Glaring after his nephew and the stolen whore, Miraz got a gleam in his eye. The dwarf had attempted to relay a private message but he couldn't help to overhear and he could see from the dwarf's body language what information he was trying to conceal. The gears started turning in his head. So there was a bounty on both the wench and the ship. He could certainly use the money. Who couldn't? When he rescued her, he could fuck her into submission a few times, showing her her proper place, before arriving in Merikesh to receive his payment from the Raj. Of course, he would be able to finally kill off his nephew and take everything of his for his own, including his sailors as his own slaves. At least the ones who proved useful. And the Isobella would finally be his after so many years of fighting his own prissy elder brother for possession of it.


In an attempt to escape Calormene waters as quickly as possible, Caspian took over the helm after making sure that Kitten was calmed down. Having grown up in these waters, he knew how to navigate them better than even the most seasoned of Telmar's naval officers. He prayed for the wind to help them pick up speed and that his uncle would not have time to catch them, if he even caught on to what they were doing. For Caspian was no fool and knew his uncle wasn't one either – the muck rat would have realized the significance of Caspian leaving so quickly.

Caspian glanced up at the sailor who called to him from the crow's nest, "Captain, Sir, I see a ship in the distance behind us!"

Calling out, "What colors do they bear?"

"It is Captain Miraz, Sir!"

He cursed under his breath, his knuckles turning white from gripping the ship's wheel. Seeing that they were in proximity to a large archipelago, Caspian steered the ship toward the islands. They would definitely be able to lose Miraz there.

The deck was abuzz with activity, though the atmosphere was relaxed yet at the same time it was tense. The sails were quickly changed to allow for speed. Several men made sure that weapons were available nearby, in the event they were needed. Ballistae were quickly mounted on the aft and forecastle decks. Generally they were not displayed openly, as only navy vessels were allowed to have such heavy duty weapons. Grappling hooks were quickly made ready for use. At various places, buckets of sand and pitch were lined up. The sand would be to put out any fires and the pitch would ignite them.

Alongside the buckets of pitch, a few ceramic jars were stacked containing the Fist of Galma, a mixture of quicklime, naphtha, and sulfur. The jars would be tossed at the enemy ship, then lit with a flaming arrow. Any contact with water would only make the fire spread.

Hours later, Caspian ordered for the sails to be adjusted to slow down. Lookouts were assigned at the bow on either side of the prow, as well as the crow's nest so they could watch for obstacles in the shallow waters.

Weaving in and around the cluster of islands was something that required a certain skill, especially with a ship of that size. But the training he had received, mainly through life experiences, was to his benefit. Knowing where would be the best place to hide, with what appeared to any outsider to be the greatest of ease, Caspian steered them toward a small hidden cove that most other captains would never be able to get in or out of.

They were quite lucky to be able to sail into this particular cove, due to both the high tide and Isobella's shallow draft. When the ship was finally beached on the shore, and a ramp set out to disembark the ship, Caspian returned to his cabin to wake Kitten. Perhaps a chance for her to frolic in the private cove would brighten her spirits.

Susan's eyes widened and her breath caught in her chest as she stood at the edge of the deck, taking in the panorama before her. Turquoise blue waters lapped onto pristine white sand. It was something she had only once read about in school and then very briefly experienced for the first time upon setting foot in this new world. She shuddered slightly, trying to push those memories away.

Caspian stood behind her, holding a rice paper parasol for her that he had acquired in Merikesh at one of the smaller bazaars. His brow furrowed in concern as he saw her shiver.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

Gesturing with one hand, he urged her to disembark. Grasping his hand inside hers, Susan leaned into him for balance, and he was patient as she cautiously stepped down. Her turquoise strappy walking sandals that were laced up her calves were awkward enough to walk in on flat land, as she was not yet used to them with their odd little heels, much less on the steep narrow gangway that led to the white sand below.

Locating Trumpkin, Caspian handed her the parasol, "Keep an eye on her. She can swim or anything she wishes."

Trumpkin nodded at his Captain, "Aye, Sir. Come along, lass. There is secluded area of beach up ahead where you will not be bothered by the crew."

Susan looked over her shoulder as Caspian ventured away from them, talking to a small group of sailors. Following the dwarf, Susan found it difficult to contain her excitement at the breathtaking setting, twirling around slowly. Setting the handle of the parasol in the sand, she sat down to quickly unlace and remove her sandals.

The dwarf smirked at her childlike fascination. Satisfied that she was a safe distance away from the ship in case anything were to happen, Trumpkin turned to leave, allowing her privacy. Sitting on the sand a fair distance away from both her and the sailors on the larger beach, he pulled out his pipe and the pouch of tobacco, letting the smoke fill his lungs.

On the main beach, some sailors lounged in the sand, passing around bottles of alcohol. Others attended to the ship, making repairs as needed, as well as scraping barnacles from the hull and keel.

As Susan was swimming in the cove, she looked up and saw Trumpkin in the distance. He wasn't watching her but she found herself intrigued by him. He didn't seem to be anything at all like the abomination on Caspian's uncle's ship. Trumpkin was always very polite to her and Caspian obviously trusted him, which counted for something. But physically, he still reminded her a bit of the evil Black Dwarf so she hesitated in getting too close to him. But with Caspian always off tending to other duties, she was alone more often than not, and wished for the company of others.

Stepping out of the water, she glanced at her dress which lay in a pile on the sand. She looked up at the blue sky scattered with feathery white clouds. It really was much too hot to wear anything and the breeze felt wonderful on her bare skin. Her toes sinking into the hot sand, she wandered over to where he sat.

"Hello. Do you want to help me build a sandcastle?" offering hopefully, as a conversation starter.

Trumpkin watched out of the corner of his eye as the girl sat down beside him, smiling up at him. He raised his brow at her request but found himself obliging her.

Breaking the awkward silence, Susan asked as she looked up at him from the mound of sand she had constructed, "Where are you from, Mr. Trumpkin? Why aren't there more people like you around?"

He paused a moment and decided there was no harm in telling her, "You certainly are not from around here are you?" Her brow furrowed in confusion. "The land of Narnia across the sea. Well, that is what it used to be, according to the legends."

"What do you mean?" listening with rapt interest.

"The landscape itself is beautiful, or it used to be, but the inhabitants leave much to be desired. It used to be full of Talking Beasts, much like Diggit. He came from there as well. Even the trees moved and danced. And then there was Aslan. None of that exists anymore. Quite a few generations ago, the kingdom of Telmar came in, so now it is called Telnia. Of course, years ago, one of the king's sons vanished without a trace in an attempt to prevent more succession wars since he was second in line to the Telnian throne. As well as a few others that went along with him."

"Why would anyone want to leave there?"

"Because they are xenophobic assholes ruled by an offshoot culture of Telmarines. That is why."

Susan turned around suddenly at the familiar voice behind her. Caspian sat down next to Trumpkin in the sand. He was glad that his pet had found someone to talk to who he could trust to be left alone with her.

Trumpkin fished in the pocket of his vest and pulled out a handful of cigarillos that he passed to Caspian, "Found these dirt cheap. Figured you could use a few since the merchant said you had not stopped by at all."

"Bless your eyes, Trumpkin. I ran out awhile ago and was dreading having to wait until we got back to Galma or Telmar."

He lit the tobacco with Trumpkin's ever present light-wick, a wad of cotton thread that was soaked in spirits, that the dwarf handed him, letting the thick smoke saturate his lungs as he continued to watch her. So that was why she had not seen him smoke in the last few weeks she had been under his care while she'd smelled heavy tobacco scents in the cabin. Pushing the thought aside, her fingers absentmindedly sifted through the sand as she wished Trumpkin to continue his story.

She looked from one man to the other, "What do you mean? What happened there in Narnia...Telnia?"

Trumpkin continued, "Telnians tends to use the native populations as target practice or chattel. Which is why when we can leave, we do. But still, it is our home and thus many stay anyway. There used to be many more refugees in my band but several were captured, tortured and killed. When Caspian came along to the port we were trying to flee, he was unlike any other in that he granted us clemency. Shortly after, he took me and Diggit as crewmembers."

Her heart broke for him and the Badger and those like them. She couldn't imagine what it must be like to be a victim of such intolerance. Susan got up and wrapped her arms around Trumpkin. "Oh I am so sorry!"

The dwarf's eyes widened, obviously discomforted by the contact, and Caspian's presence didn't make it any easier. Swallowing, he avoided looking at Susan who was naked and quite eye catching - so everywhere he looked it was away from the beautiful girl.

Caspian pursed his lips tightly in a smirk to conceal his chortle as his second in command fidgeted in Kitten's embrace, before shooting a glare in his direction. The scene before him was hilariously funny, but he didn't want to frighten her by bursting out with laughter suddenly. As long as Trumpkin didn't get any ideas, all would be fine. And that didn't appear to be an issue.

Allowing his men a full extra day to relax in the cove, Caspian decided that it was once again safe to set sail without being in danger of his uncle pursuing them.


Susan awoke, tossing and turning from the faint rumbling in her tummy. She wasn't hungry so much as she was craving sweets. A couple days prior, Caspian had introduced her to a heavenly dessert that he called baklava, that she couldn't get enough of. Yet she had only it that one time. But for right now, she had the taste on the tip of her tongue and it was taunting her.

Chewing her lip, she glanced at Caspian who lay sprawled on his stomach, head turned to face her. There really wasn't any way to get out of bed without crawling over him and she hoped that he was sleeping soundly enough not to notice her. Lifting the covers, she climbed over him, her breasts brushing his back, which caused him to stir a bit and raise his head from the pillow.

"Huh? What is going on?" it came out muffled as he grunted.

She stopped suddenly, her legs straddled around his waist, hands on either side of his shoulders to brace herself, "Nothing. Go back to sleep."

Watching him to make sure that he was sleeping again, Susan climbed the rest of the way over him and tiptoed to the door, opening it as quietly as possible and closing it behind her. She hadn't actually been to the kitchen but imagined that it couldn't be too far away, and set about to navigate her way.

Passing through a corridor that she wasn't familiar with, Susan was startled as she heard someone opening a door, stopping in her tracks.

Yawning as he opened the door to go empty his bladder, Silas thought he was dreaming as he caught sight of the nude girl in the hallway, her back turned to him. Whistling at her, he grabbed her shoulder and jerked her into his grasp, as she gasped and struggled to get away from him. She was a feisty one. Good. Those were the best kind.

Susan listened to hear what direction the footsteps led in, hoping the darkness would conceal her. A shiver ran down her spine and she visibly shuddered at the catcall that was given. Before she had a chance to turn around, a hand clamped over her shoulder and pulled her backwards. She gasped loudly and fought to get out of his embrace. No one but Caspian dared lay a hand on her. His vow was his word, as he himself had told her.

She became nauseous as the sailor licked at her neck and groped her breast. Grabbing his free arm in anger and fear, Susan yanked his forearm to her lips and bit into his skin, hard. Blood spilled into her mouth along with the other taste of ripped flesh.

The pirate yelled in pain, spinning Susan around in his arms so he could slap her across the face, "Bitch! Do not ever do that again!"

His grip of her in his other arm remained secure as she struggled to get away from him, only able to turn around in his arm. Susan screamed and hissed as she clawed at his face, her nails tearing shreds of skin from his face. There was no way she would make it easy for him to touch her!


Caspian reached out his arm instinctively toward Kitten's side of the bed. Feeling only the warm silk sheet where she had laid moments earlier, he raised his head, blinking awake, and looked around, "Kitten? Where are you? You better be in this room somewhere."

Hearing female snarling and screaming in the distance echoing eerily for all the ferocity, Caspian quickly threw the covers aside and pulled on his trews, heading out the door. He had to find what had happened to his pet.

Where the hell did she run off to? The sounds were coming from the sailors' sleeping quarters and only getting angrier. Rushing to follow the source of her screams, Caspian found that a crowd had gathered in the corridor. Shoving his way through to the forefront, he saw Kitten hissing, spitting and snarling at Silas, who had released his grip on Kitten, as he clutched his face, blood seeping between his fingers. With a yell, Caspian rushed in and grabbed Kitten from behind as she lashed out tearing viciously through Silas' chest, wrapping his arms around her waist, lifting her off the ground as her hands continued to flail wildly. The more she jerked to get away from him, the tighter he held. She was like a cornered pissed off cat who most knew not to restrain if they wanted to avoid injury.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Caspian yelled as he glared at the offending sailor before them, eyes flashing with rage. "Someone answer me!"

They both spoke at the same time.

"He tried to rape me!"

"Look at her! She is asking to be fucked! And there is no reason she should not be shared among the rest who are just as deserving as you!"

The other sailors exchanged glances. Those who had initially thought that Susan would make a good bedmate quickly changed their minds after witnessing the scene... and upon seeing the many scratches and welts that were healing on the Captain's back, putting two and two together as to how they got there.

"You agreed not to touch her, did you not? Does your word mean nothing, you worthless pile of shit?" keeping his gaze locked on Silas, he then addressed Kitten with the same steel in his voice, "Where did you think you were running off to, hmm?"

She still struggled in his grip, continuing to hiss and snarl at Silas. Through gritted teeth, "I want baklava."

At that moment, Diggit and Trumpkin rushed to Caspian's side. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Narnians and pushed Kitten toward them, with her still hissing and spitting. She didn't lash out at them but she did recoil slightly from Trumpkin in surprise.

"Give me one good reason why I should not kill you right now!" Caspian was seething as he turned to glare at Silas. He would deal with Kitten later, and find out whatever insanity had overcome her. But Silas – well, his first instinct was to kill him. And his instinct second – to kill him slowly. The third, and the one that he generally listened to as a Captain – said to get some answers first before allowing his initial urges to take over.

Caspian's pet broke free of Diggit's hold on her arm and lunged toward the sailor again. Narrowly, Caspian caught her in mid-air and held her tight, shoving her back into the Badger's grasp. "Get her out of here!" he barked at them.

Gently taking her by the arm, "Come, milady. I will make you a nice cup of tea."

"And baklava?" she asked hopefully, distracted by his kindness.

"Of course. Come along."

Trumpkin's gaze darted between the Badger and his Captain. On one hand, he felt like he should accompany Susan. But Caspian was in greater need of moral support against this bilge-sucking swab who had betrayed his trust. His Captain had a tendency to take such things personally and as a failure on his part as a leader rather than a failure of quality in others.


Sitting at the small table in the kitchen that was bolted to the floor, Susan waited as Diggit bustled about. Tracing the scars on the wood, it must be used often as his workspace - and it was readily apparent that he rarely had visitors. A cup with the dark milky tea was set before her gently, along with a little plate of baklava. Greedily, Susan picked up a piece, biting into it and sighing blissfully.

Caspian entered the kitchen, unnoticed by Susan. His eyes widened as he heard occasional growls from her, interspersed with sighs of contentment. He pulled out the chair and stared at her, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Not looking up at him, she licked her fingers clean before picking up another bite of pastry, "I'm cranky!"

Glancing over at Diggit who didn't appear to pay any attention to him as the small cook continued to buzz about, preparing another mug of steaming chai that was placed in front of the Captain, and Caspian flinched at her tone as he sat down, "Obviously."

Looking over at her, it was only now that he realized she had ventured out of the cabin not wearing a single stitch, "Kitten! Is that what you intended to wear on your little adventure?" he waved his hand up and down her body. "That scene in the hall could have easily been prevented if you had chosen something else like a proper lady does."

Holding the pastry to her mouth, ready to take a bite, Susan growled again, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye before she delicately set the baklava back down on the plate. Turning to face Caspian fully, she smiled sweetly at him though the fury in her eyes betrayed her, "But I'm not a proper lady to you. I'm just a slave."

Caspian stared at her, his jaw muscles twitching and nostrils flaring. Part of him wanted to spank her over his knee for such defiance.

"If they don't like the view," she wriggled in the chair, "then they can kiss my bum!" Her eyes widened at him, smacking her palm on the countertop, daring him to say anything.

He blinked, taken aback, and the corner of his mouth threatened to twitch into a smirk as he cocked his head, "So what do they get to kiss if they do like the view?"

He was answered with another little growl as she picked up the abandoned bite of baklava to nibble, and the Badger cut in, "Captain – why would clothes matter?"

"See? He's not wearing anything," Susan jerked her head at Diggit, keeping her gaze on Caspian, waiting for his reaction.

Leaning his elbow on the table, Caspian's brows furrowed deeply in irritation as he pinched the bridge of his nose, praying for patience while watching his pet, gaze darting back and forth between the Badger and Kitten.

Watching the scene before him in rapt interest, Diggit thought they were a charming couple, albeit very strange indeed. But he did have to defend her argument, "She does have a point, Sir."

"Most of the men wear little. Hell, half the time you probably only remember to wear pants because of that time you got a sunburn on your - " Trumpkin groused, finally entering the kitchen, closing the door and sitting at the table with the group.

Caspian cut him off, "Never mind that."

Susan giggled and continued to nibble happily on her sweet. Looking over at Caspian's quick recovery to his embarrassment, she didn't notice Diggit replace the plate in front of her with more of the pastry. While taking a sip of his hot chai, Caspian absentmindedly reached over to steal a piece and her gaze followed. She growled loudly as she slapped his hand away from the plate, her lip curled to show off a hint of teeth.

The Badger blinked and gave her a look, "Are you sure you are human, dear? You certainly sound like several of the Cats I know."

With that, Susan beamed in delight at the compliment as she swiped at Caspian's hand in warning when didn't take heed of her growls. Disregarding the swipe entirely, and noting that Kitten was too distracted with being cute with Diggit, Caspian managed to steal a bite of baklava and munched on it, moaning at the heavenly taste. He simply shrugged, a smile crossing his lips, as she turned to him suddenly, her eyes widening and then narrowing at him in anger.


Being taken through a different route than she had originally ventured, Susan was given a brief tour of the stern of the ship, so to avoid the sailors' quarters if she wished to visit with Diggit in the kitchen in the future. She huffed and growled at Caspian as he led her through the corridors, his hand wrapped around her wrist. Though she was grateful for the new information which she tucked into her photographic memory, she wasn't in a mood to grant him that acknowledgement. Susan was extremely uncomfortable and unsettled and she couldn't figure out why. And Caspian was only making it worse, even though she couldn't put her finger on what it was exactly that he was doing that aggravated her so.

Once they were back in their room, Caspian went to his desk and picked up his belt knife and the chunk of flint to relight the candles in their lanterns, striking them to get a flame going. His back turned, he asked of her, "What is wrong with you as of late?"

"I only get so cranky before know..."

"Your what?"

"You know!" the stomping of a delicate foot along with the smack of flesh on flesh from her hands going to her hips.

Caspian frowned, trying to figure out her meaning, "Your what?"

Exasperated, "My monthly!"

Understanding dawned, "So is it time?"

She cocked her head in thought. " Not quite."

Caspian turned to look at Kitten, "So it shall come soon?"

She directed her gaze elsewhere as she calculated, still uncomfortable under his intense stare, "Um...a week?"

"Good," he pulled her closer to his chest.

A tiny growl escaped her lips. He raised his brow at her and let his arms fall to his sides, turning around to open a desk drawer and rummage through it until he found his prize.

Caspian's gaze bored into her, "If you insist on being so feline, you will be treated like one." He kneeled on one leg in front of her, forcing her legs apart with his hand, as he attached the chain to her rings, threading the links through the piercings in her left labia to the ring in her clit, then through the ones in the right, allowing a third much longer section of chain to hang from the one in her pearl. "Well little kitty, here is your leash," spreading his pet's lips with his thumbs, massaging the jewelry in her flesh.

"I'm not a cat!" which she belied with a claw-fingered swipe at his wrist. "And my name's not 'Kitten' – it's Susan dammit! I've been patient –"

Caspian cut Susan off by grasping her hips firmly, holding her up as she stood there, his tongue licking through the opened petals of her sex. Pulling away, Caspian whacked her ass lightly, "Go lay on the bed. Now."

Susan's manicured nails dug into her palms, blue eyes snapping fire, but she did as he ordered. Shucking his pants, Caspian sat on the edge of the bed, running his hands over his pet's breasts, massaging them firmly, "While nice to know you have a name, the only name that truly applies, Susan," using her name on purpose to force her to pay attention, "is whatever I choose to call you at the time."

His pet arched her heavy breasts into his hand, "I'm not a pet."

To that Caspian smiled, fingers tangling lightly in her leash, wiggling it side to side, "Then why do you wear a leash?"

"B-beca-use," struggling to get the word out, the motion of her jewelry moving in such a manner pleasurable in the extreme.

His breath spicy and warm as Caspian leaned over her, "Because you are my kitty?"

Looking into Caspian's dark eyes, "Because you um," but her train of thoughts went away for a moment as fingers delved into her pussy, while he kept playing with her 'leash'.

"See, you even purr," the roughness of his cheek on hers as he whispered into her ear a startling contrast to the way his digits massaged deeper.

As though she had no will of her own, Susan found herself turning her face so she could claim Caspian's mouth with her own. Caspian made a surprised sound, but Susan really could only think about his scent and the way his hands felt and she really wanted more of him right then. Finding one of her legs lifted over Caspian's shoulder, Susan didn't have time to do more than gasp as he thrust his cock into her body.

Susan found her hands clawing at the sheets, twisting them in her fists as her back arched toward him. As Caspian leaned into her, his tongue entering her mouth, she wrapped one arm around his neck and snaked the other under his arm to grip his back, as his hands were planted on the bed on either side of her body. Her other leg wrapped around his thigh possessively as they ground together.

Her fingers tangled in his hair and nails grazed across his skin as he plunged into her, her hips squirming and lifting off the bed to meet his thrusts. Susan's tongue dancing in Caspian's mouth with his, coupled with the sensation of his own piercings rubbing against her tight inner walls, she couldn't imagine any better feeling. Other than her new leash of course.

Susan tore her mouth away from his to catch a breath and tipped her head back on the pillow. Her silver collar with the sapphire cabochon that rested in the hollow of her throat glimmered in the candlelight. Caspian was glad he had purchased that for her. Through hooded eyes, he watched hers roll back in her head in sheer bliss as she arched her body into his chest, squirming underneath him like a wanton hussy. She was still so tight and couldn't take all of him inside her but he tried anyway. Caspian's own breath caught in his chest as her hands grabbed his arms, clawing at him, stinging as she marked him as her own. His Kitty was most definitely in heat now...and he liked her that way.

She purred and whimpered as he leaned down to nip at the tendons in her shoulder, grazing his teeth along her skin. Grabbing his head to reclaim his mouth, Susan once again thrust her tongue inside hungrily. She wrapped her leg tighter around his thigh and ground her sex into him, arching her back as she screamed in a wild eruption of pleasure.

Kitten's nails digging deep into his skin, along with the blinding sensation of her petals clamping his cock tightly, Caspian found himself joining her as he fell over the edge. Her leg relaxed and fell from his shoulder as she languidly ran her heel up and down the back of his other thigh. His arms finally giving out, Caspian panted, his hair in disarray in front of his face, as he now leaned on his elbows, his chest pressing into hers. Still inside her, he felt Kitten lift her hips off the bed into him as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, and held his face to hers, kissing him slowly yet needing to taste every inch of him, as her breathing was still ragged.


The sun shone in through the cabin windows, blinding Caspian awake. With a jaw-breaking yawn, he didn't want to think about what time it was, most likely being mid-morning from the sun's position.

Closing his eyes once again, he draped his arm over Kitten as he rolled onto his side into her. Languidly, he rubbed lazy circles on her tummy and sides, his lips twitching with a contented sigh. Susan stirred under his touch, her eyes fluttering open sleepily as she stretched and arched her back into his hand, like that of a feline.

"Such a good Kitty," it was murmured sleepily, his breath hot against her skin.

"But I'm not -" her words were cut off by his thumb tapping her lips.

"Shh. Be good."

She let out a small exasperated sigh and soon felt his hand stroking her belly softly once again. Arching her back, she purred as he nuzzled his face in her silky hair, a hint of jasmine filling his nostrils. Susan was gently rolled onto her side and pulled back toward him, her leg lifted slightly to allow him entrance from behind. With slow shallow thrusts into her, Caspian snaked an arm under her neck, his hand reaching up to stroke her chin with one finger. She seemed to love when he did that. He smiled as he felt the purr in her throat.

Susan turned her head on the pillow toward him, wanting to capture his mouth with her own. Tracing his lips with the tip of her tongue, she felt his stubble against her skin. He sighed contentedly as her lips brushed over his with light tender touches. Caspian's eyes fluttered open just slightly, so he was watching her through his lashes, before closing his eyes again, letting his other senses wash over.

His finger still stroking her chin and his other hand doing a slow dance over her belly and side, in a husky voice that always made her head spin, "You are such a good little kitty that only I could ever be your master. No one else makes you feel safe and secure, do they?"

Again, one eye fluttered open as he watched her. Her tongue traced along her plump bottom lip, one of her nervous quirks. Caspian sucked in air through his teeth as her nails grazed his hip when she reached back to caress him.

"No, Sir," it was whispered so softly after a long pause that he wasn't sure he had heard her correctly.

Slowly grinding into him, meeting his shallow thrusts, Susan wished they could stay like this all day. Or at least that he would stay with her longer. Her clit tingled from the pleasure that she could feel all the way down to her toes. Guiding his hand in hers, Caspian's fingers tangled in her leash, gently tugging it side to side. That was all she needed as she screamed in ecstasy, squirming in his arms.

Squeezing her inner walls tight around him, she soon felt a familiar squelch as he came inside her. Caspian pressed a soft kiss to her shoulder, wrapping his arms around her waist. He could lay like this a little while longer before he had to get up and tend to his duties, once again taking a deep breath as he nuzzled his face in her hair.


Susan leaned against the wall as she sat on Caspian's desk, one foot stretched out on the top of the chairback, rocking it back and forth, while the other dangled from the side of the desk, as she was reading another of his stolen books. She merely glanced up over the top of the book as the door was opened.

Smiling warmly at the Badger who came in with a piping hot tray of food that he arranged on the desk beside her, as she closed her book with her finger marking her place, "Hello Diggit."

He bowed low, furry paws extended, "Good evening, milady. I hope you find everything satisfactory."

Stealing a glance behind him at Caspian, whose jaw was twitching at her, "Thank you. I'm sure it is."

As soon as the Badger turned to leave, Caspian held out his hand wordlessly. With a dramatic huff and a growl in her throat, Susan held out the book for him to take from her. He couldn't figure out what her fascination was with his books, but he didn't like it. Returning to the desk from replacing the treasured item on its shelf where it belonged, he pulled out the chair and sat down, forcing her foot to fall. How a single man could be so maddening, she didn't know. Even at their worst, her brothers had never been this bad, although they did come close a few times.

Staying seated on the desk, Susan folded her arms over her chest, all of sudden very interested in her manicured nails as she could see Caspian picking over the supper dishes from the corner of her eye.

Not looking up at her, "Not eating tonight?"

"No." still avoiding his gaze intentionally.

"Hmm. You would not want insult your favorite cook, would you?"

Pursing her lips, she growled and glared at him, before finally sliding off the desk to sit on his lap. She didn't really want to, but it was difficult otherwise to eat the curried lamb and rice from where she sat on the desk, many of the foods they ate actually, as she had yet to master the skill of eating with her fingers. It usually landed somewhere on her body instead unless he fed her, which he did most of the time.

Noting that Susan was much grumpier than she had been prior, "Is it that time now?"

"No, it shouldn't be, but..." she rubbed her tummy to ease the cramp that hit her as she squirmed on his leg to get more comfortable.

He patted her bum to have her stand up. "Okay, well, I have some things to help you out with that. I will return shortly."

She stared after him as the door closed. What was he talking about? She had never known any men in England who dared involve themselves in the aspects of a woman's life, unmentionable or not.

Caspian nearly tripped over the large black and white tomcat who entwined his legs to and from the cargo hold. Reaching down to scratch him behind the ears, he was met with loud content purring. Yes, that was definitely his kitty as anyone else who tried to get near him soon became a bloody mess. He had to laugh at the irony of it all.

Looking at him incredulously when he returned, as he bolted the door, "You're a man. What could you possibly know about girl stuff?"

"I know many things about women. I worked as a scullery boy at a brothel for two years. Hush and listen."

He held out something in his hand that resembled a sponge with a string hanging from it. What the hell did he expect her to do with that? Cocking her head and furrowing her brow in confusion, her gaze traveled from the strange apparatus up to his face.

"What is it?"

"It is made from sea sponge and used to gather the blood. One of the many modern conveniences to come from Galma."

"Modern?" cutting him off. Surely he was mad.

"Yes. It is specially processed for that reason to remove the glass that occurs in it naturally which is harmful. It is shoved inside the girl's cunt and taken out every couple hours to be rinsed. That is why most women have at least two."

Susan blanched slightly at his blunt manner. While he didn't necessarily shock her, she had expected him to be a little more clinical, but she did know better after all.

"You don't really expect me to use this? It'll make my insides raw."

"Fine. You will be sleeping on the floor then when the time comes because I do not want blood on my sheets."

Frowning, "Um… what about… a sanitary napkin instead?"

Caspian gave her a perplexed look, "What is that?"

Thoroughly uncomfortable and embarrassed, Susan fidgeted, "It's for a girl's time. It's… it's like um… folded up cottony cloth that is held in place by underwear…"

"Well that sound absolutely primitive," Caspian snorted.

"Well only improper girls wear something like that!" Susan gestured, irritated with how dense Caspian was.

"And may I remind you what you said the other evening? Wear the sponge, or sleep on the floor, those are your two choices. I frankly would prefer you to not sleep on the floor. You will be hell to deal with as is, and that will make your mood that much more foul," putting the sponge down on his desk.

Clenching her teeth for a brief moment as her eyes narrowed, "Fine, you win. Now can we please finish dinner?"

He sat back down in the chair, scooping up a bit of rice in his fingers, and glanced up at her as she grabbed the glass of milk, taking a sip. "I thought you were not hungry?"

Rolling her eyes, she let out an irritated sigh before sitting on his lap once more. Setting the half full glass on the desk, "I changed my mind."

Holding a bite of rice to her lips, Caspian prayed her insanity would soon disappear, as she would be much more pleasant when it did.

The dinner dishes soon cleared away, Susan wished she could escape to the aft deck to lounge under the stars, to be away from him for awhile. But after the event with Silas, she wasn't feeling all that safe alone outside of the cabin anymore. So to the bed she went as it was her safehaven. Crawling under the covers, she tried to settle in, laying down and closing her eyes. Rolling onto her side, Susan still could not get comfortable. With a sigh, she threw the blankets aside and paced the room, arms crossed over her chest, glaring at Caspian who was slouched in his chair, contentedly reading from one of his books. She knew he was trying to ignore her.

Watching her over the top of his book, snapping at her, "What is wrong with you now?"

"Nothing. Why would there be anything wrong?" her brooding was becoming irksome and he wished this childish behavior of hers would end sooner rather than later.

She continued to pace the cabin. Finally, Caspian couldn't take anymore. Slamming the book shut and letting it land on the desk with a loud thud, he got up and stormed over to her, grabbing her arm forcefully, "What the fuck is wrong with you? You are pacing around like a caged animal and driving me mad while you are at it!"

Fury raged in her eyes as she shook her arm out of his grasp, "I feel like a caged animal!"

Clenching his teeth, "What do you expect me to do about that?"

Growling, "I want out of my fucking cage!"

Caspian blinked, taken aback, "Oh okay then. I am truly sorry I did not think of that." She shrugged in exasperation as he pinched the bridge of his nose for patience, "Do you want to go out on deck? Have a cup of nice tea, a bit of baklava or apricots...or dates? What would make you happy?"

Susan threw her hands up in the air and went to sit on the bed.

"Kitten -" receiving a glare from her, Caspian corrected himself to appease her, "Susan, what is it you want me to do exactly? I have offered to take you up to the deck. In fact, I am catering to your every whim - so the least you could do is tell me what it is to make you less...horrendous to deal with."

"So sorry to be a burden!"

Growling, "It is not that you are a burden - under most circumstances - but how can I possibly make things easier on us both? I am not capable of reading your mind the way I read words on a page! You must tell me what it is you wish me to do rather than throw my attempts back in my face because they are not perfect!"

Pouting, Susan didn't look at him, not liking how out of control she felt. She was just so bloody hot, and then she was cold, then she was uncomfortable, and then angry! She couldn't stand it!

In a quiet sullen voice, "I'm sorry. I'd like to go outside please."

Caspian heaved a relieved sigh, "Come along then." He waited for her to adjust her loincloth as he grabbed pillows and a blanket from the bed. Meeting Trumpkin in the corridor as they turned to the steps leading to the aft deck who had rushed to see what the yelling was about, "Two cups of chai will be good and anything sweet." Tossing a look over his shoulder at his pet, then back to Trumpkin, muttering, "The faster, the better."

With the blanket and pillows laid out, Caspian leaned back on his palm with his legs crossed and his head tipped back to view the blanket of stars above them. As a peace offering, Susan snuggled into him, laying on her back with her head resting on his stomach.

She watched with rapt interest as he pointed out the constellations to her. They were so different from the stars she had seen in her world. This was her world now. Oh it was so confusing, why did she even bother thinking about it?

"That cluster, that flickers and then fades, is Ramandu. Over here, what looks like mountain peaks, is Queen Mairin's crown. Those five in a straight line are Jadis' staff that turned the world into ice, so they say. The brightest cluster is the Great Lion."

Caspian nodded in acknowledgement as Trumpkin quietly laid the tray next to him. Picking up a bite of baklava, he handed it to Susan, hoping it would satisfy her, before taking a sip of the steaming hot chai, watching her eyes wander above her.

The yelling back and forth that came from the Captain's cabin worried Trumpkin. Though he had not spent a great deal of time with Caspian's slavegirl, he had grown to admire her, as her presence had tamed his demeanor of late, though he would always be rough around the edges. No, he was not like other Telmarines at all in that respect as many would always be bloodthirsty savages.

Quickly preparing the tray with two clay mugs of steaming hot chai, he filled a small plate with the last bit of baklava. Diggit would have to prepare more soon. By Caspian's orders, he made haste to the aft deck, intent on not disturbing their quiet moment. And hearing the names his Captain attributed to the constellations, not for the first time Trumpkin wondered why a Telmarine would know Old Narnian names.

"What's that one?" she pointed directly above them.

Tilting his head back, his gaze followed hers, "That is Pomona. She was a wood nymph who planted the gardens at Cair Paravel many centuries ago in Old Narnia."

Susan shivered slightly at the cool night breeze coupled with her hormones being out of whack, and snuggled closer to him, adjusting so that she could wrap the blanket around her and not lose contact with him, as he passed her the other steaming mug of tea.

For several moments they laid there without saying a word, enjoying the comfortable quiet. Occasionally, he reached over to brush stray tendrils from her face.

With a stifled yawn, she whispered, "Thank you, Caspian."

Feeling her shiver against him yet again in the cool night breeze, Caspian decided that he best take his pet back to his cabin. Nudging her gently to sit, he himself stood up and surveyed the scene. He would have to make at least two trips to tidy the deck or else have her carry the tray of empty dishes to the kitchen. Accompanying her of course, since he now didn't trust her to be alone at night without either himself, Trumpkin or Diggit in her company.

With the blanket and pillows in his arms, Caspian led Susan through the corridors from the kitchen to the cabin. She followed him inside, a jawbreaking yawn stopping her in the doorway as he quickly rearranged the linens on the bed, crawling under the sheets before he was done, her loincloth soon forgotten on the floor. Turning to make sure the door was bolted, Caspian sighed as he leaned down to pick up the silk scarf and leather belt.

"What am I to do with a messy Kitty like you?"

Yawning, "Well you could give the Kitty a back rub, she'd like that."

"I am the one who works all day. Should it not be me getting the back rub?"

"You asked what you should do with me," giving a little wiggle beneath the covers, "so I told you. Of course you could always go jump off something high up."

Obviously her grouchy mood was returning. Sighing, "You have any idea how spoiled you are?" Grabbing the glass vial of body oil from the dresser, he returned to the bed. Undressing, he slipped into the sheets beside her.

Her soft body called to him, but Caspian held off. Better to wait a little while after giving in to her request and get what he wanted out of it, than to have Susan more hostile and unbearable. Since he was keeping her for himself, Caspian wanted to stay on good terms with her - and that meant sometimes having to coax her particularly during this time. Moving closer to her, Caspian ran his index finger down her spine.

"Your skin is becoming a bit dry," frowning, "have you not been taking care of your skin?"

Instinctively her body followed the motion, wanting more than just the tiny caress, ignoring his scolding. Lips quirking, Caspian straddled her thighs, leaning down to whisper in her ear, "If I give you a backrub, then what will you give me?"

Susan wriggled, feeling the weight of his cock tapping the back of her bottom as it flexed, already thick and hot, "Depends on how good the massage is."

"Ah, so you want a full body massage then? That is far more than your initial request," as he sat back on his heels, Caspian's hands began moving over her shoulders firmly, thumbs pressing deep into the muscles.

Moaning, Susan shifted her face so she could snuggle her head onto his pillow - which she'd nabbed from his side of the bed, "Then I suppose I may be okay with whatever else you want then."

Caspian's chuckle was low, sending a bolt of lazy desire through her. Susan sighed in pleasure as the callous of his hands pushed deftly on her tight and sore muscles, forcing them to loosen. Drifting in comfortable sensation, Susan felt Caspian start kneading her hips and behind and she thought to protest, but it took too much effort. Lower and lower he went, to her thighs, each one getting firm gliding and expert presses until he moved around, restraddling her legs, and she found out why in a moment. Because then his fingers were between the toes of her right foot, and she giggled, squirming as the arch of her foot was massaged deeply. After a few moments the ticklishness faded, and just the bone deep relaxation as Caspian continued rubbing her foot.

When Caspian tugged her shoulder, indicating he wanted her to roll over, Susan did so with a little grunt. She'd been perfectly comfortable right where she was. But then Caspian started massaging her hands and up her arms, until he was stroking her breasts. Pushing her chest up into his broad palms, Susan groaned. They were overly sensitive but the way Caspian was touching her made them ache in a good way. All too soon, his wonderful hands skipped lower, and he was rubbing her tummy which he had quite a penchant for. She felt like a little princess being pampered and that pampering turned to another height of comfort, when Caspian's slippery fingers stroked her mound.

Sucking in a deep breath, Susan's eyes opened to watch Caspian, who had been watching her the whole time. He looked so very intent, his hands pushing her legs apart so he could kneel between them, a thumb dipping between her lips to play with the root of her leash and the ring there.

"I want you to play with this for me," Caspian twisted the hoop slowly so it slid around behind her clit.

Licking her lips, Susan nodded, doing as she was told, while Caspian held her folds wide open for his avid gaze. It tickled and tingled when she did that, a sensation that was strange and foreign until she'd been pierced, and the constant gentle weight of her leash made for more strange and appealing things. The whole time Caspian just watched as her tender pink folds began to glisten with arousal, entrance flexing, beckoning to him to push something deep into it. Caspian growled, opening her flower more, thumbs teasing and pushing lightly, making Susan pant.

Grabbing a pillow, Caspian only left off touching her long enough to push it beneath her bottom, along with his legs, her thighs framing his hips. Still he didn't enter his pet, just watched her pussy as it got wetter and wetter, and Kitten's breath got more and more ragged. Slipping his thumbs into her, Caspian could feel how gloriously tight she was, and he wanted to feel her spread on his cock, but first he wanted to watch as she came. Massaging the walls, holding them open, catching a little glimpse inside the dark depths, Caspian's prick twitched in time to his heartbeat.

Susan was panting, feeling him stroke her like that, along with her own fingers, and all she wanted was his cock, she could see how hard he was, could see the little pearl leaking from his tip. Whining, she tried to wiggle closer, to rub her little puss along the underside of his shaft. But he wouldn't let her get closer. She really wanted him inside.

It was almost like he was torturing her, trying to force her to say what she wanted him to do. Caspian toyed with her, driving Susan crazy. Mewling in frustration, "Please...!"

Caspian's head snapped up, his eyes almost black, "What?"

"Please... please pleasepleaaase!" squirming, her hips lifting off his thighs.

Her fingers left off her clit and the jewelry there, to push two of her fingers between his thumbs, rubbing the roof of her vagina, moaning.

"Fuck," it was whispered reverantly, as Susan fingered herself shamelessly. Choking, "Caspian...?"

He licked his lips, the sight of her delicious pussy, and his delicious little pet crying out for him, and Caspian's voice was rough, barely recognizable it was so twisted with desire, "Is there something the little kitty needs?"

By now Susan had planted her feet on the bed, hips in the air, her shoulders pushed down into the mattress, both hands working on herself, "Ne-need inside...!"

"Inside?" Caspian struggled to sound somewhat normal, salivating at the image before him. "Inside here?" pushing her hands to the side so they merely held her open for him, pressing two digits over the soft spongey area near her entrance, rubbing at it, feeling the squelch as she got even wetter.

She thrashed, legs going limp so all that was supporting her was his hand, and Caspian barely managed to tense his arm, making her scream as her muscles clamped down on his fingers. Twisting his wrist, Caspian pushed on the bottom of her sheath, thick creaminess coating his fingers and starting to leak from her body. Susan almost jibbered, every sound coming out distorted and incoherant.

Gently Caspian removed his fingers from Susan, keeping a tight reign on himself, wanting her semi-aware of him fucking her at least. She lay there panting, muscles twitching periodically, and dripping her juices down her already glistening folds.

Finally her eyes rolled open, one partially closed, the other wide and staring at him in shock and awe, "Oh... my..."

Caspian barked out a laugh, "Did you like that then, little kitty?"

Blushing, she looked away then back at him, teeth worrying at her bottom lip as she nodded, "Yes."

"I did say I would give you a full massage," petting her tummy softly.

"And I said I'd be okay with whatever you wanted then," her hands covering his, fingers tracing patterns over his wrists.

"That you did," Caspian nodded, heart shuddering in his chest. She looked so sweet and soft right then, as well as utterly wanton.

Susan wriggled closer now that he wasn't holding her away from him so he could watch, rubbing her wet folds against him, and he groaned. Keeping her for himself was definately worth a few grouchy days on her part. Taking hold of her wrists, Caspian pulled her to sit up, and she automatically rose up on her knees, looking for the press of his tip at her opening. Caspian hadn't expected her to do that on her own, but he moaned as she slid down him taking him almost to the hilt.

She was drenched, and Caspian held her tight, groaning into her neck at the feeling of her wrapped so tight around him, so wet for him. Nuzzling at her until Susan turned her face up for him so he could kiss her, Caspian plundered her mouth the way he'd plundered her pussy earlier, hungry to taste that which was his little kitty. Pulling away though, Caspian gently pushed her so she'd lay back again the way she had been, back supported by his legs, her eyes going wide at the difference.

Hands scrabbled at his forearms as she whimpered, walls twitching around him, "Caspian!"

"Does that feel good?" grunting raggedly at her.

"Mo-re," chest heaving as she writhed.

"Then play with your leash like a good kitty for me," moving her hips with the strength of his arms.

"Yes... Sir..." whimpering, Kitten grabbed the chain, tugging and wiggling it as he moved her slowly along the length of his cock.

" your Master?" Caspian ground out, the soft insides of her vagina driving him mad.

"You are!"

"Tell me who I am," picking up the speed, moving her closer then farther to him.

Whimpering, Susan bucked, "You're my Master!"

"Say it again!"

"You're my Master!"

"Again!" adding more force to the grinding.

"You're my Master!"

Susan couldn't stop the quaking at the way he was moving her, at the sound of his voice as he said, "Fucking tell me who I am! Say it!"

"You're my Master!" keening it as she exploded.

Finding herself pinned down, Caspian's hips plunging against her, his voice dark in her ear, "Tell me who you are."

"Your kitty..." mewling as she tried to ride him as much as he was riding her.

"What is your Master doing then, little kitty?" as he nipped at her throat, the feeling of his cock fucking her deep, driving her to mindless insanity like it always did.

"Master's fucking his kitty!" Susan ran her hands over his slick back, trying to find purchase, fingers digging deeply into his muscles.

"Who is the kitty?"

"I am!" moaning, rolling her hips up into him, almost in agony for he was pushing on the mouth of her womb. But it felt so good...

"Who are you?"

"I'm the kitty, I'm the Master's kitty," wailing out as she convulsed around him.

Caspian roared as he rammed in all the way, farther than she could take him, as she orgasmed again, pain and pleasure being blurred for that instant, as he froze holding himself deep. Then his weight came down, and Susan couldn't breathe but didn't really care at the moment, floating in a haze of sex-induced euphoria, only barely registering that it hurt to have him so far in.

Shuddering, Caspian extricated himself, only realizing after he pulled out that he'd probably injured his pet with how rough he'd been. Wincing, he saw she was just staring glassy-eyed, breathing shallowly, as she sprawled on the bed.

Alarmed, Caspian cupped her cheek, "Kitten?"

She blinked a few times, eyes trying to focus, "Hmmm?"

"Are you alright?" energized by the adrenaline of worry pumping through his veins, Caspian got Susan sitting up, being mostly the thing supporting her.

Drunkenly, she nodded at him, blinking owlishly, "Yes...but...oh." She frowned, a hand going down to her already lightly swollen nethers, the bruising from his roughness already becoming apparent, "Owwy..."

"Shit," cursing, Caspian scooted his pet around so he could get a good look down there. This time his touches were far softer, and not sexual in nature. Gingerly, he spread her petals, frowning at the obvious abrading from his cock.

"I got a boo-boo," Susan pouted, still bouyant and relaxed from the multiple orgasms and the massage of earlier. "It needs a kiss," pointing at the swollen lips.

Confused, Caspian looked up at her, "I do not think...that more...touching there would be wise right now, Kitten."

Bottom lip popping out even further, Susan pointed again, "My boo-boo hurts, and it needs a kiss to make it feel better. You kiss boo-boos to make them better. Didn't you know that?"

Raising a brow at her, "No, I did not know that."

"Then give it a kiss to make it feel better!" bottom squirming on the sheet, offering herself to his care.

Plopping a soft kiss to the top of it, Susan tapped the top of his head, "That's not a proper kiss."

Running his hands over the backs of her thighs, Caspian cocked his head, "You want more?"

She nodded at him, even as she draped a leg over his shoulder, "Yes. You always make me feel better when you kiss me there. And it's definately owwy and could use a little attention..."

Snorting, "I think it is from too much attention that you have gained such a thing," even as Caspian nuzzled at her juicy pussy.

Moaning, Susan's body relaxed, opening herself up. To that, Caspian's only reply was to comply with her request. Pressing warm open mouthed kisses over each area tenderly, his tongue coming out to swipe and lap up their combined releases from her. A few sighs, and Caspian continued to clean her up.

"That feels soo nice," languidly she moved, feeling Caspian's tongue taking the sting and ache away. She wasn't sure he'd actually do that. All she'd wanted was him giving her pussy a little soft care, but he was going above and beyond that, tongue swirling in and out of her hole gently, his dark eyes locked on her face. Smiling shyly down at him, only able to really see his face from the eyes up, Susan grabbed a couple pillows, propping herself up to watch him watch her.

For as gentle as he was being, Susan couldn't help the little familiar tingle that was starting to mount, but she was sore too. But it was only a warm wave, a tiny crest of bliss as she came, Caspian continuing to suck and lick at her. Moaning in contentment when Caspian pulled away, Susan just reached for him, wanting to thank him for that. He stretched out next to her, and she kissed him, tasting herself, and him, on his mouth, in his mouth.

His hand tangled in her hair, other draped over her waist, cupping her bottom. She didn't know why or when, but oddly it was almost comforting the way he watched her. Like he was watching over her rather than simply staring and studying everything she was. It was almost...nice... Burrowing deeper into his embrace, Susan nuzzled at his neck sleepily, brushing her mouth over the thick tendon there.

"Mmmsleepy now," mumbling against his skin.

"Then sleep you shall have, Kitten," as he reached down, grabbing a sheet to throw over them.

"'s...Susan..." correcting him, but not really caring.

He hummed deep in his throat, nodding, his nose pressed to her temple.

Watching as she drifted off, Caspian kicked himself a bit - he'd been rougher than he had intended on being. But, truth be known, she hadn't seemed to mind at all. Just wanted a little bit of softness afterwards. He could handle that. She was demanding, but it wasn't the kind he was used to. It was more... like she just wanted him to show her that she was valuable to him. That was appropriate, he supposed.

Seeing as she wasn't a whore, and he'd never sell her, Caspian knew that it was more than acceptable for her to want reassurances sometimes that while he'd take, he'd give too. It was nothing like how things had been back when he was living on his wits alone as a youth. Not that those years were all that far away either. Glancing down at Susan's long lashes where they feathered over her cheeks, he couldn't help thinking about what would've happened if she'd been sold to a brothel rather than stay with him.

He had barely survived with his pride and ego intact after his experiences, how would something so delicate as her have held up? She wouldn't have lasted, would never have been able to do anything other than slowly wither away. Things would have been well enough if he'd just stayed as a simple errand and scullery boy for Master Hissam's bordello. Though it would've taken far longer to save the money to get to Telmar from Calormen if he hadn't taken those few... customers.

Gritting his teeth, Caspian tried to fight off the memories of how he'd lost his virginity. It hadn't been pleasant. It'd been over fast though, and his ass had been sore for a week, but he'd done it enough times afterwards where it got easier and easier. All he had to learn was to shut it all out, and take the money he earned with a smile, hiding it away for later. Some sailors only liked boys, and liked them young and scrawny like he'd been. So, he'd taken the customers, done his job, and been about his way. Wrapping himself tighter around his pet, Caspian tried again to shove those things away. His parents wouldn't be proud of him for what he'd had to do, but they would've been proud of him for surviving. That would have to do.

In her sleep, Kitten's hand went over his side, stroking his shoulder in an absentminded fashion, breaking him free of such dark thoughts. Kissing her shoulder gratefully, Caspian felt himself a touch mad at his actions when he'd first taken her. Virginity shouldn't be something so rudely torn from someone, but he did try to make it up to her, make it good for her as often as he could. Thankfully, she didn't seem to hold it against him. Instead she became more and more happy, light, and airy, and Caspian liked that. Though, she also became moodier at times, but that was understandable seeing as it was her moontime soon. Kneading Susan's hip slowly, Caspian found himself finally relaxing, putting those awful memories away in the box he usually kept them in.

Now his only worries were for profit margins, the happiness of his crew, and keeping his little pet content. All and all - much more satisfying that the worries of his youth.


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