Foul Mouth Agents

Part 3

It was five o' clock in the afternoon, and Spin decided to spend the night at J's house. Spin was laying on the floor, wearing a white tank top with dark blue shorts with tennis shoes while J was wearing a red t-shirt with bleached blue jeans with the curly part of his hair straighten out.

"Wow, I'm so glad Chieftain told us that the word that we were using was a bad word." J said, sitting on the black bean bag chair.

"Yeah, because good citizens like us shouldn't stain our lips with curse words." Spin said.

"Hai," J continued. "now let's play a game of Boats & Airplanes."

"Oh boy, my favorite!" Spin said.

"Come on, Missy needs a new pair of shoes." J said.

J was rolling the dice, than he finally threw the dice at the game board. Spin was looking at the dice, and it both of them displayed a picture of a boat.

"Dang, J. Looks like you have to take a ride on a boat." Spin said.

"Darn!" J said, grabbing his game piece and placing it on a picture of a boat.

"Looks like it's my turn." Spin said, as he grabbed the game dice and threw it on the game board. This time, the game dice was displaying a picture of an airplane.

"OH YEAH, AIRPLANES!!." Spin said.

Spin was getting excited as he grabbed his game piece and placed it on the picture of a airplane.

One Hour Later

"Well, looks like this is your last chance, or if you land on the boats again, you lose." Spin said.

J was looking at the game board, and he began to notice that Spin has been winning this game. J was getting upset, so he decided to role the dice one last time and hope that it lands on "Airplane" so he could get back in the game.


He forcefully threw the game dice on the game board, and this time, the game dice displayed pictures of an airplane.


Somehow, the dice magically moved and was now displaying a picture of a boat.

"Dang, you lose." Spin said.

J got so angry, that he started to yell.


"Whoa, you said "Word #11"" Spin said, pointing at J.

"Wait a minute, I didn't mean to say that, the word just slipped out. Come on, you got to understand." J said.

"Yeah, I understand…I'M TELLING CHIEFTAIN ON YOU!" Spin said.

Spin was getting out of J's house and running back to EBA Headquarters to tell Chieftain what J had said.

"Wait, please don't tell on me." J said, chasing Spin down the road.

"But you said ." Spin said, covering his mouth.

"Ha, now I'm going to tell on you." J said.

"Not if I tell on you first." Spin said.

Due to the fact that he was a agent with more experience, J was running faster than Spin.

"I can run faster than you." J said.

J was sprinting to Headquarters, then suddenly, he saw Spin sitting on the back of a pick-up truck holding a box of headphones, but unfortunately, the truck was going the wrong way.


Finally, J went to Headquarters to tell Chieftain what Spin said.

"Chieftain, Chieftain, Chieftain." J said.

"What, what, what." Chieftain said.

"Spin, Spin, Spin."

"Yes, yes, yes."

"He said, he said, he said."

"Out with it, J!"

"Meandspinwasplayingboatsandairplanesandhehadtogoupupupandihadtoridetheboatand Spin said some…things."

"What did he say?"


"…What?" Chieftain said, trying to figure out what J just said.

All of a sudden, Spin popped out of nowhere.

"Chieftain, Chieftain, Chieftain." Spin said.

Chieftain begins to sigh.

Spin and J began to argue and point fingers at each other, talking about how both of them were saying bad words, then Chieftain decides to grab their lips really hard, so they wouldn't talk.

"Now I'm going to let go of your lips, and when I do, I want you to calmly tell me what is going on!" Chieftain said.

Spin and J both shook their heads, and then Chieftain finally released his grip of holding their lips.

"He said ." Spin and J both said, pointing at each other.


Chieftain grabbed both of the agents. "It's time to take out the trash!"

Thirty Minutes Later

J and Spin was forced to clean Chieftain's car as their punishment, as they were waiting for Chieftain to give them the cleaning supplies, J and Spin began to talk to each other.

"You know, Chieftain was right, their's no need for words like that." J said.

"Yeah." Spin said

"Let's make a promise, never to use those words again. We will be good citizens."

"Yeah, like Agent Chieftain."

Chieftain finally got the cleaning supplies and was walking towards Spin and J.

"As punishment for saying those bad words and failing your mission, you guys are going to clean this entire car from the interior, to the exterior." Chieftain said

While Chieftain was walking, he stub his toe on a little pebble, and then…


As Chieftain was complaining about his foot, Spin and J were counting how many bad words that Chieftain was using in his sentence.

"Whoa, that's all fourteen bad words, Spin." J said, counting all of his own fingers and four of Spin's fingers.

"We're going to tell Commander Khan about what you said." J said.

"NO! Please don't tell him." Chieftain begged.

Spin and J were sprinting to Khan's house and Chieftain was chasing them. By the time they got to Khan's house, they were knocking on the door so hard, that their were imprints of their fist on the door. Khan finally answered them.

"Hello, agents." Khan said. "What do you need?"

"First, Spin said , then Chieftain said , and then I said , and then he screamed at the top of his voice . When Chieftain said , He didn't care. Such a load of and that I ever heard in my days." J said.

Khan was silent for a moment…

Thirty Seconds Later

Spin, J, and Chieftain were cleaning the commander's house as punishment for their foul language.

"Looks like you guys are thirsty." Khan said, wearing a red island t-shirt with blue denim shorts with sandals. He was holding a tray of bottled water until he stubbed his toe on the legs of one of his chairs.

"OUCH, MY ING FOOT!" Khan said.

Chieftain, J and Spin gasped at the commander.

"What, I didn't curse, I said "freaking"." Khan said.

"Then what was that beeping noise?" Spin said.

"That was Domeki Kai's truck." Khan said, pointing at the window.

"Hello, Howard." Kai said, hitting the horn in his truck.

J, Spin, Chieftain, and Khan started laughing while they were cleaning, and they all lived happily ever after…except for Kaoru.

The End