Francesca Viola Bonetti stood on a tiny old stage in front of a crowd of heavily drooling men. Her deep sensual and sultry voice singing of betrayals and lost loves. Francesca's long tanned arms danced with the deep lingering tone of the saxophone. The tiny Italian lounge smelt of old vanilla cigars and stale cigarettes. Her chestnut eyes gazed deeply into the hearts of her loving admirers, casting a strong lust full spell. "Pathetic, so very pathetic" She thought as she winked at them sealing the deal.

They were all the same. Married men who had grown tired of there wife's and responsibility to there children, they were all ready and willing to give her exactly what she wanted, fine jewelry, money, car's, dresses and much more. She had no objections of course. Francesca always new how to get what she wanted. And she wanted power, power of men. She used then like pawns, and was not ashamed at all. She loved the way the soft silk dresses and rare diamonds felt against her skin.

However she was growing a bit bored with the same old faces.

All were the same, except for one. There was a man standing at the far end of the bar watching her. His tall starchier and pale blue eyes shined brightly throughout the lounges candle lite bar. All though he was admiring, he was not drooling like the rest of them. Her spell had not yet taken effect. "At lease he has some control" She thought with a smirk. She focused her attention onto him, ignoring the rest. He seamed to notice this sudden grant of favoritism and took a seat closer to the stage. She smiled, while his face stood firm. "maybe I will acutely have to work with on this one" She thought as the last sultry note escaped her body...

To Be Continued?

What do you guys think? Please R/R? please? This is my First ever ghost ship fanfic. I know it starts off slow, have some big planes for it. Just wanted to give ya a taste? lol Yes I'm more then sure there are some pretty bad grammar errors. for that I do apologize. I'm still studying English I try my very Best guys, please dont fame to heard? :(