A Tale of Dinotopia

Based on the 2002 TV mini-series Dinotopia

Doug(age18) and his mute girlfriend Sarah(age 18) were a gothic couple sailing together in a small yacht when storm came out of nowhere and capsized their yacht. They barely made it out with their lives. After the swim to shore they trudged onto a rocky beach gasping and spitting out salt water. "Sarah, are you ok?" Doug asked her. Sarah signed 'I'm fine'. "We're lucky to be alive." he said embracing her tightly as she embraced him back. "We need to find a phone, mine's ruined" he said holding up his wet phone. 'Hold on to it, it might work when it dries off' Sarah signed as she coughed. "Let's see if we can get you some Dayquil for your cold" he said.

The pair wandered for hours through rocky terrain until they came upon small town full of people working alongside Dinosaurs! Sarah almost fainted and Doug couldn't believe his eyes. People began to stare at them because of their all black clothes and the chains on their pants. Sarah signed 'Why are people staring at us?' "Not sure" he said. That night they found a spot next to a building to spend the night.

The next morning Sarah's cold was starting to get worse. She was having trouble breathing too. Doug heard that Matriarch Rosemary in Vadarba might be able to help Sarah. So he took Sarah to Vadarba to see the Matriarch, but by the time they arrived Sarah had begun slipping in and out of consciousness. Rosemary looked at Sarah and placed her hand on Sarah's forehead. "She'll be fine" Rosemary said as Sarah coughed again. "Are you sure?" "Yes, she will be fine Doug. Now come with me and I'll show you your room." Rosemary said as they put Sarah on a stretcher and started to take her to the medical wing for healing. "Wait, where are you taking her?" Doug said as he went back to Sarah's side. "For healing, now please come with me Doug". "I can't leave her" Doug said as he took her hand and she squeezed. "Very well Doug, you may stay with her". So he stayed by her bed through the night and into the next day, over that time Sarah was slowly recovering.

After a few more days Sarah was able to get up and walk around on her own again. Then she went and worked alongside Doug and the other gatherers helping to gather the harvest. After the harvest was gathered it was time for everyone to be assigned their habitats. Sarah and Doug were both of the land and were to work in the fields. After being assigned their habitats they were given their tickets for the hatchery to give them their saurian life partners. Doug was given a Brachiosaurus egg and Sarah was given a Stegosaurus egg. After they hatched Doug's dinosaur turned out to be a male and Sarah's dinosaur turned out to be a female. Doug named his Brachiosaurus Valor and Sarah named her Stegosaurus Spirit.

To Be continued...