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9 AM, SEPT.1, 1783 to 11 PM, SEPT.1, 1783

Professor Daedalus Gorrimorrius (Dark Arts Studies) was elected headmaster during the summer of 1783 after being nominated by head of the School Board Octavius Malfoy. This followed the not entirely unexpected death of former Headmaster Barmy Ludikus during his holiday "swimming with the man-eating mer-cannibals of Bermuda."

Headmaster Gorrimorrius was the last of an wizarding house dating back to the time of Merlin, having disowned his two children for marrying two half-blood siblings. He promised the School Board to return Hogwarts to its former standards, a likely reference to the fact that Headmaster Ludikus had appointed six muggle-borns to the head boy and girl positions during the five preceding school years.

Although Headmaster Gorrimorrius was appointed during the summer, he did not officially take office until the morning of September 1st, the beginning of the new school year. That day, the headmaster sequestered himself in his office for some hours, during which he secretly worked to modify the enchantments on the Sorting Hat. His intent was evidently to have the Sorting Hat search the first-years' ancestry and clamp down tightly and suffocate those who fell short of his standards of being a "pureblood."

Fortunately, Headmaster Gorrimorrius either failed to consider or underestimated the Sorting Hat's own opinion on such matters. That evening as it sang its annual song before the actual Sorting, the Hat informed its stunned audience of frightened students and outraged faculty of precisely what it was being coerced to do. The faculty subsequently locked the headmaster in an empty classroom in the dungeons and summoned both aurors and the School Board. The Sorting Ceremony was postponed until September 2nd (for the first time since the infamous incident of 1499).

An emergency gathering of the School Board was called that same night, and Headmaster Gorrimorrius was officially replaced by his deputy headmaster, Celestina Dumbledore, as of 11 PM. Daedalus Gorrimorrius served no time in Azkaban. His case was dismissed by the Wizengamot after a statement made by Chief Warlock Aries Black arguing that "this silly misunderstanding should not make us forget that dear Daedalus acted on the admirable intention of keeping our legacy in the Wizarding World pure."