My version of a drabble. I needed to write something before I went mad. Since nothing has been coming on my Charlie/Dudley fic, I was hoping this would throw me back into the flow of it.

'Ergh!" Charlie let out a surprised scream as he and his elder brother stumbled upon a young couple making out. The couple pulled apart quickly and turned to face him.

"Bill!" Charlie gasped to his brother. He was still astounded. "That's Ginny, Bill!" Bill just nodded. "And Harry, Bill!" Bill nodded again.

"I'm aware of that, Charlie," Bill finally said, still nodding.

"Ginny can't be snogging anyone, Bill. She's a baby." Charlie was defiant, not willing to accept the scene.

"Not anymore, Charlie. She's grown up." Bill was cool. He showed no emotion.

"When?" Charlie had tears in his eyes.

"While I was in Egypt and you were in Romania." Bill kept looking back and forth between the couple.

"Bill... Why?" Charlie whispered this.

"I don't know, Charlie. The fates are against us." Bill's voice was even void of emotions.

"Bill, do you know what this means?" Charlie gulped. Him and Bill turned towards each other.

"We're old!" They chanted it together. Their faces twisted up as if they were about to cry, and they promptly left the room.

Harry and Ginny stared after them, then went back to their business.

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