Disclaimer: I do not own Ikki Tousen

Disclaimer: I do not own Ikki Tousen. If I did, it wouldn't be an ecchi.

And why? Because I love cake, Ryomou Shimei and Teifu Tokubou. It all makes sense. I'm really developing this food theme- first Coffee and now Cake

Please, enjoy.


By Tanya Lilac

Ryomou sighed as she glanced out the window, her thoughts turning away from her arithmetic books. Rainy days, cloudy days or fine days… sometimes, it didn't matter. There were just days when she couldn't bear to be locked away. She had slept well last night, she'd eaten breakfast – what was it about today that made her feel so stifled?

With a groan, she rest her head on her arms, her electric blue tresses spilling onto the small desk The two boys beside her sat up and grinned at each other over her back. She'd been unfocussed all day, slipping into lapses of vacant silences. Restless Ryomou meant one thing. Lots and lots of cake, and an occasional spar. They would probably run into Gakushuu while at the store.

"Hey, Ryomou …" Teifu began tentatively, running his fingers through his hair.

No response.

The other boy, Saji, reached out lazily and placed a hand on her head. "If you want to stay here in this stuffy library, fine. We're going to train." He mussed her hair and she slapped his hand away without looking up.

"Go train. I'll go eat a whole cake by myself," she said dismissively.

Saji sighed, almost in mock defeat. "But will we get to tease you if you get fat? I know all girls are insecure like that."

"I'm sure you do," she retorted with a muffled scoff. Finally raising her head, she looked over at Teifu, who had already packed away his books. He was so reckless, but at the same time, so careful around her, in a way completely different to Saji. Teifu did not fear saying the wrong thing; he was weary never to touch her if they weren't sparring. Glances were stolen, but never really hidden, and smiles were abundant, but always masking… something. Something much deeper.

She blinked and shook her head, her hair settling back over her shoulders. The toushi sighed as she combed her hair with her fingers. "I guess we could do both," she said slowly as she pulled on her sweater. "But I get to pick the cake this time."

"You always pick the cake, Ryomou," Teifu replied as they stood up.

Ryomou whipped her head around to glance at him sharply.

"I mean," he coughed, "you should pick the cake."

Ryomou stalked ahead of the young men, her head held high.

"Nice," Saji elbowed his friend in the side. "Next time, she'll probably agree to go out with you right away."