Act 16- In Which The Play is Performed, The Winner of the 1000 Galleons is Announced, and the End Arrives.

After the play has been performed

Bubblewrap- And now is the part where I get to announce who won the 1000 galleons for performing the best! Opens one of those envolope things like they have at the academy awards Wha—Well, I guess the winner is Albus Dumbledore?

Hermione- But he wasn't in it!

Ron- He didn't have to do anything!

Harry- He didn't get turned into a girl!

Ginny- He wasn't married to his own brother!

Dennis- He didn't have to fight with a 200 year old kid for a part!

Cho- He didn't have to win back a boyfriend!

Malfoy- He didn't have to sing dopey Marius!

Neville- He didn't have to suffer through an identity crisis!

Bubblewrap- tossing envolope away This thing is rigged. Whose up for a cast party in the room of requirement?

Everyone- Me!

Harry- As they walk away You know, that wasn't half bad. Maybe we should do it again some time…


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