A/N Inspired by my hot chocolate and a comment in iCarly. Rose POV, Post Journey's End.


Carly: Well, this horrible!

Sam: (holding a cup of hot chocolate) You know what else is horrible? You're out of mini marshmallows!

Carly: Sam!

Freddie: This is a crisis situation!

Sam: Nah, I'll just...use this big one!


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"I'm still worried about it," I heard mum say to Pete, weeks after our return with the Other Doctor.

"What if he leaves? He's different! But he would still tear her apart and break her heart," Jackie whispered, but Pete responded with silence.

I choked back shock and tears, feeling irrationally like my mother had betrayed me. But no, that was mum, always being overprotective.

What if she was right? I couldn't bear to think that, but late that night, as I headed to the kitchen, I realized how vulnerable I suddenly was.

Inside the kitchen, the Doctor had two cups of hot chocolate in his hand, a bag of large marshmallows opened at his side.

"One marshmallow or two?"

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