sort of blackmail me. I wouldn't have to admit defeat and in return I had to you know… kiss him."

Dr. Harvey practically had steam coming out of his ears, "That no good transparent floating rat bastard!"

"Daddy!" Kat said shocked. She had never heard him talk to harshly. It was a horrible shock and she wasn't at all sure she liked this side of her father.

"So let me guess, he creamed you. Beat you so bad you couldn't stand it. And in return for not making you admit the fact you're a compulsive idiot he took the fall?" Stinkie asked. His voice had so much anger in it, and frustration.

"Pretty much." Kat said.

"So there is NO chance in you saving Liam is there?" Fatso asked.

"Not if Elza is anywhere near as good as Liam." She said sighing and sitting down.

"What were you thinking? Challenging him to chess! You're a fool!" Stinkie said throwing an old banana peel at her.

"Hey! I had a plan! I knew how I could win!" Kat protested.

"Oh yeah! How?" Stinkie barked.

"When I had requested the devil to allow Stretch up I thought maybe I could get him to poses me." Kat said.

"But Stretch isn't dead anymore. You'd have to kill him." Casper said.

"That was the plan, once I killed him I was going to allow him to posses me, win the chess game and then we would be set. Stretch could just remake the serum and become human again."

"Well why is that plan suddenly so unacceptable?" Dr. Harvey asked.

"Because, Elza said that if I tried to end his suffering the deal we made would be null and void. Was I the only one listening?" Kat snapped.

They all sat in silence a long time, Kat eventually taking up a chair by her father and leaning on his shoulder. Despite his age he felt like a rock. He was stiff and frozen; it was obvious he was still sore about the whole Stretch incident.

"I think I have an idea." Came a soft voice from the end of the table.

Everyone looked at Amelia and she sat there staring at the table in one spot, as if the wheels in her head were turning to fast for her to follow.

"What is it mom?" Kat asked hopefully.

"Elza said that if YOU tried to relieve Liam of his pain or suffering then the deal would be off right?"


"Then have someone else kill him." She said softly.

Everyone stared at her, perhaps out of shock of the idea of it. "Who?" Kat asked.

"I will." Came Kat's father.

"What? Dad, I couldn't ask you to do that." Kat said.

"You don't have to… I owe him a good little jab here and there." He said, she noticed his fists tighten under the table; his knuckles were white.

"I don't know if this will work guys… I mean… what if Elza notices that Liam is missing…what if he decides he wants Liam in the library or if he wants to send him back to you know… down there… and all of the sudden my uncle isn't around." Casper said.

"Your right… we would need someone to stand in." Amelia said.

"Right… because Elza won't notice if Liam is suddenly a fat ass ghost or a ghost that smells like garbage or even an angel with a sexy red dress." Stinkie said from the corner, he seemed a little less angry but the doubt still emitted from him like a wave.

"We will just have to make sure we copy Liam's appearance down to the very last hair on his head then." Amelia said in a determined voice.

"Copy?" Kat asked.

"I will explain in a minute, Stinkie I need you to go and get me something of Liam's…. something that he hold very dear… an object… anything that he never let out of his sight."

They all stared at Amelia like she was crazy; perhaps that was where Kat got it from.


Liam felt his anger subsiding as Elza related to him the story of the summoning.

"I really didn't think they had it in them to summon me. I was surprised honestly because dead people don't usually summon me. It was interesting, the protective field was much stronger then if it had just been humans. It was a very fascinating experience. You'll never guess what she challenged me in."

Liam pulled at the chains that burned his skin and tried not to cry out, "She wants to battle me in the game of chess. Poor pathetic girl, doesn't she know she can't beat me at a game of logic. I am older then Earth, almost older then time. Only God is older then me. She won't last thirty seconds."

Liam sighed, "However… I did allow her one lifeline; perhaps it will make the game more exciting. You are going to be allowed to see her." Liam looked up in shock.

"She has requested your guidance. And I will allow one hour of your time with her so that you may attempt to make this game more worthy of note."

Liam looked down in shock; perhaps Kathryn had something up her sleeve. Or perhaps they were all shit out of luck.


Kat slowly walked into the library, she had kissed her father and had been blessed by her mother and Stinkie and Fatso had promised they wouldn't enter the library while invisible. Kat had turned last to Casper to see the little ghost staring at her with sad eyes, "You are part of this deal too… you can come in if you want." Kat had said.

"I want to stay out here… I don't know if I could control myself around him if I saw him again. Not after what he did to you."

"Okay." Kat had said swallowing.

Now that she was in here alone she grew antsy, she looked at the floor where she had had the séance. Blood and salt were still on the floor; cleaning it up and getting it off the floor seemed to be the least of her worries now.

She pulled the chess bored away from the window and put the two chairs on either side, she wondered if their plan would work. If everything would go the way they had discussed.

As she turned she smelled sulfur and a heat washed over her body, she ran right into the devil and fell back in surprise. Two gentle arms caught her and she looked up to see Liam's burned face looking down at her.

"Oh God." She whispered in shock.

Liam gently picked her up and she looked him up and down, his pants were ragged and torn, no other clothes adorned his broken body; burns and cuts and bruising everywhere.

"Bastard." Kat said turning to look at the devil.

"Now now kitty Kat no hissing, retract the claws." Elza said with a smirk.

"Don't you dare call me that." Kat said. She only allowed Liam to call her that, that was her name from HIM.

"You better relax now or you won't when you play." Elza said walking to sit down in a chair.

"What are you doing?" Kat asked.

"Waiting for the game…" Elza said with a smirk.

"No no, you said I'd have an hour alone with him. If we go over strategy with you in the room and you hear anything… it's not fair." Kat snapped with anger.

"What if I promise to make myself completely deaf?" Elza said sweetly.

"Nope, I don't trust you… no offence. Out please." Kat said trying to sound casual about it.

Elza sighed and rolled his eyes, "Fine, but don't expect it to help any." He evaporated and soon Kat and Liam were alone.

She ran to him and kissed him as gently as she could, his lips were cracked with covered in dry blood but she didn't care.

"Easy Kat." Liam said with a wince.

"I'm sorry, I've missed you…"

"So… what's the plan." Liam whispered.

"You're never going to believe it." Kat whispered back as they heard a soft knock on the library door.

"Trust me, after the time I've had, I'll believe anything."


Kat sat in the Library and waited by the chess table, Liam stood next to her pointing out a piece on the chess bored.

"Times up." Elza said as he appeared in the chair across from Kat.

Liam looked up at him and sneered, "Come come Liam, no sad faces now. Go sit somewhere until I need you… perhaps you'd like to go visit with the rest of your family? I won't stop you." Elza said using a hand to shew him away. He looked at Elza and with a tight glare said, "I am staying to watch." He went and sat in a chair near by and sat down, arms across his chest, one leg crossed over the other.

"As you wish, why should I deny you the pleasure of watching Kat fail before your eyes? Are you ready my dear."

"Lets just play." Kat said.

"Let's." And so the game began.


"They've been in there for hours… maybe we should go in and check." Casper said.

"No, they all know what they are doing, we have to trust them now Casper." Dr. Harvey said.

Stinkie and Fatso sat on the wide wooden steps that led to the upper floors, they both had their chins resting her their hands, "Perhaps Elza had already won." Stinkie said.

"You must have more faith in them then that. With out your faith they don't have a chance." Dr. Harvey counter argued. He knew the hopelessness of the situation but he refused to give up.

Suddenly the library doors opened and Kat came out looking exhausted, they all stared at her and waited, "Water." She said, she walked across the floor, pushed through the kitchen doors and disappeared. They waited; she came back out with a glass of water and walked back across, "Still playing." She said, she closed the library doors and all was silent again.


This was it, after seven hours, a million leg and back cramps, a constant urge to pee and four glasses of water had passed by Kat was three moves from winning. She just had to hope the devil didn't see it. How could he not see it, it was right in front of his face, then again he was pretty focused on his castle and rook.

Kat had a knight, one pawn, and her king and queen, the devil had his king three pawns and his rook and bishop. The turning point of the game was when Kat had taken his queen, Elza had started to really try after that and she had been sweating bullets just to try and keep up.

"You know, this is a very good game, I never gave you enough credit. You are skilled for one so young. Had you ever done any competitions prior to this?" Elza asked, the tone in his voice put Kat on alert, he knows something was going on! Kat thought.

Her move

"Um, one or two… never came in first… usually second or third… but I really enjoy the game." Kat said trying to keep her eyes on the bored, she was a terrible liar, and if the Elza was as clever as he claimed all he had to do was watch her pupils dilate.

"Ah… I see… well the ones you lost to must have been incredible… you are playing like one who has had years and years of practice."

His move.

"Yes well, I've lived here since I was very young and Liam has taught me a lot of things. He is a very very gifted Chess player." Kat said glancing at Liam who looked at her and raised his eyebrow.

Elza glanced over and Liam glared.

Her move… just one more move…

"Indeed… I played him once in chess, he never knew it was me… in fact it was right before the nose issue. He almost beat me, came very close, in fact the bored is very similar to his that night. He must have taught you all his moves as well?" Elza asked giving a very scary little smile, his eyes darted to Liam who nodded once.

"H- he did." Kat said trying hard to keep her voice under control, she had to control her emotions too, if she gave to much away then everything would be ruined.

His move!

She watched as Elza moved his rook, where would he place it that would decide her fate, the fate of Casper, of Liam.

"Check." Kat's heart sank, at this point all she could do was move her king… her final move was now on hold… but where could she move her king that he wouldn't be taken. She peered at the bored for almost a good ten minutes studying every move possible.

Her heart started to pick up when she noticed she was looking over the same moves again and again, there had to be one way out, some where, and then she saw it, she moved her king quick and looked up at him, her breathing was a little heavy but she wasn't about to give up.

His move.

"Nice save." Elza said. He moved his pawn one space up with a smirk and said, "Check." Her heart leaped again but only for a split second when she saw she could take his pawn with her knight, she quickly looked for a con to this action but found none. She took his pawn and glanced at him.


He smiled, "You are getting jumpy, nervous?" Kat didn't move, she watched as his hand slowly slid to his bishop and it moved to the far side of the bored, it was a pointless move with the exception that not that the bishop was out of the way his castle could move in. But by then it would be to late.

Kat felt the smile grace her lips; she felt her heart flutter with relief. She grabbed her Queen and shoved it forward.

"Check mate." She said looking at him, her hand was shaking so bad she felt like she might throw up right there.

Elza studied the bored for a long moment and then looked up at Kat, "Congratulations Kathryn… you have bested me." She breathed a sigh of pure release and slowly stood, her legs were like rubber. She looked at Liam and ran to him, his smile was huge and he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close.

"Liam come now, it's time to go." Elza said pushing his chair back and standing. Kat spun around and stared at him.

"I won! You leave Liam here." Kat said.

"You did win, but not fair and square… you cheated… and therefore you fore fit."

"What?" Kat shrieked.

The library doors opened as Dr. Harvey, Casper, Stinkie and Fatso came in. "What's going on? Did someone win?"

"Kathryn won, but she cheated." Elza said. The group looked at her in shock and she ignored them to stare at Elza defiantly.

"How did I cheat Elza, tell me."

"First off, that is not Liam…" Elza said pointing to the man standing next to her, "Who or what ever that is reeks of heavenly scents… I am no fool."

Suddenly Amelia stood next to Kat and took hold of her hand, "Wonderful a sense of smell you have." Amelia bit.

"All the better to find you with my dear." Elza turned his attention back to Kat, "You also ended his suffering… you killed him. I felt it… I have been drinking his blood… he is tied to me now… if he dies I feel it. I felt the instant the dagger entered his heart… that means he was probably helping you the whole time. Come out come out where ever you are Liam…"

Kat felt like her whole body was going to explode as Stretch shot from her body, she lay on the floor and stare up, she felt like her entire body had been drained of energy, perhaps a side effect of such a long possession. Her parents rushed to her side and helped her stand up. They wrapped her arms around their shoulders and helped her stand to face Elza.

"You are a ghost now, and still such a fool. You betrayed me… I know how hard that must have been you weak little selfish bastard. I give you a choice, either you go brew up some serum and take on your human form again… or I take Kathryn, eat Amelia's light from her spiritual soul, and peel the skin off of Dr. Harvey's bones."

"Actually… I choose neither of those… because you lost, fair and square, we didn't break any rules and you never tried to stop us."

"What are you talking about Liam." Elza said with a venomous growl.

"Kathryn didn't kill me, Dr. Harvey did… and you said exclusively, only Kat couldn't end my suffering, you never specified any one else in this house was bound to the same standards. And as for me helping her with the game… I didn't… she played the entire game on her own… the only thing I did was make sure she kept her emotions under control… and I kept her from rushing her moves."

"WHAT?" Both Kat and Elza screamed at the same time.

"That's right Kitty Kat, that game was all you… you had the talent for the game from the beginning, your only flaws were acting upon a move before you thought about it and not looking ten moves ahead. You just needed to slow down and focus on the bored. You beat him fair and square."

Kat felt her eyes grow heavy and in less then a split second she passed out, whether from shock, or exhaustion she had no clue. The last thing she heard before she lost everything was a shriek that sounded like a dog being pinned on a stake. She shivered as the glorious darkness claimed her mind.


Her eyes fluttered open just as the curtains in her room were pulled wide, sun streamed in and she winced and moaned, "God… my head… I think I am going to throw up." She said covering her eyes and whimpering.

"That is to be expected, possession drains both you and the ghost that happens to be inside you… but it's the fleshy that really gets their butt kicked." Kat's eyes flew open despite the brightness and she sat up like lightning, Liam sat in a chair near the window. He was dressed and his face was beautiful once again. Not a single burn, cuts or bruise was seen on him, and his clothes looked new.

Kat sprung from the bed and rushed to him, "What did I miss!" She asked as her lips collided with his, she kissed him so hard she was afraid she might hurt him.

He pulled her back and said, "Not much, an epic battle of good versus evil, angels descending from on high, demons coming fourth in pillars of hell fire, the devil and god going head to head and a big apocalypse type moment."

Kat stared at him and her brow wrinkled together, "I really hope you are joking."

"Of course I am you stupid silly little girl." Liam said rolling his eyes.

"You know what, after the past couple weeks I wouldn't be so sure. I just played the devil in a chess game… what three hours ago… no way the whole apocalypse things wasn't far off."

"Guess again." Liam said playing with a strand of her hair.


"Longer then three hours." He said looking into her eyes.



"How long was I out?" Kat asked.

"Longer then twenty-four and less then a month."

"Gee, thanks." Kat said standing and stretching.

"You were out for a week and a half." Came a voice from behind. Kat froze, that voice, she knew that voice. It was different and yet it was the same. She slowly turned and saw before her a little blonde boy with bright blue eyes.

"Casper?" She said softly, the smile told her enough and she rushed forward hugging him to her chest.

"I can't believe it… you look just like you did at the dance all those years ago… except the clothes and all… you look… great!" She hugged him again and he hugged her back tightly.

Just then talking came from down the hall, well, more like bickering and two men Kat had never seen before rounded the doorway and walked right in.

"Well well, if it isn't the little fleshy, all woken up and ready to rejoin the land of the living." That voice was familiar as well, but not quit as annoying as it normally was, a slight Irish accent perhaps?

"Haven't seen you since the devil tried to kill us… want some breakfast?" the other man said.

"Stinkie? Fatso?"

"The names Rory, and this is Alec. Don't you think we are handsome?"

"Well… yes… actually I do." Rory had copper hair, with golden brown eyes and a crooked smile. His buckteeth where no where near as bad as they had appeared when he had been a ghost. He was shorter then Alec by a good foot but still had a tall appearance due to his thin wiry frame.

And what to say about Alec, he sounded like Fatso, talked like Fatso, but the big old Fatso belly just wasn't as big as she had expected. He reminded her more of a tank then anything else. Sure he was heavy, but in the big boned or slightly chunky way. He had dark brown hair, green eyes and a big old shit eating grin on his face.

"A lot has happened in the two weeks you were asleep." Liam said coming to stand beside her.

"Week and a half." Casper corrected.

"Shut it blonde." Liam said playfully.

"From bulb head to blonde… great." He murmured.

Dr. Harvey walked in just then and came straight through the crowd, his limp seemed heavier but he made it to her nonetheless and took her up into his arms.

"Oh honey, I am so glad you are alright. After you passed out things got bad… I just can't believe you are okay." Kat hugged him back for a moment and then pulled back.

"Got bad… what do you mean?" Dr. Harvey looked at the others and they all looked down in sadness.

"Honey… I… Elza… he… he got your mother."


"What happened after I passed out?" Kat asked. They all sat around the kitchen table, each with a drink or some kind. Casper had milk, Rory, Alec, Liam, and Dr. Harvey had coffee and Kat had hot cocoa.

She had stopped sobbing about twenty minutes ago and was now determined to keep a strong enough expression to make it through this conversation. She needed to know what happened to her mother.

"Elza tried to take me after you passed out, but he couldn't because he rightfully had no claim to me. The powers above wouldn't let him take someone he had no claim to." Liam said with a grateful smirk.

"When he found out he had no claim to me or you or Uncle Liam, when he found out he really had lost he started to destroy the library, lighting and fire and wind, everything was flying everywhere…" Casper said.

"He was screaming in some language none of us had ever heard." Dr. Harvey continued.

"He was one pissed of devil." Rory added stirring his coffee with his finger, he licked his finger and stared into the dark liquid.

"So… your mother… being the angel she was, and of course being our guardian, dropped to her knees and started to pray." Dr. Harvey said looking down, everyone saw the water forming in his eyes but none said a word.

"Some how, we don't know how or even what the hell it was, she opened some kind of door… some kind of thing, maybe a portal…and ran at him. She shoved him through… but he grabbed her and yanked her in…" Alec said sniffing sadly.

"So… she went through a spiritual door with the devil… and she never came out?" Kat asked.

At this point everyone was looking down, depression and sadness filled the room. Kat looked at them but when no one said a word she slowly stood and took her mug with her. She wanted to see the library for herself.


Kat sat out in the gardens, tears slowly pouring from her eyes. It had been three months since Elza had been destroyed. And though she was happy, at the same time she missed her mother. She had so many questions, like how on Earth could her mother open a portal of any kind? How could the devil had been so angry when he had lost fair and square. What had given Kat the ability to win that damn chess game when her whole life she only ever played seriously twice. Once against Liam and once against the Devil, nothing made sense, nothing really ever had.

Now that she was actually thinking about it she realized she never knew what had happened to Eddy? The crazy grey ghost had disappeared and hadn't been seen since the volcano. Had Elza taken him? Had he flown off to haunt some place of his own, would he ever come back?

Where had Ashley gone too, would reporters be just around the corner? Her mother had been an angel… and yet she had been able to shift her appearance and make portals? Kat had never ever in her whole life heard of an angel ever being able to do that.

Maybe the God's from mythology but never an angel. How much of the world and beyond did humans really know nothing about? And the biggest question that plagued her mind was, would she EVER see her mother again?

Her sadness flooded from her, she felt like perhaps she was killing the garden with all the negative emotion that was melting off of her. She sniffed and wiped her eyes, her mother was doomed to spend forever in some alternate reality with the devil. What if he had eaten her angelic soul or something? How much pain could she be in right now?

She sighed and tried to keep herself from getting sick, so many good things had happened, but was the price of losing her mother worth the end result of having the rest of her family alive again.

Though not related by blood, the ghostly trio and Casper had become her family, and now they were all human, more family then Kat had ever had, and her and Liam couldn't be happier. But her mother… the sacrifice was almost to much.

Suddenly a large wind blew Kat's hair about and she dropped the mug she was drinking from. It spilled all over the white gravel and she looked around. Nothing she could see, but the win was warm, perhaps a front was moving through. She bent down to pick up her mug and saw a piece of paper lying on the ground next to it.

Kat carefully picked up her mug and set it beside her on the concrete bench. She grabbed the folded piece of paper and slowly opened it with trembling hands.

My Dearest Kathryn,

I wanted to come to you myself but I am a little busy at the moment. I finally earned my wings, as clique as that sounds. No, they are not giant bird wings… it's a metaphorical thing… When I dropped to my knees to pray it was for the protection of everyone in the room, God was kind enough to send a solution. No, angels cannot open portals back to Hell. That was God's fabulous doing; he is a sneaky deity. As soon as I am needed God said I shall be returned to you and your father and your permanent guardian angel. Which means I can come and go, but I have a lot of training to do… and paper work… can you believe there is paper work in Heaven? Anyway… You thinking that I was lost or hurt, or that I had abandoned you tore at my heart. Elza is back where he belongs but with my sacrifice I gained a straight shot back to Heaven. Awesome huh? I needed to let you know not to worry my dearest one; I will come see you and your father sometime soon. After all, I can't miss my own daughters wedding.

Love always,


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