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Chapter 1: Hajimemashite

The black car smoothly tore the streets noiselessly while getting quite a number of looks of admiration from early commuters at the sidewalks. There was about forty-five minutes more before the bulk of the people finish their breakfast and hit the roads to their workplaces, schools, and other destinations but the passengers of the black car wanted to start ahead.

"Tch," Kanda said looking out the tinted window, one hand supporting his chin while he passively watched the flashing scenery of early city pollution, just one of the many things he hated about the noisy city.

"Oh, come on! I'm getting really tired of that," Daisya said at the other. He was fixing his black makeup on a small mirror but he put the eyeliner down in exasperation after hearing Kanda. "We are stuck here for a while and it's final. Deal with it already."

Kanda glared at the sidewalk pavement. "Easy for you to say. You love this fucking place because it's got more eyeliner than anywhere else in this gay world so shut up," he said without looking at him.

"Heh! It's emo man, E-M-O! You hate almost all of the places we go to so you must be used to it by now. Staying in a place you a hate," Daisya said returning to his eyeliner. "And how many freaking times do I have to tell you that Emo is not gay? It's called art, Kanda. A form of self-expression. Besides, if there is anything gay around here it would be that long hair of—"

"Cut it out," Noise Marie said after keeping silent for a while from the driver's seat, just when Kanda was about to grab Daisya's throat. He could see them both from the rearview mirror.

"Master Tiedoll brought us here for a reason and we are stuck here indefinitely. No matter how much you like Japan, it's our master's decision," Marie said firmly and Kanda knew he was talking to him.

"Tch. Whatever," Kanda said going back to the window and started cursing an innocent redhead walking at the sidewalk.

"This is exciting! It's been a while since I last attended American school and I can't wait to rock out," Daisya commented happily.

Kanda ignored him. Stupid old man, dragging us across the planet at the worst possible time.

Two days ago, they were in Japan to complete their training with Tiedoll while also getting home-schooled by the man. Daisya and Kanda were both at the high school level while Marie already finished it years ago. Their focus was at their training which was perfectly fine with Kanda. He loved Kendo, one of the very few things he did like. To his dismay, Tiedoll suddenly announced that they were moving and thus postponed their training. Great. No matter how many times Kanda asked him why, Tiedoll refused to say anything useful.


"Art Museums? ART MUSEUMS?! You really think that I believe that we are going to America to see some stupid art show?" Kanda asked furiously while Marie loaded the refrigerator at the back of the truck along with the other appliances and Daisya emptied his drawers.

"No," Tiedoll replied.

"Then tell me why," Kanda said.

"I can't, but I do promise that you will know in due time. Right now, it's better for you not knowing."

Kanda saw the look in his master's eyes and he understood. Even though he hated what was happening, he knew that he should just accept it. He trusted Tiedoll more than anyone.

"Part of it Kanda, is because I want you to meet friends in school and develop a healthier social life. All those time holed up in the dojo, you haven't been interacting with anyone else. If we are lucky, perhaps a love life would do you good?" Tiedoll asked.

"Die," Kanda replied.


"I'll be picking you up later after school," Marie said.

The rest of the ride was spent with Daisya babbling about some concert, Marie trying to tune out his voice and Kanda wishing that he was as old as Marie so he won't need to attend the accursed place people called high school.

What a beautiful morning.

Lavi decided to start his day early and he was glad he did. He lived just a few blocks from school and even though the front tire of his bike was punctured, he'd get there with much time to spare because the streets are less crowded. It felt like he was starting his second year in high school in the right spirit. He brought out his cellphone and quickly punched a few buttons.

"Hey, it's me. Listen, I think we should rehearse after school today... Yes, I know but the opening party is tomorrow... At your place of course! My old man will have my head if we try to disturb his peace... Uhuh... Great then! See ya at school!"

Lavi grinned as he tucked his phone in the pocket of his jeans. He fingered something else in his pocket, a small, flat, triangular guitar pick. He made it a point to bring it everyday even without band practice, sort of a lucky charm.

He quickened his pace, feeling absolutely good for some reason. The buildings, trees, sidewalks, hell, even the smoke from the vehicles were beautiful. Lavi was randomly staring at things when a sleek black car caught his attention and zoomed past him. I'll buy one of those someday. He continued walking, a grin still on his lips.

Nothing could ruin this day.

The classroom was empty. Lavi walked towards his usual seat at the back beside the window. He was about to settle down when he noticed a bag already sitting comfortably at his favorite table.


"Lavi! How was your summer?" the shrilly voices of several girls said simultaneously as the door suddenly opened.

They're early today... ugh...

"I'm looking forward to your band's performance tomorrow!" a girl said.

"I can't wait to hear you play!" added another.

"Surely, you will stay the whole night right?"

Lavi was somewhat used to this scene. He smiled at them nodding occasionally while saying "yeah" and "of course" alternately. He's quite popular with the girls and he enjoyed the attention most of the time. Sometimes though, they were so bothersome that he just wished they'd go away.

Students started arriving and the room soon grew crowded and noisy. Lavi really wanted to chuck the bag out of the window and sit down his usual spot already. Where is the owner of this bag? He looked around but no one seemed to own the damn bag. At least when he's already sitting, he could pretend to read something and be at peace.

The door opened for the nth time revealing their first period teacher, the strict Math teacher. Everybody started to go to their seats as the teacher put his things down the front table and started writing something on the board. Suddenly, a person with long, black hair and Asian features entered the room walking briskly and head down, going straight towards Lavi. The person bumped into him and quickly sat down without a word. Lavi was pushed back by the force of the impact.

His jaw hung in surprise. Could anyone be ruder?

"Now class, who can tell me what this graph is all about?" the teacher suddenly asked and Lavi was forced to settle down at the chair beside his original spot. He looked at the board and saw a sine graph. He couldn't remember when he had learned that but he wasn't one to flaunt his genius. Most of the time. And one of the geeky kids was already answering the teacher.

Wait... That's it?! He's not going to introduce Miss VERY Rude here?

The teacher didn't even call out to the new student even once. All throughout the class, Lavi never took his eye off the new girl. He was hoping that he would somehow catch her gaze and tell her how rude she had been earlier but it didn't happen. The girl kept her gaze at the window the whole time while occasionally glancing at the silver wristwatch she wore.

She had a very beautiful face. Her pale complexion was contrasting greatly with her jet black hair. What a waste. If it weren't for her rotten attitude, I would have liked her.

Lavi shook his head and decided that he should do something about this. If she isn't going to look this way, I'll make her. He started tearing a piece of paper off his notebook and crumpled it into a ball. He threw it to the new student but missed. The ball went straight outside the open window.

He sighed. "Hey," Lavi said under his breath. "Hey," he said again a little louder this time. The teacher paused a moment and looked accusingly among the students at the back row. After giving out threatening looks to everyone, he went back to his writing. It's either she was deaf or she was completely ignoring him. Lavi became more annoyed.

After what seemed to be like decades, the bell rang and it was lunch time. Lavi stood and walked to the new student. He put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey!"

The glare that he met would have made him back off if he wasn't annoyed by the incident earlier. She pushed his hand away, grabbed her bag and 'Tch'-ed before leaving the classroom.


Lavi grabbed his bag and dashed out of the room after her.

This has got to be the longest day of my life. Kanda sat alone in the noisy and very crowded cafeteria while drinking water. They didn't serve soba in this place.

He took out from his bag a Japanese book. He opened it but the noise prevented him from understanding anything. He looked around for the lack of anything else to do which was a mistake because all of the things his eyes landed on only made him hate this place more. The noisy girls, the jersey-wearing big guys, the oppressed section of high school society. It was like being suck directly into one of those teen shows Daisya loved to watch. At a distance, he saw a tall boy with red hair slipping through the crowd towards his direction. He looked familiar.

Oh great. Looks like he's just begging me to kick his ass. "Tch"

"Hey you!" the boy said.

Here we go...

The new student rolled her eyes before finally looking at him.

"I don't know what I did to you. Did I offend you? Did I hurt you? I mean, really, in any way at all. I think not! You were very rude this morning and even though you are new, that is no way to treat anybody. I demand an apology," Lavi said.

When he got no immediate response, Lavi began to think that there might be a language barrier. He quickly took it back though. The new student snorted and smirked.

Why you little...

"Lavi! There you are!"

Lavi looked back to see the girl mob who seemed to have finally decided to get lunch. Most of them were waving at him while the others settled at the jocks' tables. He reluctantly waved back.

"We were looking for you in the classroom but you ran out very quickly after class," said one of the girls from earlier.

"Come on, sit with us!"

"We are sitting over there," said another girl pointing to a table not very far.

Suddenly, an idea struck Lavi. He smiled.

"Girls, I want you to meet my girlfriend," he said as he walked over to the new student's side.

Kanda looked at the redhead suspiciously, inching away from him. What is this idiot up to?

"It's been a while," he said before grabbing Kanda's arm and pulling him up to a standing position. He grabbed the side of his face with the other hand before kissing him full on the lips.

The girls were dumbstruck for a moment before quickly recovering and running out of the cafeteria sobbing and mumbling things about broken hearts, ruined days, and evil Japanese students.

It took a few moments before Kanda got over his state of utter shock and realize that he is being kissed by another boy in a crowded cafeteria.

Payback has never felt so good. Truly, Lavi is brilliant. He finally got rid of those girls and got his revenge from the transfer student.

A burning numbness at his left cheek followed by a wave of pain in his gut told him the new kid knew martial arts. He fell back holding on to the table for support.

"Wow... I've never been hit this hard by a girl. It's your fault for being rude and not apologizing," Lavi said smirking through the pain. He winced a little.

People were now watching them. The new student ran the back of her hand on her lips with a look of pure disgust. Lavi's smile grew wider.

"You just made a VERY big mistake, stupid. I will fucking kill you," the new student said in a voice that sounded nothing like a girl. The smile on Lavi's face was wiped off.

"Yo-You're a guy!?" Lavi asked horrified.

"You thought I was a girl!?" he asked looking as though someone has just played with the ashes of his dead mother. "I change my mind. I'll beat the hell out of you and then I will fucking kill you!"

Something told Lavi that he should run. He got up and made a dash for the cafeteria exit, the now established new boy right behind him going berserk. He didn't know what's worse, kissing another boy or getting chased by a mad Japanese with killing intent.

It seemed like this day was not only officially ruined. It was also the worst.

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UPDATE: beta-ed! Also made a few additions to smooth things out. After rereading this, I think I might continue this soon...