"Hey Dad

"Hey Dad!" his now 14 year old son said at the dinner table "When are
we leaving for the airport?" Nathan asked as he helped his little sister
pour the milk.

"Ah, our flight leaves at nine am, but we have to be at the airport by
seven, and everyone is meeting at grandma and grandpas' house before we
leave for the airport, so up by four." Kyle not only explained to Nathan but
also to his 12 –year old son Jeffrey and his 10 –year old daughter

"So that means it's early to bed you guys." Amanda pointed out, which
was followed by a groans from the three kids. Amanda couldn't help but
glance up at Kyle and smile which he had done as well.

"Hey Dad when we get to the resort in Alaska you'll teach me how to snow
board, right?" Jeff asked

"Sure will buddy!" Kyle replied as he passed Jeff the peas. Jeff gave him
a look "Eat them, or no watching the basketball game." Jeff sighed and
took the peas. "After dinner I want one of you two to take Ace for a
walk." Kyle's eyes were darting between Nate and Jeff.

"How about we walk him together?" Jeff proposed

"Sure." Nate said as he took a sip of his water.

Nate found Jeff annoying from time to time, but who doesn't find their
siblings annoying sometimes? The truth was Jeff looked up to Nate; Nate was
always there for him when he needed him. Nate would never admit it but Jeff
was one of his best friends.

They finished up with dinner and Kyle and Amanda began to finish packing,
Madison was doing her homework, and the boys were walking Ace.

"I was looking at the resort online last night and this is going to be an
awesome vacation." Nate said at he pulled his jacket on and Jeff put the
leash on Ace "They have an indoor water park, an arcade, a work out room,
and some spas." Nate explained as the walked out the door. "They also have
ice climbing, snow boarding, skiing and ice skating." Nate still looked like
their Dad, he just wore hats all this time so only the ends of his hair was
visible. But he did still have the same eyes and the same boyish smile that
made your heart melt.

"Sweet!" Jeff replied

Jeff had light brown almost blond hair that he kept short; he also had their
Mom's green eyes. He did get the same boyish smile his brother had gotten
from their Dad.

"Done with your homework?" Kyle asked Madison as he poured himself a cup
of coffee.

"Yep!" She said as she put her work back into her backpack.

"Good!" Kyle gave his daughter a kiss on her blond hair that was just
like her Mom's but she did get the same eyes Kyle has. "Now why don't
you go get your stuff packed?" Kyle asked his daughter.

"Okay Dad, hey when is the game on?" she asked before she left. Madison
loved basketball just as much as her brothers that's just how it was growing
up with two older brothers.

"I think 8." And with that she left Kyle standing in the kitchen alone.
Kyle thought back to when his little girl, his princess, his youngest child
was born. He didn't really know why but he had felt more protective of her
then he did with his boys. He remembered how small she was and how she would
clutch Kyle's shirt in her tiny fist. Kyle smiled at the thought, then took
a sip of his coffee, and shook his head thinking about how fast his kids were
growing up.

"Okay when this game is over its time for bed." Amanda reminded the kids
and her husband.

"You going to bed babe?" Kyle asked grabbing her hand as she walked by.

"No I was going to take a shower then go to bed." She explained then
kissed Kyle good night. "Night hone."

"Night, I'll be up soon as I get these guys to bed." He smiled.

The game ended and the Sonics had beaten the Lakers 74 to 68.

"Okay time for bed!" Kyle announced "Brush your teeth, wash your face
and lights out at ten." Kyle ordered as they walked up stairs there were
groans again from the kids.