Daughter Of A Hero.


Hello, and welcome to Daughter Of A Hero.

This story centres mainly around the suggestion that Son Goku and Chichi had a daughter, as well as a son. Yes, I am fully aware that this concept has been used many times, possibly to the point that it has been overused. Now, apart from one or two extremely good fic's where Goku has a daughter, the rest haven't caught my interest, nor (I am sad to say) are they written to a very good standard.

They are usually the product of a Mary Sue, which is something I cannot stand and that will probably reflect itself in my story.

Son Gonyhe ( - pronounced : Go - Nye - ), is Goku's second child, born half an hour after Gohan due to complications which eventually led to her mother having a section. Chichi and Goku did not know they were having twins, as they live in the country side, the doctor had always came out to their house and because of Goku's phobia of needles, only visited the hospital at the time of the twins' births when there were no other options.

Gonyhe and her brother look similar at a young age, both have the dark, wild hair and eyes which they inherited from their father and the round oval shaped eyes and light complexion they inherited from their mother.

Gohan's personality is basically the same as it was in dragon ball z whilst Gonyhe's is nothing like her slightly older sibling. She is blunt, stubborn and often acts first and thinks later. She will selfishly put herself in the path of danger to save her friends and family and will go to even further extremes for her brother. She has a bit of a sarcastic flare and finds teasing Vegeta fairly amusing.

With her short hair, she is sometimes confused as being a male and Gohan's younger brother which is something she loathes. She has dreams of following in her father's footsteps as protector of Earth but her mother is constantly shoving her idea of a perfect wife down her throat, attempting to make her turn her back on her beloved martial arts and settle down and find a decent husband.

Unlike Gohan, Chichi doesn't push Gonyhe to study as much as she feels that Gonyhe's future roll in life should be a housewife and not a business woman or a scholar although she does have the brains to be one. Unfortunately, Gonyhe has inherited her lack of culinary skills from her father and cannot cook anything to save her life. She has a close relationship with her brother, forming a mental rapport in which they can send their thoughts to each other.

Daughter Of A Hero, is currently going through some updating, especially on the earlier chapters. New updates will be added when possible.


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