A girl got game fanfic

By ally1on

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the girl got game characters. They belong to Shizuru Seino. Yumi is an original character though.

Chapter 1: New Girl

It was a sunny day, the sky was blue and the clouds were a fresh white. Kyo had just finished her daily basketball practice and headed to the girl shower room. 'Finally where I belong' she thought cheerfully as she opened the creaky door. It had been about 4 months after a shocked team found out Kyo was a girl. Everyone but Chinharu and Yura were surprised. 'I wonder how they're all doing,' she thought. 'I hope Chinharu and Yura are getting along.' She smiled, but that smile quickly turned into a frown. 'It would be disaster for the boys basketball team if they didn't!' Memories of Chinharus stubborn personality and Yura's teasing smile flashed through her mind. "I should pay them a visit to see how they're all doing!" she exclaimed out loud. Many eyes turned and gave her a glance. But thickheaded Aizawa didn't notice and was happily humming and singing.

The next day, Aizawa started her day like she always did. She overslept and when she woke she would raise a fist and start to yell at Eniwa. Then her mind would clear up a bit and she would remember that she wasn't a 'guy' anymore. She no longer lived Eniwa now.

And then she would groggily walk over to the bathroom and brush her teeth, still half asleep. The clock would tick and tock trying to get her attention. When it finally did, she dashed around, trying to get changed, eat breakfast and get her things ready at the same time. 'I'm a mess without Eniwa.' She remembered the alarm clock Chinharu had given her. She also remembered the time she had called him and he hung up on her, making her so angry that threw the clock against the wall. It was hiding under her bed now, and she hoped Eniwa wouldn't find it…or what was left of it.

Class started like it always did. Kyo ran into the classroom just before the bell rang, like she always did. She sat down at her desk and patiently waited for class to start. Today after the teacher took attendance, he announced a new student would be joining the class. Quiet murmurs and whispers filled the room. The teacher cleared his voice and the class quieted down. "Her name is Yumi Takahashi. Please help her if she needs any." The doors slid open and a girl with dark almond brown hair stepped in. Her eyes were a stunning shade of purple and she had a shy smile. Her wavy hair reached down to her waist, and the class gasped at her beauty. 'So pretty,' Aizawa thought as she touched her own hair. It had grown to her shoulder and now was a light brown. Yumi looked around the room. 'Kyo Aizawa,' she thought. 'That's the girl who's trying to steal my Eniwa.'

"Konnichiwa!! My name is Yumi Takahashi and I hope I will make a lot of friends here!"She giggled, then bowed. The teacher clapped his hands twice and told everyone to get back to work. Nobody noticed the look Yumi was giving Kyo though…

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