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Chapter 2: Visit to the Dorms

'Eniwa? You there?' Kyo asked over the phone.

'Yea, hold on. I gotta get a towel.'

'Okay, but hurry.' Kyo replied. 'I haven't talked to you in a while.'

Kyo played with her sweatband, seeing how far it would stretch as she waited. Finally, after what seemed like eternity an impatient Aizawa, Eniwa's voice came on the line.

'I'm back. Sorry, my juice spilled.'

'That's ok, it wasn't that long' Kyo fibbed. 'It's been awhile since we last met.'

'Yea. How's life treatin' you Aizawa.' Eniwa was still shy calling Aizawa by her first name.

'Good. Listen Eniwa, we should meet up again sometime soon.'

'That's fine, but you better not drag me to see off to see one of those lame chick flicks again.' Eniwa murmured.

'I won't! I want to stay at the dorms for the weekend though. How does this Saturday sound?' Kyo asked.

'I'm free Saturday.'

'Great! Then it's a promise!" Aizawa confirmed, smiling as she hung up.

Saturday came, and Kyo rushed around her room trying to get everything ready. Eniwa would be at the house any minute now, and Kyo was ecstatic. She couldn't sit still, and was bouncing around the house, waiting for that darned doorbell to ring.

A few minutes later, it did a Kyo jumped to the door, fumbling with the lock. When she finally got the door to open she ran out and tripped over her dad's shoes that were scattered over the doorway. She hit the floor with a thud. Eniwa ran over to check if she was okay, but couldn't help cracking up. "What's so funny?" Kyo asked. "It hurts!"

"Sorry, sorry but you have to admit, it is pretty funny." Eniwa chuckled.

"Yea, I guess it is…" Aizawa giggled and then both of them burst into laughter.

"I'm so glad I could see you again!" Kyo exclaimed as she jumped up and gave Eniwa a hug.

Eniwa blushed from the enexpected hug. "W-wha?! Ye-yea, I'm glad to see you too, I guess."

They walked over to the bus, and Aizawa couldn't wait to be reunited with her old basketball team.

After another long wait, they reached the old school. Aizawa ran into the dorm, yelling "Everyone!! I'm back".

'This is the life that I left,' she thought as she ran to her old room, which was currently where Yura was living. He agreed to living in the dorms now, because turns out Eniwa had befriended him. Kyo hoped he would gain more trust and be able to open up a bit more to Eniwa.

She opened the door and stepped in to the old room she had been living in months ago. Kyo choked a bit and coughed . The odor was overwhelming. "Ackk!! It reeks of boys here!" Aizawa cried. 'Someone should clean up here. But not me! I was never the cleaning type.' A familiar laugh caught her attention. She looked around the room and saw the same old Yura. Same old shiny black hair, same old beatiful white smile, same old contagious laugh. Almost nobody would notice the faint glint of darkness in his eyes though.

After meeting with all her old friends, they all agreed that Kyo would sleep in the room Chinharu and Yura shared. The two boys would sleep in Imai's room. "It'll be cramped." Chinharu grumbled. "Then why don't you sleep with Kyo then?" Yura suggested with a teasing grin. Eniwa responded with a big blush and a "No way in hell!" Aizawa chuckled and gave Eniwa a light whack on the head. His hair was soft and fluffy, and oh so silky. Aizawa reached up and yanked on his hair. His hair slipped through. She yanked again. It slipped through again. She was about to yank once when a confused Eniwa yelled "What the heck are you doing?!!" Everyone was staring at Kyo. "Well…hehe, I thought Eniwa's hair was really soft!" Aizawa stated with an embaressed giggle. It seemed weird to everyone, but Kyo definitely was weird. So they left it as that. After quite a while, Kyo fell asleep instantly. Tommorow the gang would be going to a nearby amusement park.

But Yumi was also going…

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