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Chapter 12: Experience

Frankly, Chuck had looked ridiculous practicing kissing with the mirror before his first "date" with Sarah. He must have kissed girls, even women, before. Why was he acting like a twelve year old?

If you haven't learned by now that not all is as it seems with our man Charles Irving Bartowski, then you haven't been paying attention. The awkward mirror kissing was a session to practice being awkward at kissing. So how does this fit into Chuck's master plan, exactly? Well, I'm glad you asked.

The first time he laid eyes on her, Chuck could see how beautiful Sarah was, and not just surface beauty. The way Chuck figured, Sarah had been kissed by a lot of men who were self-assured, dangerous, worldly and very experienced. Men like Bryce Larkin. Instead of letting this intimidate him, however, Chuck, using lateral thinking and, putting the Bartowski twist on it, came up with the final leg of his master plan.

Chuck was sure that Sarah would expect him to be inexperienced when it came to women. He was a nerd, after all. But Sarah was looking from the outside in.

Nerds are, by nature, quantifiers, codifiers, collectors of data and information about whatever their interest. And usually around the age of twelve, when the hormones kicked in, sex was most likely to be added as a new interest. And Chuck was no different than hundreds of thousands of other nerds whose attention shifted almost overnight from the engineering of the Millennium Falcon to the engineering of Princess Leia's slave bra.

What made Chuck different from the other nerds who used the same scientific approach to, say, build rockets is that Chuck had the charm and personality to get close to girls, often very close, and as soon as Chuck became interested in girls and sex, he set about collecting data, compiling it, forming theories, testing them out in practical applications using many test subjects, and revising his theories as needed until he was quite the expert in the field.

Chuck was the most popular target in a game of Spin-The-Bottle in junior school and later on, in high school, even before he got a driver's license – that universal symbol of juvenile virility – he could be found at house parties under an eager girl or two honing his technique and solidifying his reputation as a great kisser.

At Stanford, the other nerds in his faculty dubbed him "Lucky Chucky" as he added other activities to his sexual repertoire and fielded the many passes from co-eds first from his class then from other faculties as his reputation spread. The girls also gave him a rhyming nickname, somewhat indecent, which I will leave for you to guess at. By the time Bryce introduced Chuck to Jill, he was ready to settle down and concentrate on one woman.

Unfortunately for Chuck, however, Jill wasn't ready to settle down, and it devastated Chuck when she left him for Bryce, the man who betrayed him and stole all his dreams. But Bryce could only put a damper on Chuck's confidence; he couldn't take away Chuck's experience.

So when Sarah suddenly appeared in Chuck's life, he was tempted to ease back into a very active and satisfying sex life. He was, that is, until he came up with the idea of not showing all his cards at once, and he acted bashful and clumsy, blushed easily and appeared painfully shy when it came to sex.

Sarah, with her aggressive, dominating nature, saw this as a challenge, which was exactly what Chuck had predicted, and he enjoyed her encouragements and caresses, the way she grabbed him around the waist when they were supposed to be all lovey-dovey for their cover, and the way she teased him, one minute coming on to him like gangbusters and the next minute telling him not to touch her because it wasn't real. Chuck was looking forward to the day when Sarah realized her feelings for him were just as real as his had always been for her, and he hugged the anticipation to himself when he was alone in bed at night.

There had been a couple of occasions when Chuck had been taken by surprise and just about revealed the extent of his experience to Sarah. The first time had been when they thought Bryce's cryo tube had been a bomb and Sarah had kissed him. Boy, had he kissed her back. And it happened again when Roan Montgomery insisted that Chuck demonstrate his kissing skills with Sarah. He was going to have to be careful. It was too easy for Chuck to slip up when he had a willing and warm Sarah in his arms.

Because Chuck much preferred letting Sarah "teach" him rather than revealing himself. And he was prepared to be a very slow learner. In fact, he hoped it would take them the rest of their lives together.