Author's Note – A short, utterly pointless, naughtly little ficlet for Mal and Kaylee...cuz, you know – sometimes Mal and Kaylee need the smut! : )

Disclaimor – All belongs to Joss, and well, yeah, we're all about the Joss lovin' here, aren't we?

They stumbled into the utility closet and the door slammed shut behind them. Their lips were locked together, breath puffed in spurts.

"We shouldn't be doin' this!" Mal breathed as he stripped off her shirt.

"Don't care 'bout 'should' – wants all that matters!" Kaylee slipped his suspenders down his broad shoulders. "Doncha want me Cap'n?"

"Ain't about want, it's about right," he muttered. She pressed herself against him. "Then again..." His tongue pushed into her mouth, she didn't complain. Instead she opened to him, so far that he could almost lick her tonsils. Hands kneaded and squeezed, hips sought each other out through clothing barriers, it had been too gorramn long for both. He thrust her against the wall and she didn't miss a beat, wrapping herself halfway around his muscular form. He lifted her so she was sitting on the edge of a filing cabinet, her legs still hugged his waist tightly. Soft trails left on each of their necks, breathing became more laboured with each passing second. His fingers cupped her breasts through her cotton bra before he pulled the material down sloppily, desperately needing to feel her bare nipples right then. Her hand zipped down the front of his pants and she grabbed him through his boxers, then dipped in again to stroke his bare member, flesh on flesh. Teeth grazed her lips at her ministrations and he groaned into her, bare sensations tricking every muscle in his body.

"Take me now, Cap'n..." she muttered and who was he to deny? He cursed at her restraining overall bottoms, wishing it was a skirt – so much easier – but he backed away to unbutton and unzip, making record time at depantsing her. She undid his trousers with a swift hand, his glorious length sprung out eagerly. She pulled him back to her instantly and he growled when he realized her panties were still on – easy to fix – not willing to wait the five seconds it would take to pull them off, he pushed them to the far side and placed himself at her entrance, pushing in firmly. She was so wet he slid in with ease. He began to pound into her, the friction of her tightness and the edge of her knickers rubbed the base of him, made his eyes roll back with pleasure.

"Oo you feel soooo gorramn gooood" he went in and out – in and out, she pushed herself into him with each movement. She cried out into the still night as her body wracked in orgasm. He moaned loudly in her ear as he followed, both came together so hard he almost lost his footing. His forehead lulled to her shoulder as their hearts started to slow, his grip on her hips so tight she could feel small welts forming. She squirmed and he released his vice, moved his hands to her back instead. He held her as close as he could. After a moment he slid out of her and lifted his head to kiss her temple. As soon as they lost contact the moment seemed broken. Reality clouded them once more.

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