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"Hey, Green," Blue calls to me. The rain has stopped (with some objection from Ruby who wants more rain for his darling Swampert to get 'hydrated' but Sapphire stole his Castform's Poke Ball before he could do anything) and all us Dex Holders (except for the painfully obvious) are setting up the tents. "Could you help us out here?"

"Sure," I say earnestly. I mean, what else could I do out here? Sit and watch Emerald taunt us with luxuries like Ruby and Gold are doing? Mope around and count your money like Silver is doing?

I'm too mature for that.


Anyway, I went ahead and helped the girls with it, and I actually managed to stop Red from staring at the Tent and help me. Unfortunately, he wasn't much help.

Red is the Champion of the 9th Pokemon League. I'll admit that. I'll admit he's a great trainer and one of my best friends, but I will also admit that he is horrible at camping and…camping-related things. You do not want to know what happened to the first tent he tried fixing up.

"Re-ed!" Crystal wailed. "Look at this!" she shrieked, holding up a tent, or what used to be a tent. "Look at it!" she screamed. "We're currently short on sleeping places, and YOU WASTE A TENT!!"

Red sheepishly scratched his head. "Oops."

"Well," Yellow says, stepping back to admire our work (Blue forced—ahem, persuaded the other boys to join). Eleven tents stand in front of us (Actually, it was supposed to be twelve, but since Red ripped one to shreds in a manner no one knows how, we end up with eleven). "We're finally done."

"Yeah," I comment. "They look great." I stand and gawk for a minute, before I realize that everyone has taken a tent.

"Hey!" I wail. "Where do I sleep?"

"On the ground?" Berlitz helpfully (sarcastically) suggests, her head sticking out from her tent. She shrugs. "You snooze, you lose."

I glare at her, and look pleadingly at the others. "You wouldn't make me sleep on the hard, dirty, brown ground, would you?" I beg in a pleading voice.

"Sorry, Green," Sapphire responds, "I would like to," she quickly added, earning a glare from Ruby, "but as you can see, I'm a wild kicker."

"So am I," Crystal puts in. "Sorry, Green."

I turn to the boys, who either have a wild excuse or give a flat-out no.

Suddenly, Blue's head pops out from her tent. "Green can bunk up with me," she says. "My tent is rather big."

I turn bright red. "N-no," I stutter. "It might be inconvenient."

Pearl, seeing the awkward situation, saves my butt by saying that he also has a large tent and is more than happy to share.

I look back at Blue as Pearl lets me in, and I swear I can see disappointment on her face.

"Six o'clock," Gold calls out. "Who's up for a barbecue?"

All of us raise our hands. No one has eaten a thing since the scavenger hunt.

"Well then," Diamond grins, "Let's get this party started!" Ignoring Gold's "I meant it as a joke!" he pulls out a barbecue grill out of nowhere and Berlitz tosses him some frozen meat and burger buns that she probably stole. He turns to us. I sigh, and offer some spices that my grandfather gave me. It was supposed to be a gift for Berlitz, but I can hardly think about that now.

Soon enough, the fragrant smell of cooked meat soon fills out noses. "Heavenly," Crystal murmurs.

"Yeah," Silver says, for once agreeing with her.

We edge closer and closer to the grill until we're almost touching it. Sapphire hungrily stares at the meat on the grill. "Can't it cook any faster?" she whines.

"Unfortunately not," Diamond replies, expertly flipping one of the patties. "But you can have the first one."

Sapphire grins and blushes. From the corner of my eye, I can see Ruby frowning.

Half an hour later, we're all sitting on the grass, talking, and eating.

"…and you know," Yellow was saying to the girls, "I was visiting Roxanne one day, so I came early. I was bored so I walked around her gym. I peeked into a room and saw Roxanne and Brawly making out!"

The girls gasped and squealed in delight. "Roxanne and Brawly!" Blue exclaimed. "Are you sure we heard right, Yellow dear?"

"Of course!" Yellow persisted, brandishing a photo. "I took this picture when they were making out. They were so surprised by the flash that they pulled away so fast!" she added. Crystal giggled.

The girls gather around the photo.

"Roxanne and Brawly," Berlitz whispers. "That has to be the most unusual couple I have ever seen."

"Unusual," Sapphire commented. "But cool!"

I yawned. Girl gossip bores me. So I just went over to Red, Gold, Ruby, and Silver and whispered something in their ears.

"Who's up for some sprinklers?" Ruby yells, helping Diamond pack the grill up.

We all grin.

"Would you look at that," Emerald huffs, looking out through a Tent window while eating caviar. He sees all of us running through water, laughing, and occasionally eating burgers. "Some people around here are having fun."

"You should be happy, Master Emerald," Sebastian says. "They are your friends."

"True," Emerald sniffs, turning on the television, "but it sure is lonely all alone here." He goes and opens the Tent door.

Fifteen minutes later, we're playing Monkey-in-the-Middle while running through sprinklers…and Emerald is 'it.'

"Now what do we do?" Ruby whines. Emerald has gone back into the Tent, leaving us tired, bored, and frustrated.

"We could play a game," Yellow suggests.

Blue sighs. "Yellow, sweetheart, it's seven o'clock. And besides, we have to prepare for bed now."

I look at the campsite. It's a mess from the lot of games we played in the sprinklers. Sleeping bags are strewn everywhere. The wood from the fire we put out is scattered in…uncomfortable places. We let out our Pokémon for a game once, and they just made it worse. In other words, it's a disaster.

"I guess that means that we have to put it up again," Pearl says, drying his blonde hair with a towel.

"Okay," Red volunteers, "I'll help."

And he is answered with a chorus of "NO!"


Ruby starts a fire and Crystal tosses him some marshmallows. "Hey guys," he calls out. "Who's up for marshmallows?"

All of us gather around the fire. Sapphire immediately grabs a stick with marshmallows and chews on it. "Tasty," she comments.

"Good," Blue adds, and we all agree.

"My maid could make better," Berlitz scoffs, earning herself a glare from Ruby, "but I suppose it wouldn't hurt," she quickly adds, sticking some in her mouth, and smiles. Sapphire frowns.

"I suppose she could," I add sarcastically, feeding some to Pearl's Chatot.

"Yeah," Berlitz says. "She could."

Diamond throws a death glare her way.

"Hey, would you two stop it," Gold hisses.

"I like these marshmallows better anyway," Yellow says, "Because we were all around to make them."

We all look at each other and smile.

"Look at that," Sapphire whispers. The campsite is fixed up already and we're just sitting on the grass and talking. "It's eight already. And would you look at the sky!"

Silver glances up. "Great," he bluntly mutters before turning back to his burger.

"Idiot!" Gold scolds, smacking him on the head. "Way to ruin the moment."

I look up. The sky is beautiful. Dozens of glittering silver stars light up the midnight black sky. And yes, I know I'm not one for poetry, but this is an exception. I mean, how can anyone miss out on something like this?

Everyone soon drops whatever they're doing, yes, even Silver, to come and watch the stars.

"They're beautiful," Blue whispers. For a while (thirty minutes, anyway), all of us are enraptured by the stars.

Soon enough, I look around. Sapphire has now laid her head on Ruby's lap, a peaceful smile on her face, but Ruby seems to be enjoying it. Crystal's head is on Gold's shoulder, and both look happy and contented. Red and Yellow are holding hands and giggling for some reason, but Diamond and the Lady are just peacefully staring at the sky.

"Look at that, Green," Blue tells me.

I jump up. I didn't realize that she was there. "YIKES!" I squeal.

"Hey, Green, we can't see!" Sapphire hisses. "Get out of the way!"

I settle down. "Look at that," she tells me again, gesturing to the others. "Aren't they cute?"

I feel my stomach churning, and yet I have to admit that my friends look cute. Ruby is by now stroking Sapphire's hair in a calm, rhythmic motion, and she seems to be enjoying it. Red is whispering something in Yellow's ear that makes her laugh out loud, but frowned at by us.

"Look!" Crystal suddenly squeals.

We all glance up. A shooting star is lighting up the sky, swooping down from heaven.

"It's beautiful," Silver murmurs, for once complimenting something.

"I know," Blue says. "Doesn't it look lovely?"

"Hmm," I say, unconsciously edging closer to her.

Ruby turns to Sapphire and puts his arm around her.

"Make a wish."

It was as if what he said was directed at all of us, and we all fervently closed our eyes and wished.

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