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KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide to Winning His Heart

This guide is to be exclusively used by Fangirls, Fanboys, Otakus, shonen-ai lovers in need of a place to start, and OC characters who are involved in/obsessed with the KHR! fandom.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! The special edition ROKUDO MUKURO guides all have been recalled and taken off of production for the abundance of…unpalatable results that occurred due to their use. Please refrain from calling our corporation and requesting a copy. On that note, our corporation has returned from its brief hiatus and is once again producing the KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide series.

Have an unrequited love? Desperately yearning for him from afar? Don't know how to go about approaching him? Or maybe he's already rejected you but you don't want to give up on him quite yet? Whatever the case, the KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide to Winning His Heart covers every aspect you need to know about the KHR! guy of your choice and guarantees a one-hundred percent success rate in your blossoming, new relationship with him (if he accepts you)!

All you have to do is read the extensively researched information regarding your love interest and follow the few simple suggestions below.


WARNING Pursuing this target is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it is Highly Discouraged by our staff. But for those of you who are stubborn, please read all information on the target, followed by all fine print presented in this guide.

Attachments: Four black and white photos of target in his daily life (one photo slightly battered and covered in blood…the photographer's blood), with his Disciplinary Committee, with Hibird, asleep on the roof, and one of his Tonfa stance. Also included: a Hibird feather.

Information On Target

Full name: Hibari, Kyouya

Current Age: 15

Date of Birth: May 5, Taurus

Blood Type: Unknown

Physical Description: Dark and intimidating

Occupation(s): Namimori High Disciplinary Committee Head Prefect, current Vongola Cloud Guardian, possible dictator, or crime lord. Seems to participate frequently in shady business in Namimori

Personality Type: Dark and intimidating, sadistic, violent, prone to "bite" people to death, regardless of who they are

Likes: Apparent likes include Namimori High, the school's anthem, Hibird, discipline, harassing rule breakers, tonfa. Also seems to hold an interest in Sawada Tsunayoshi's home tutor, Reborn.

Dislikes: Everything that is not listed above, particularly Rokudo Mukuro. And sakura, from the Sakura-kura incident.

Friends: It is unlikely that Hibari will admit to having any friends besides Hibird, due to his nature. The other Disciplinary Committee members are more like minions. But he does seem to get along well with Dino and the others in the Vongola family, if "getting along well with" can be defined by fighting them and/or "biting them to death."

How To Go About Winning Him Over

As mentioned before, this is highly discouraged. But if you've read to this point, you're probably determined (to be bitten to death).

For the Shy type

If you're the shy type, though still determined to pursue this target as a potential love interest, you may have some luck if you act like a wounded animal. As proven by his attachment to Hibird, the target seems to have a liking for animals. It seems to be a popular choice to pair this target with a certain "tuna" after all. Just do what you do best, and make sure you're not skipping classes.

For the Moderate type

If you still choose to go after this target, make sure you're not skipping class to find him. It's likely that if he finds you out of your class during school hours, he will bite you to death. Hearing him say this catchphrase specifically to you might be overwhelmingly adorable in your eyes, but keep in mind that a brutal beat down will follow. If you don't exercise a measure of caution when approaching this target, you will be bitten to death.

Introducing Yourself and Becoming Friends

As previously stated, only approach the target during break time between classes, or after school hours. Though if he finds you loitering around the school grounds after school, he might discipline you for trespassing. Perhaps in this case, you should pretend to be as passionate about Namimori as he is. It would be wise to memorize the school's alma mater, in this case. As another option, you might want to become Hibird's friend in order to be closer to the target. Becoming this target's friend is likely a phenomenally high expectation, but, if you go about this the right way, he might learn to tolerate you. As long as you obey the school rules.

Making Your Feelings Known

It's unknown whether he will bite to death any girls who confess their feelings to him, but if you've managed to get this far already without being bitten to death, you might get away unscathed. This target is far from the romantic type, so the best you could hope to get is a companion who won't bite you to death. If he feels the same way, he might overlook the few instances in which you break school rules to see him. Only a few.

For the Bold type

This type will most likely have the most difficulty with the target due to conflicting personalities. Hibari Kyouya may be violent, though he is relatively calm. If you manage to get close to the target without being maimed to the point of incapacitation, or death, you can't be stopped. You will most likely confess to him on your own, regardless of his reaction. Congratulations! You have mastered the difficult task of handling Hibari Kyouya.

Best Places to Meet Him

Namimori High School Reception Room

Namimori School roof

Anywhere around Namimori

Possibly around Sawada Tsunayoshi, depending on the situation

Best Places for a Date

Namimori school roof

Topics to Avoid

Rokudo Mukuro

The sakura-kura disease

The fact that he wears an outdated school uniform

Help Hotline

Help Hotline has been reconnected for concerns related to this target. Hotline topics include:

"Allergic to the avian species? For instructions on how to temporarily rid Hibari of Hibird's presence, press 2."

"In need of the limited-time offer, Haru-Haru edition Namimori girl's school uniform? Press 3."

"If you would like to speak to a live staff member, press 4."

For English, press 1.

Warnings: Most warnings have been covered, but if you have not carefully read about this target, remember that he is well and capable of biting you to death.

(Fine print) By law, it is not the responsibility or fault of the KATEKYO HITMAN BOYFRIEND! Guide to Winning His Heart's corporation if you are in any way, shape, form, or fashion rejected/maimed/blown up/injured/bitten to death/impaled/incapacitated, etcby the object of your affection. All follies and/or medical bills that arise from your decision to pursue (insert name here), in entirety, resulted from your own mistakes.

Next Target (open for requests): Sasagawa Ryohei

End notes: I am SOO sorry for the lack of updates! But I'm finally almost done with school and will have time to work on this again! It's so fun! Hibari was harder to work with than I thought he would be, but I hope you all liked it :D Again, thank you all so much for the reviews, they really mean a lot. Thanks for reading!