Note: Written for a challenge way back in February. I watched Naruto for the first time in months last night and decided to come out of my hiatus. Expect a steady stream of fics by next week(probably after I start college). Details in my profile.

This is filler!fic, but reviews are welcomed!

Inspired by Deadwood by Garbage. Awesome song :)

Tsunade is a master of running and hiding and drinking her troubles away—it takes a lot of heartbreak to reach her level of expertise. It's nothing she's proud of.

She can't keep her precious people from dying; it's not her sacrifice to make, and maybe it's made her too worn too soon, but she'll be damned if she'll take it sitting down.

She's tired of being the survivor.

Jiraiya is leaving. No warnings or pleading looks can help it; she tells him it's suicide, and he only smiles.

"We'll make a gamble of it," he says, and Tsunade thinks that, in this moment, she hates him, if only a little.