Notes: Okay, since I've been seeing a lot of the so-and-so character user's manual/guide things around in various anime categories, they sort of inspired me to do my own spin-off concerning the relationship one wishes to have with whichever character, and I decided to start in the KHR section! I've never really worked with this kind of format before(I hope no one else has done one exactly like this b/c I'll feel like a copier or something…please tell me if it's been done) and have to make up sections and stuff along the way, but here I go! By the way, there will probably be spoilers, so if you aren't up to the Future Arc at least, you have been warned.

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KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide to Winning His Heart

This guide is to be exclusively used by Fangirls, Fanboys, Otakus, and OC characters who are involved in/obsessed with the KHR! fandom.

Have an unrequited love? Desperately yearning for him from afar? Don't know how to go about approaching him? Or maybe he's already rejected you but you don't want to give up on him quite yet? Whatever the case, the KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide to Winning His Heart covers every aspect you need to know about the KHR! guy of your choice and guarantees a one-hundred percent success rate in your blossoming, new relationship with him(fine print:if he accepts you)!

All you have to do is read the extensively researched information regarding your love interest and follow the few simple suggestions below.


(In full color: Twelve pictures of target in his daily life: at school, at baseball practice, during a baseball game, at friend's house, at sushi restaurant, current school photo, etc…)

Information On Target

Full name: Yamamoto, Takeshi

Current Age: 15

Date of Birth: 24 April, Taurus.

Blood Type: O

Physical Description: N/A (If you do not know what your love interest looks like by now, this guide is probably not for you)

Occupation(s): Namimori Middle School student, school's star baseball player, current Rain Guardian of the Vongola Decimo

Personality Type: Cheerfully naïve

Likes: His friends, the mafia game, baseball, kendo, sushi

Dislikes: There is probably not much Yamamoto Takeshi does not like, but it has been proved that he can be irritated by self-centered, cold people who do not focus on what they should be doing.

Friends: Yamamoto Takeshi considers nearly everyone a friend, even if that person has threatened and/or tried to kill him in the past or present, and his personality allows him to get along well with just about everyone. But his closest friends include Sawada Tsuna and his mafia family. You won't have to worry about playing your cards right if you want to become his friend; all you have to do is introduce yourself and things will work out from there.

How To Go About Winning Him Over

For the Shy type

If you consider yourself to be this type of person, it might take a little more work than usual to make this relationship happen, but it's not to say it won't happen. Remember, this guide guarantees an incomparable success rate in confessing your feelings no matter who you are.

Introducing Yourself and Becoming Friends

If you are this type of person, you may find that you are socially awkward or exceedingly anxious when you are around Yamamoto Takeshi, regardless of whether you have known him for x amount of time or have never spoken to him in your entire life. Perhaps you are the shy type that watches from afar and essentially stalks this person--no matter, he is most likely oblivious of your presence if you are not acquainted. This section deals with putting yourself out in the open so he will no longer be oblivious of you and acknowledge your existence.

The first step in making yourself known to him is taking the initiative to strike up a conversation: perhaps you've overheard him talking about baseball and wished you could add in your thoughts? As this is one of his main interests, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring baseball up when you decide to talk to him. If you're not exactly the talkative type, no worries. He will do enough talking for the both of you as long as you start the conversation and smile and nod along the way.

But if you are not a fan of baseball and therefore know nothing about this topic, there are other ways to go about getting him to notice you. If you attend the same school and see him on a regular basis, perhaps you could try the clumsy approach-- 'accidentally' drop something of yours, be it a textbook or pencil, and Yamamoto, being the nice guy he is, will no doubt pick it up for you. You've got his attention--now don't waste your opportunity!

If you do not attend the same school, he can be found at the Namimori Middle School's batting field or his family's restaurant Takesushi on a regular basis when outside of school.

Making Your Feelings Known

If after becoming acquaintances or friends with Yamamoto Takeshi you are still unable to appropriately express your feelings, the best thing you can do is work up the courage to say so(unless you're completely content with where you are) or perhaps make a romantic gesture such as making him a homemade bento for lunch. But be warned, you must make your intentions completely clear, as he can make the wrong assumption and think you just want to be good friends.

As a warning, do not express your true love for him in the form of a written confession because love notes are unreliable and can not be accounted for the entire time--they can become lost, stolen, or misconceptions can arise from their presence. It's better to confess face-to-face, because he deserves that much, doesn't he?

If you are honest and clear with the way you feel towards him, no matter how shy or socially awkward you are, you should have no problem with starting your relationship with Yamamoto Takeshi. He will never try to make you feel bad and will let you down easy and remain your friend if you are not his type.

For the Moderate type

If you consider yourself to be average regarding personality type, then winning over Yamamoto Takeshi will probably be the easiest for you, since he considers himself a normal Japanese youth.

Introducing Yourself and Becoming Friends

You will probably have no trouble with introducing yourself to Yamamoto Takeshi; perhaps you are already acquainted as classmates, or perhaps you are a regular customer at Takesushi and he knows you as a familiar face. Just be yourself and do what you would normally do, and you two will become fast friends in no time.

Making Your Feelings Known

If you are the moderate type, you probably don't need help with this, either. But if you find yourself dithering and taking on a case of stomach butterflies, slather on the self-encouragement or talk it over with a close friend who supports your goal of winning his heart. You probably have the clearest mind of all the types, so you are capable of confessing clearly and letting him know exactly what's on your mind.

As a warning, you may assume that spending time with him is enough for him to know how you feel. If you have been on a number of dates with him but he doesn't actually realize that you want to be more than friends, you will have to make this known.

Being yourself around Yamamoto Takeshi is your best bet.

For the Bold type

If you find yourself thinking you are the bold type, you probably aren't. If you are this type of person, you will know it instantly. Depending on the type of extreme level you operate on as this type, it could be the easiest or the hardest thing ever to make your feelings towards Yamamoto Takeshi known.

Introducing Yourself and Becoming Friends

You, in your own special way, have probably already made him acknowledge your presence. You will most likely not need help concerning introductions. But, please, do not be too overbearing and expecting or Yamamoto Takeshi will become internally depressed for falling short of your demands.

Making Your Feelings Known

Again, you have probably already done this, and had no problem doing so. Being bold, it's in your nature to make yourself and your opinions known to anyone who's willing to listen, and even to those who are not. If you have not confessed already, do not do anything brash that will potentially distract his school or sports performances, because his grades suffer enough from baseball as it is, and his baseball career is one of the things he considers most important in his life, second only to friends and family.

But, please, do not be too overbearing and expecting of Yamamoto Takeshi or he will become internally depressed if he falls short of your demands.

As a warning, please watch your feminine boldness around Yamamoto Takeshi because he is still a teenage boy and can become flustered or overwhelmed by surprises regarding the opposite gender, as proved by the Future Arc. If you are a male, this does not apply to you.

Keep in mind that Yamamoto Takeshi has great respect towards Sawada Tsunayoshi and will probably put him first and foremost, even before you because of certain events in the past that most likely occurred before he met you, so please do not become jealous of this attachment.

Best Places to Meet Him

Namimori Middle School batting field

Family sushi restaurant Takesushi

Namimori Middle School

The home of Sawada Tsunayoshi

Best Places for a Date

Amusement Park

Baseball game

Topics to Avoid

There are very few things you should not talk about when around Yamamoto Takeshi, but it's a given that you should not insult Sawada Tsunayoshi around him. Also, since his mother figure has not been announced/is not known of at this point, it is probably safe to assume that this is a taboo subject as well.

Help Hotline

If the KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide To Winning His Heart did not cover one of your concerns, please feel free to call the toll-free number on the back of this booklet. Remember, this line is not for complaints because complaints will not be made with the success rate we guarantee.

Warnings: If you are above the age of eighteen, it is strongly advised against pursuing Yamamoto Takeshi, for he is a minor by law. If you are also interested in baseball/on a baseball/softball team, it is advised against playing said game with him unless you are exceedingly skilled because he becomes completely engrossed to the point of being potentially dangerous when in his baseball mode.

(Fine print) By law, it is not the responsibility or fault of the KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide to Winning His Heart's corporation if you are in any way, shape, form, or fashion rejected/maimed/blown up/injured/bitten to death/impaled/incapacitated, etc… by the object of your affection. All follies and/or medical bills that arise from your decision to pursue (insert name here), in entirety, resulted from your own mistakes.

End notes: And there you have it! I know it still needs a bit of developing, but I just wanted to get this out there as a prototype. Experiments are fun! I hope it was fun to read and I didn't leave anything out/make anything unclear.

Next Target: Will be chosen from a random drawing…on second thought, I'm taking requests. First come first serve!

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