Title: The Thrill of the Hunt

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: Lavi/Kanda

Warnings: Humour, fluff, sap

Word count: 1944

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own D. Gray-Man and any of its characters.

Note: Written for the dgmkinkmeme on LJ, where someone requested overprotective love from Kanda's team.

Summary: When Lavi had started dating Kanda, he'd been prepared to confront Bookman and every other obstacle in his way. But Kanda's team mates opposing their relationship was something he'd never considered. Suddenly, the urge to kill something was overwhelming.

Despite what many thought when they looked at him, Lavi was not the type who liked the thrill of the hunt. Hunting often took too much time and effort, and even with multiple traps and snares laid out, victory was not always guaranteed. Lavi could always think of better ways to squander the hours away in ways that promised him at least a measure of amusement. Therefore, if it was at all possible, Lavi only took part in hunts that he was sure he would emerge the victor.

But there were hunts that, while it zapped away one's energy and consumed time like it was the most palatable dish, promised great bounties and pleasures. And Kanda was both.

It might have taken an unhealthy number of death threats, at least fifteen sets of Mugen-slashed clothes, three kicks to the groin, two ravaged rooms and one friendly stone wall that had befriended his head once, but Lavi thought it was all worth it for the man he was now holding tightly in his arms. Kanda, for all his iciness and spitfire temperament, was actually quite adorably naïve about romantic escapades, though it was probably because this was his first relationship and he'd invested all his time and effort earlier into training, training and more training.

Two weeks into their new relationship, Lavi still patted himself on the back sometimes for managing to hunt down Kanda.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Hmm?" Lavi responded automatically, never pausing in combing Kanda's long hair with his fingers while holding him close with his other arm.

"I said: what are you thinking about? You've been chuckling for the last few minutes," Kanda replied curtly, stepping backwards slightly to look at Lavi in the eye and ignoring how Lavi almost pouted at the loss of physical contact. Too quickly, his features hardened and his eyes narrowed. Experience probably taught him well that this was usually when Lavi would spring something annoying on him.

The mild chiding and seeming lack of trust did not erase Lavi's grin. If anything, his grin seemed to widen, and with a quick pounce, he recaptured Kanda into his arms, pressing their bodies flush against each other's. Ignoring Kanda's indignant protests and half-hearted attempts (Lavi had learned early into their new relationship that any struggling on Kanda's part without the use of Mugen was half-hearted) to free himself, Lavi pressed a kiss to the top of his head.



"I was thinking about you."

As he'd expected, a deep blush immediately erupted on his boyfriend's face at those words. Kanda was really, really new to this whole relationship thing. It was much too adorable to let go.

"It's so nice to come back to my Yuu after an exhausting mission, and what's best, my Yuu was actually waiting for me at our spot!" Lavi cooed cheekily, despite the risk of Kanda suddenly throwing a hissy fit and drawing Mugen. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, Kanda was still rather volatile when he got teased too much. And once that blush receded, Kanda would probably point out that a stairwell could hardly be considered as /their/ spot; he'd merely been passing by the area when Lavi returned to headquarters and decided to look for boyfriend immediately.

Lavi decided to not give Kanda the chance to protest in the best way he knew. In one swift and smooth action, he cupped both of Kanda's cheeks in his hands and swooped in for the kill. Molding their lips together, Lavi gently coaxed Kanda's mouth open, and despite Kanda's feeble shoves, Lavi knew he'd won this battle. In no time at all, the Japanese exorcist's hands were sliding down his chest and hooking themselves behind the small of Lavi's back, pulling him closer. His weak objections were swallowed by the eager redhead, and Lavi couldn't help but grin into the kiss when those were replaced by soft encouraging moans and a tight fisting of the back of his shirt.

He loved hearing the sounds Kanda made when they kissed. Absently, he wondered about the sounds Kanda would make in bed, writhing and thrashing under him. Apart from the moans and gasps that would send thrilling bolts down his spine, Lavi had no doubt that his boyfriend would be a sight to behold in bed, with his long, black hair splayed out on the white sheets and his flushed, naked body covered in a sheen of perspiration. And Kanda's expression! Beautiful as he already was, Lavi wondered how Kanda would look with his face contorted in a mixture of pleasure and pain, clinging onto him desperately whilst calling out his name between needy cries.

Just the thought heated up his body like nothing before, and Lavi groaned into the kiss, his hands quickly slithering down to grab his boyfriend closer. He was secretly delighted when Kanda gasped in surprise but did not push him away.

As Lavi started to formulate the many possible ways to convince Kanda to share his bed for the first time, he was suddenly interrupted by a livid yell.

"What the hell are the two of you doing!?"

Shocked and embarrassed at being caught, Kanda immediately sprung away despite having Lavi's arms around him, and the redhead was forced back so suddenly he almost fell onto his bottom. Lavi almost growled out loud at the interloper, but he winced he realized that it was Daisya and Marie, his fellow exorcists and Kanda's team mates. Stories about the group under General Tiedoll's tutelage being close-knitted was rife within the Order, since the general was the type who'd go around showing off his children, and Lavi had a sinking feeling that he was going to learn just how close-knitted the group was. That was the least he gathered at the sight of Marie's blank but intense expression, and the deep, deep frown on Daisya's face.

His intuition was confirmed when Daisya did not even refrain from throwing him a dirty look before turning over to Kanda.

"Oi, Tiedoll's back and looking for you. We're supposed to meet up in fifteen minutes in his room."

Still blushing, Kanda nodded stiffly and made to move. Lavi's attempts to hold him back died in his throat when Kanda pursed his lips at him, and also when Daisya's frown deepened so much Lavi almost thought thunder clouds were gathering over his head. Marie's face was still blank, but Lavi didn't think the man was making any attempts at being friendly either. Besides, it was quite difficult to tell the subtle differences in Marie's face when his eyes did not give anything away. For all Lavi knew, the man could be shooting him death glares and he would be none the wiser. He was actually quite relieved when Marie trailed behind Kanda and left with him, presumably to gather in the general's room.

Of course, his relief was short-lived. After all, Daisya had made some excuses and stayed behind for a bit more. Lavi would have made his own excuses and slipped away had Daisya not choked him by his damn scarf.


The grin on the man's face was really unnerving Lavi, especially when he wore the same damn grin when he was killing the Akumas by the dozen with his Charity Bell.

"Marie and I usually let Kanda run his own life, and he's been doing a great job so far. But sometimes, his self-confidence makes him think he's doing everything right when it's not always the case. You see, Kanda's the youngest one on our team and also the least street-wise since he's spent all his life in the Black Order perfecting his skills with Mugen by training all the time. Because of that, Kanda's quite ignorant and naïve about romance, and with how pretty he looks, Marie and I always have to keep a lookout for him. I guess you could say he's like our…" he paused for a moment, thinking of a suitable word. His eyes lit up when he did, and he continued, "…little sister. You know how some little sisters are adorable but real stubborn about how they can take care of themselves? Kanda's just like that. So Marie and I have always tried our best to keep perverts away from him, just so he won't get taken advantage of," he said, the dark grin on his face ever present. Then, as though sharing a secret, he hooked an arm around Lavi's neck and dragged him closer.

"You want to know what happened the last time a finder suddenly thought it'd be funny to hit on Kanda? Marie strung him up by the balls on the goalpost so I could practice shooting. But he's pretty lucky already. I mean, General Tiedoll wasn't in the headquarters with us, so he never found out about that. But if he was, I'm pretty sure someone's naked portraits would be stuck onto every corner of the headquarters like it's some gift wrapper by the next morning because that's what happened to the last, last exorcist who'd hit on our little sister."

Daisya laughed heartily at the memory. Lavi told himself he wasn't trembling. It was getting cold, damn it!

"So! The bottom line is," –all traces of humour left Daisya's face at this, and in its place was a chilling, murderous aura- "stay away from Kanda. He doesn't know just how you really are. He might believe you're true to him, but I know better. You're a huge flirt, Lavi. And our baby sister deserves someone a lot better than that."

Lavi huffed indignantly. "I haven't flirted with anyone since I got together with Yuu!"

Daisya shrugged. "It doesn't matter. Once a flirt, always a flirt. If you haven't cheated on Kanda yet, you will in the future. You're just that kind of man. I can tell. So don't you dare try to steal and corrupt Kanda, you hear me? Marie and I will be watching, and Marie will string you up for my soccer practice the moment we catch you alone with Kanda." With that, the man started to smile again like he'd not just threatened someone. "Now, I've got a meeting to run to, so have a nice day, Lavi!" he finished, delivering a 'friendly' pat to Lavi's back that made the redhead choke and nearly fall flat on his face.

The man was gone before Lavi could protest and argue his case. Once he stopped coughing, he punched a nearby wall, growling under his breath. When he'd started to date Kanda, he'd been prepared to confront Bookman and every other obstacle in his way, but Kanda's team being obstinate about their relationship was something he'd never considered. Suddenly, the urge to kill something was overwhelming.

Lavi never enjoyed the thrill of the hunt. No, he did not. But suddenly, Lavi had a feeling he'd better learn to enjoy it, for it seemed that the hunt for his precious someone was on again.

Especially when General Tiedoll stumbled into Kanda's room after Lavi had snuck in to make-out with his boyfriend despite the mortal dangers and started to make a huge scene, complete with loud wailing and tears that seemed to be gashing out of a tap, about how he was not going to marry off his daughter just yet. That, of course, attracted the attention of both Daisya and Marie and a whole lot of onlookers. As Kanda chased everyone out and yelled that he was nobody's daughter, Lavi gulped at the sight of Marie flexing his strings and Daisya giving Charity Bell a few warm-up kicks.

Vaguely, he wondered if he could get Kanda to elope with him…


A/N: If I had the time and the inspiration, I'd love to have made this into a multi-parter. But too bad, neither are present right now, so this will have to do. XD Hope you enjoyed, and please remember to review! Thanx in advance!