The characters here are nursery students. So try your best to imagine. Try not to screech when this story gets cute for you. This was before the Uchihas were killed.


Sakura skipped happily to school, her smile inspired the birds to sing, the flowers to bloom and the bees to make honey. 'Boy, I love school!' she thought and grinned ear to ear, ' The teacher is so wrong when she says I'm here to learn, I'm here to learn how to love.' She thought with a bigger grin. She stopped when she reached the school grounds.

"Hey Sakura!" a blonde girl said running from the cherry blossom tree. "Ino! I'm so glad I found you!" Sakura said hugging her best friend. "They say that a new student is moving to our school! And he's a boy!" she said cheerily. "Wow! I hope he would want to be our friend!" Sakura said dreamily. 'That boy better be cute' she thought.

Later that day…

"Ok children! Settle down! I will introduce to you our new student!" the teacher said energetically. Sakura and Ino paid attention to the teacher, they were dying to see this new comer. "Please welcome Sasuke Uchiha!" the teacher said. A little boy with a cross face entered along with his mother. "Ma! I don't want to go to school!" the boy said while stamping his foot. "Sasuke, please. Be at your best behavior at school, ok?" the mother said gently. "I'll be back, ok?" she added gently and gave him a kiss. "Eew!" he said while wiping it off. She exited and talked with the teacher. "He'lll be ok." The teacher said with confidence. 'He's so handsome!' Sakura thought.

Recess time…

Ino and Sakura walked towards Sasuke. They fluffed their hair and made sure they looked good. So it went:

Sakura: Hi! I'm Sakura Haruno!

Ino: And I'm Ino Yamanaka!

Sasuke: -rolls eyes- I don't care who you are! Leave me alone!

Ino: Hey! I was trying to be nice to you!

Sasuke: So What?!

Ino: So you better be nice too!

Sakura: Ino-

Ino: That's it! I'm leaving! –walks away-

Sakura: So…It's just you and me then.

Sasuke: Why can't you leave me alone?

Sakura: Because I want to be your friend

Sasuke: You won't be my friend! My friends were at my other school!

Sakura: Can't you learn how to make new friends?

Sasuke: Well…

Sakura: See! I guess you never even tried!

Sasuke: Fine, I'll try…

Sakura: Good that's the spirit!

Dismissal time…

Sasuke: Wow! Making friends is really fun!

Sakura: See? I told you.

Sasuke: I wanna tell you something…

Sakura: What is it?

Sasuke: I've never been so happy 'till I-

Sakura: I?

Sasuke : 'Till I met you…

Ok. Now I am too lazy keep going. I'm just gonna make more.