I'm back! This one's another Pokemon Special fic.

I don't own Pokemon.

I was tricked, yeah.

She had tricked me, and I'm pretty sure that she tricked the other guys into joining, too.

"Sure, Blue," I answered. "Why not?"

That had been the worst thing I had ever done. I had just let Blue, that pesky girl, drag me onto a stargazing trip. Why the heck did I do that?! Stargazing is for girls.

Sure, Ruby agreed to go. But Ruby is a sissy.

Sure, Emerald agreed to go. But I had seen him without his clothes, and he is tiny.

Sure, Dia and Pearl agreed to go. But it was probably on account of the food.

Sure, Gold agreed to go. But Crys is going to be there.

Sure, Silver agreed to go. But that's because Blue organized the trip.

Sure, Red agreed to go. But it's that he likes Yellow who happens to be Blue's best friend.

So WHY did I agree to go?!

"Well, here we are!" Platinum says, trying to look at the positive side of the worn-out tent and the endless hills of camping ground - much different that what I know she is used to.

"I suppose," Dia answers. "Where's the food?"

The Lady smacks him on the head. "Idiot," she says. "Try and help us out a bit, will you?"

So while the others are setting up the tents, Blue looks wistfully at me.

"It can't be that bad, can it, Green?" she asks.

She has NO idea.

I watch, bored, as Ms. Berlitz finally loses her temper.

"EMERALD!" she screams at the escaping blonde, "You get BACK HERE!"

Gold fumbles with yet another tent, which causes Ms. Berlitz to get even madder.

"That's it," she grumbles haughtily, "I didn't expect that I would have to share these with you, but since you're all so stubborn and exasperating, I suppose Daddy will want me to."

"Share what?" Red scowls, wiping his brow angrily.

"You shut up," Diamond hisses. "You do NOT want to get on her bad side." We watch as the Lady pulls out a remote control thingy and pushes a button.

Suddenly, a humongous tent grows out of the ground. It's exquisitely furnished with soft beds, silk carpets and beautiful paintings— and it has a huge kitchen with gourmet chefs—complete with a hot tub, a Jacuzzi, and a huge swimming pool.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS THING BEFORE?" Silver explodes before Blue can shut him up.

Berlitz turns stiff and rigid, and slowly turns towards Silver.

"Uh-oh," he gulps.

And before we know it, Silver is hereby banned from the tent for the rest of this camping/stargazing trip.

"So," Platina (holding a calculator) grins at Silver before we turn in for the night, "According to my calculations (click, click, click), because of your sudden outburst of nine words directed at me, you will have to pay up 45,000 Poke. 5,000 for each word."

"Y-you're crazy," Silver sputters, fishing in his wallet. "Um, I'm a little short," he says.

"By how much?"

"Um…by 45,000 Poke?" Silver sheepishly replies.

"Fine," she muttered. "You can pay on credit. But you will have to pay up as soon as we reach your house."

I watch them from a distance, sniggering, but I suddenly leave as she turns in my direction. I DON'T feel like giving up all my pocket money. Don't ask me why I needed it.

"Good morning!" Crystal enthusiastically shrieks into the boys' room.

"Aw, mommy, five more minutes," Silver murmurs into his pillow.

"Not yet," I complain. "Crys, it's far too early!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," she says, clicking her tongue. "You boys are all the same. Come on, it's seven already. It's a perfect chance to go and catch Pokemon!"

"Go catch them yourself," Dia whines.

"Diamond, I have some chips here," she purrs. Diamond leaps out of bed and bounds into the bathroom.

"See, now why can't you be as agreeable as him?" she wails when he disappears. "Don't make me give you the Bucket-of-Cold-Water treatment," she scowls when none of us move.

We jolt out of bed and line up, single file, in front of the bathroom. As usual, I end up last.

"See?" Crystal smiles and winks.

"Miss Berlitz," the Lady's butler, Sebastian, says, "What will be the breakfast course?"

She turns to us. "What do you want, guys?"

"I want pancakes," Blue and Yellow volunteer.

"So do I," Ruby calls out.

"Waffles for me," Sapphire cries, and Crystal turns out that she wants them too.

"Bacon and eggs," Pearl says. Red follows, and I agree.

"Hm…I think I'll have sausages," Gold says.

"Me too," Emerald calls.

"I'll have everything," Diamond grins. The butler looks surprised, but quickly rights it down. Berlitz steps on his foot.


"Okay!" Blue cheerfully says once she kicks Silver out of the tree he's sleeping in. Sapphire, however, was kind enough to bring him toast and orange juice—until Platina says that it's not allowed to give "Mr. Loudmouth" food. So Sapphire tossed the food to a still-hungry Diamond—who goes and eats it in front of Silver.

"Okay!" she says again. "Today, I organized a little scavenger hunt, with the help of our generous sponsor," she adds, gesturing to the Lady, who curtseys in front of Silver, who is staring hungrily at Diamond's toast.

"Each of us will pair up. The pairs are decided at random," she says.

"But there are thirteen of us," I say.

Blue frowns. "Someone will have to be referee," she says, pulling a hat out of nowhere and drawing a name.


Emerald jumps up in the air, happy that he doesn't have to join. That lucky duck.

"To avoid cheating, Sebastian here will draw the names," Berlitz says, gesturing to her butler, who bows.

"Okay," Blue calls cheerfully, tossing the hat to the man, "First pairing!"

"Red," the butler says, drawing a name. He tosses the piece of paper over his shoulder. "…and Yellow."

Red jumps at his sheer luck while Sebastian calls out Gold and Crystal. Silver and Pearl get paired up—how unlucky—and so do Ruby and Sapphire. Sebastian calls out the Lady's name, and I squeeze my eyes shut, hoping that I don't have to get stuck with…Blue.

"Diamond!" the butler calls out, leaving a blushing Diamond to go over to his partner.

"Well," Blue grins. "That leaves you and me, Green!"

Oh no.