Android Explosion

Daughter Of A Hero

Her heart was thundering in her chest. Her palms were sweaty and her arms shaking of their own accord as she crept silently toward the android. She had him in her sight, merely a few meters away where he was enjoying torturing her brother. It had gotten to the point where seemingly the android was so caught up in his own blood lust, no doubt thanks to the cells of Vegeta, that he hadn't even sensed her approach. That, or he was too cocky.

The demi saiyan made her move when Piccolo was shouting at her father about his inability to act on his sons behalf. In her defense, she felt as though she had held herself back a lot longer than anybody expected her to. It had gotten to the point that whenever Gohan screamed or cried, which was quite often, Gonyhe had jerked as though she had been physically struck. Every cry caused a memory to surface where the rolls were reversed and she was the one suffering punishment. Nothing had stopped her brother saving her. Why should something stop her?

She had looked toward her father for the briefest seconds before hand, hoping to see some sort of pain on his face to match her own for what his son was going through. However, there was nothing. He simply stared unblinking with a half smile on his voice and didn't even look like Gohan's cries were bothering him. It made the demi saiyans blood boil.

In the moments before she had made her rescue attempt, she had debated the options of taking out her frustration and anger on her father but had quickly discarded them, knowing she would ruin her chance. Gonyhe had dashed forward, knocking the time traveller who had tried to stop her onto his backside and had set out down the mountain at a run, pushing down her energy to avoid detection.

Just before she reached the android, Gonyhe felt a blip of fear. After all, Cell had openly told her that he would absorb her when he got the chance, if only to achieve perfection since he seemed to have everybody's cells but her. However, the next moment Gonyhe had heard a suspicious sounding crack and Gohan screamed even louder and any fear she had experienced soon disappeared, Gohan needed her.

Steeling her nerves, Gonyhe rushed from her hiding spot and ascended in that moment. Thanking Kami that she had the good sense to practice her control on her super saiyan transformation, Gonyhe felt the moment the super saiyan took over. Physically, her hair flashed bright before turning golden and her pupils changed from black to teal. Her muscle size bulked up slightly and her aura exploded outwards in a golden inferno which sent wild winds whipping at her gi. However internally she could already feel the bloodlust settle over her. The anger she had already built up, both at Cell and her father, intensified to the point she felt if she didn't punch something she would explode. She felt powerful, insanely so, although if she were thinking with a rational head she would realize that in comparison to Cell, she certainly wasn't invincible.

Gonyhe locked eyes with her opponent just as he turned round to observe the newfound power. His eyes had widened and he had attempted to drop her brother and counterattack, but in his surprise Gohan had sunk his knee into Cells abdomen, making the abomination bend over the knee, loosen his grip and cough in surprise. Mere milliseconds later Gonyhe flew in, hitting target with a roundhouse kick that caused Cell to completely drop her brother and spin sideward from the impact. He managed to right himself in mid air, stopping himself from crash landing.

The pre-teen panted, landing beside her brother and helping him to his feet. The boys legs were shaking badly and seemed unable to carry his own weight. He coughed, sending a spray of blood which had Gonyhe raising an eyebrow in worry. However, instead of thanking his sister for saving him, Gohan's eyes almost popped out of his head. "When did you become a super saiyan?"

"Time chamber." The girl shrugged, waving off her brothers awe. Although it was an accomplishment in itself for her to transform since so many people had assumed that females could not, she herself didn't feel it was a grand thing. After all, now people assumed there was another level above super saiyan and she had only just achieved the first level. Plus, the full fiasco of the Cell games and fighting for her life overshadowed transforming in the first place.

"B.. but I thought girls couldn't."

"Yeah so did I." Gonyhe rolled her eyes, becoming impatient as she looked at the android out of the corner of her eye warily. "Not the time Gohan, go get a senzu off of dad, I'll take it from here."

"Not. A. Chance."

Gonyhe rolled her eyes at her brothers stubbornness. As if to prove a point she stepped back and stopped supporting her brothers weight and proving her earlier assumption, he collapsed to the ground with a grunt. "Really? Cell's done some damage on you, Gohan. Sit this out, go get a senzu bean, I'll hold him off for now."

At this, the monster who had been standing back, watching the two interact curiously, barked a laugh. "If it wasn't amusing enough that the great Goku sent his son, now he's sending his little girl. What makes you think you can defeat me, kid? Even your father and brother couldn't."

Gonyhe's teeth snapped shut in annoyance. "The difference between me and my brother and father is that you have their cells, you don't have mine. You have no clue of my techniques, power or potential."

She hoped the android believed her bluff. Would he believe that she had no fear and was completely confident in taking her brothers place when she herself knew he was that much stronger than her?

"I thought you were scared." The android sneered, taking a few steps forward which in turn prompted Gonyhe to shove her weakened brother behind her back. The android began to sashay toward them, in a move which reminded Gonyhe of a television show she had saw on animal planet where a predator stalked its prey. Gohan shouted in complaint but certainly wasn't in any sort of state to fight back. He was still catching his breath from the previous bout.

Gonyhe shook her head defiantly, clearly lying through her teeth. She hoped the android wouldn't hear how fast her heart was beating or how much her palms were sweating. She hoped he wouldn't know that she was more scared of him than any opponent she had faced in the past. He didn't just want to kill her; he wanted to absorb her. The thought of being part of that monster had Gonyhe waking up in a cold sweat the past few nights. And that was what scared her the most.

"Gonyhe you're not doing this." Her brother attempted to argue, slowly pulling himself to his feet and surprisingly managing to stay upright. The boy felt weak all over, the android had done some damage when he had squeezed him in that bear hug, cracking a rib or two and the earlier bout which resulted in him being blasted through a mountain was starting to catch up now the adrenaline was wearing off. "You're not strong enough."

Being in the super saiyan transformation, Gonyhe's emotion were teetering on a knife-edge as it was and Gohan's obvious point made her anger flare, tipping her over the edge. Her aura spiked, her power along with it and a growl ripped from her lips. Her brother flinched slightly but calmed down, he had gotten used to his sisters often explosive temper over the years. However, it didn't mean it got any less scary every time, especially when it was she was an emotionally fueled super saiyan.

The sound of clapping broke through the siblings' mini argument, stopping them in their tracks. Gonyhe turned, eyebrow raised at the android that was terrorizing the planet. "Can I help you?"

"Why yes you can, from what I just gathered you agreed to fight on your brothers behalf. He was getting tiring anyway, unwilling to let go. Perhaps seeing his sisters pain will be enough. Either way let the Cell games resume."

The monsters energy flashed and Gonyhe gasped, throwing her arm out and sending a torrent of air toward her brother which knocked him backwards where he skidded sideways on the ground until coming to a stop, staring upwards with a dazed expression.

The demi saiyan raised her arm, just in time to block the androids roundhouse kick. However, right on the moment of impact, the collision sent pins and needles shooting up her forearm, making her wince. She frowned, flipping backwards and raising her energy as high as it would go in the process whilst Cell gave chase, throwing small balls of energy after her. She managed to dodge all but one of the blasts which struck her on the shoulder, leaving a burn which had her hissing through her teeth at the pain. Rather than let it distract her, Gonyhe rushed in and left an afterimage for her attacker to sail through, she appeared behind him, pivoting on the spot to gain some momentum before slamming her foot into his neck. Cell grunted in surprise, soaring forward from the power behind the kick. Gonyhe appeared before him, her hands held out in a very familiar gesture.

"Demon wave!"

She let out a roar as her signature attack surged from her palms and raced toward the unprepared android. The attack halted his momentum immediately and instead sent him tumbling backwards, still smoking from the attack, until he crashed into a nearby mountain. A well placed energy blast from Gonyhe soon brought that mountain back down on top of him.

The demi saiyan remained in her previous position, panting heavily as her arms shook from exertion. She looked toward her brother, wanting to tear her hair out when she saw him still standing in the same spot she had left him.

Did he not understand?!

Gonyhe knew she did not have the power to defeat Cell and although she was hotheaded, she was not a fool. Part of the reason for her jumping in was to give Gohan the time to recover, preferably by going to Krillin and taking a senzu bean because grudgingly Gonyhe could see her fathers logic. Gohan had an incredible power in him that no living being could seem to match and if he found out how to release it, she had no doubt that he would give Cell a run for his money. However what she wasn't happy about was her fathers way of bringing it out. It was far too cold-hearted, as though Gohan was simply a pawn in his game because at the end of the day, Gohan was only an eleven year old boy.

"Gohan!" She barked, wincing as she finally lowered her arms and aggravated the bright red patch of freshly burnt skin on her shoulder.

"Eh, right." The young boy stood up and began to make his way toward the earths special forces, who were watching the spectacle with wide eyes. Although the boy had recovered his breath, he was still sporting a number of cuts, bruises and possible sprains so it was better to be fighting Cell in the best shape possible, plus that boost from healing from saiyan genetics certainly wouldn't go a miss.

"Not so fast." At that moment the biogenetically engineered android burst free from the rubble at speeds that were incredible and completely untraceable.

He was in front of Gonyhe in the blink of an eye, embedding his fist deep into her abdomen and making the young girl wonder if he had let her hit him the round before. Her mouth opened in a silent scream, body curling around his fist as though it would relieve the excruciating pain taking over her body. She gasped loudly, attempting to recoup the air that was forced from her lungs but the monster was relentless, he removed his fist very briefly during which she almost fell from the sky. Mere milliseconds later he was on her again, raining down a number of hits and kicks that Gonyhe could do nothing to protect herself against. He finished by slamming his heel into the small of her back which then sent her spinning out of control until she crash landed into the ground, skidding for a few meters and digging up a trench in the process.

The demi saiyan lay in her self made trench, groaning loudly as she pushed herself onto all fours and spat out a mouthful of blood. She winced slightly as a stinging sensation on her cheek alerted her to the graze that could be likened to road rash that had formed there. All over her body there were numerous cuts and forming bruises, but apart from that she was extremely thankful that nothing had been broken. Yet.

Although her legs were shaking, the pre-teen pushed herself to her feet to see the android sneering down at her from his spot in the sky. "Come on Gonyhe, I thought you were more powerful than this."

Gonyhe growled slightly before launching herself into the sky once more at her opponent. Cell met her in the middle and they both disappeared in a flash of bright light, the sounds of blows being traded overhead echoing throughout the makeshift arena. What could have been around fifteen minutes later there was the sound of a body cutting through the air and once again, Gonyhe found herself hitting the ground.


Stars exploded in front of her eyes as she hit the ground, sending shooting pains through every nerve ending in her body. She coughed loudly, attempting to catch her breath.

This time she bit back a curse upon going to put weight on her wrist to push herself up. She collapsed back down with a grunt, gritting her teeth against the shooting pain that was spreading up her arm. Looking down at her left wrist, she could see that it had already began to swell. It would seem she had landed awkwardly on her wrist, resulting in some sort of sprain. Rolling her eyes at her own idiocy, Gonyhe jumped to her feet just as Cell landed beside her. She stepped back a few feet, attempting to put some difference between herself and her would be attacker.

She had certainly come out worse for wear in their rounds. He was only sporting miner scuffs from when she had blasted him through the mountain, which she was now starting to realize was probably a fluke. Whereas she was showcasing what felt like a sprained wrist, various cuts, a burn mark on her shoulder and a nasty looking purple bruise on her ribs which hurt if she moved in a certain direction.

"I've had enough of this. Your brother clearly doesn't care, so let's make him." The android raged, he darted forward faster than Gonyhe could even hope to track and lashed out with a right hook which connected with her left cheek, causing an explosion of stars. The young girl heard something crack as her eye began to water, she flailed as she fell backwards, landing on the ground with a gasp as she cradled her swelling cheek.

Moments later there was an extremely uncomfortable pressure on her chest and the girl looked up through watery eyes to see the android pressing his foot into her neck, severely restricting her airways. Survival instinct kicked in and Gonyhe began to flail wildly, bucking off of the ground to no avail as the android never relented in the slightest. A memory she had not recalled in a while was suddenly at the forefront of her mind.

The last time she died.

Cooler had strangled her before he snapped her neck.

Her chest tightened and she began to tremble. She could hear her own heart thundering in her ears and her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. Gonyhe's stomach dropped.

He chuckled down at his prey maliciously. "Did you honestly think you had the better of me?"

He applied more pressure and Gonyhe gasped, attempting to claw at the foot on her neck. "I came to realize that there was no way to make Gohan angry enough to release this 'inner power' and the saiyan cells inside me will not be happy until they have undertaken that challenge. You mortal beings, humans especially, are all the same; you let your emotions control you. I knew it would only be a matter of time for you to jump in if I pushed the right buttons. Just like I know that if I use you to push Gohan's buttons, this power will come to the surface."

Black spots began to dance in Gonyhes vision and her chest burned painfully. She was vaguely aware of her brothers voice, screaming from somewhere close but moments later she heard the unmistakable sound of a body cutting through the air and landing with a grunt. Not able to find the energy anymore, her hair changed back to its natural hue and drooped slightly. Her eyes no longer a magnificent shade of teal.

Cell was chuckling. "You'll have to try harder than that if you want to save your sister Gohan, look she's going purple. Then again, maybe what your father was saying was absolute nonsense. Perhaps there is no inner power. The saiyan cells in me are crying out for a decent challenge but at the same time I crave perfection and that cannot be achieved until I absorb every fighters cells on the planet."

Gonyhe's consciousness began to swim to the point she was teetering on the edge of unconsciousness, however what the android said pierced through her delusional state. A cold sweat began to break out on her forehead but she couldn't find any energy to resist. Her arms grew weak and dropped uselessly to her sides, unable to keep up the effort of clawing at the foot restricting her airways.

Moments later she chocked on a scream as something pierced her stomach, close to her belly button. There was pressure unlike she'd never felt before followed by the weirdest sensation which felt like she was floating on air. Her world spun, her airways burned and she honestly thought she was going to die. The point on her stomach burned like someone had stuck a red-hot poker inside her and was wiggling it about, but she was rendered helpless by the androids vice like grip on her neck.

She had long stopped flailing after the first thirty seconds as she found that it used a lot of the precious air she had left. Just as she thought she was about to pass out, the pressure on her throat was lifted and a large rush of air flowed straight into her lungs. She coughed violently, her vision still swimming and milliseconds later someone grabbed her by her underarms and yanked her roughly onto her feet, pulling her a few meters back.

Gonyhe was still attempting to take in huge gulps of air and the black spots on her vision were slowly fading. The ringing in her ears was beginning to lessen and her arms had stopped shaking, however she still felt extremely light-headed after having nearly passed out from lack of oxygen. Not to mention, she now had a gaping wound in her stomach which was leaking a steady stream of blood. She placed a hand over it to stench the bleeding, wincing slightly upon coming into contact with it.

The young girl watched as her brother spotted it, his jaw clenched tightly but he didn't say anything, just continued to dutifully hold her up.



Gonyhe blinked, opening her eyes widely to realize that she was leaning heavily on her brother and seemingly an adrenaline rush had kicked in because he was looking perkier. He was staring across the battlefield at a spot she had previously occupied. Gonyhe followed his line of sight and gasped.

Android sixteen had grabbed the biogenetically engineered android in a bear hug and was effectively restraining him. However, how long he could actually hold him remained to be seen. Cell was looking over his shoulder at his would be attacker almost curiously. It would appear that at the moment, the insect like android was humoring the behemoth that was android sixteen.

"Your reign of terror is over Cell, I cannot sit by idly any longer and watch you destroy this planet." The androids mechanical voice was clear over the wind whipping through the battlefield.

Cell snorted loudly. "And how are you planning on doing that? According to eighteens records, Dr. Gero created you to have enough power to take out Goku but after his recent training, you wouldn't be able to touch him. So how do you think you can possibly defeat me, even Goku surrendered!"

The red headed androids face remained a stoic mask. "Deep inside me Dr. Gero implanted a bomb in the instance that I was not strong enough to defeat Goku. I am willing to detonate it for the cause."

This time there was a small flash of fear across the biogenetically engineered android, but he was quick to mask it and push it back under the surface. "But that would mean you would blow up as well."

"I'm aware."

Suddenly Cell realized the severity of the situation and began to thrash and struggle wildly, like Gonyhe had earlier when he had trapped her. She could see the panic in his eyes and even she was starting to feel the sweat dripping down her neck. If the android blew himself up and her and Gohan were in such close proximity they would go to!

"Gohan, it's not wrong to want to fight for peace." The android stated, barely containing the monster in his arms. "I'm sorry if you're caught in the blast but I have to do this."

Then the android started to glow a bright white.

Instantly, panic set in. Without even stopping to think, Gonyhe turned on the spot, grabbing her brother by the wrist and yanked hard, dragging him away from the close proximity to the android. Selfishly, she didn't even stop to think of how the blast would affect the rest of the earths special forces. However, her brother used a burst of his own energy to counteract her retreat, effectively stopping her in her tracks. He looked at her sternly.

"Hercule Satan!" Gohan was shouting now, the wind that the android was generating as he gathered the power for his destruction was deafening, making it almost impossible to hear. "They wont survive it!"

"Are you kidding me?!" Gonyhe roared biting back the urge to smack her brother upside the head. She bit back a retort about her brothers infatuation with the egomaniacs rather psychotic daughter but turned heel and began making her way in Hercule's direction anyway. She pushed herself as fast as she could to reach the earthlings who were huddled behind a large rock, thankfully a few hundred metres away form the glowing android. Although it wasn't as far away as Gonyhe was comfortable with, she hoped that she could raise some sort of shield with her brother to protect them from the heat.

Gonyhe was pushing herself as hard as she could, attempting to reach them in time. The vicious winds were pushing her back, causing her to fight against the elements. She was aware of her brother fighting his way through the storm beside her, giving it his all because in reality they had no idea how long it would take for the android to detonate, hopefully taking out Cell in the process. They reached the gathered humans mere seconds later, prompting a scream of surprise from the martial arts champion himself as he attempted to scamper behind his entourage. Suddenly the winds stopped dead and Gonyhe locked eyes with her brother.

Moments later, the world around her exploded in a blinding display of lights.

An explosion rocked the area milliseconds after Gonyhe threw up the strongest shield she could muster. It was easily one of the strongest explosions she had been privy to. However Gonyhe's shield seemed to be for nothing because the aftershock from the explosion was enough to lift Gonyhe clean off her feet and send her careering backwards, effectively losing control of her would be shield. Her ears were ringing and a blistering heat began to lick at her skin, specifically her face and uncovered forearms. The smell of dirt and burning in the air was enough to make her cough violently, the heat almost unbearable as the aftershocks still rung out. She attempted to scream but found the wind stole it away. Bits of rock, shrubbery and dirt began to fly outwards from the source of the explosion creating a deadly minefield that Gonyhe could only pray she avoided as she continued her one man uncontrollable mission through the field of debris. The pre-teen let out a curse unbecoming of a lady as she found herself being tossed through the air like a rag doll, tumbling backwards, head over heels. Her ears were ringing and she couldn't control her flight as she spun out of control, effectively losing her coordination in the process. She felt sick, her skin was on fire, making her believe that the burns she had experienced earlier from the heat of the blast. No matter how much she tried she could not right herself in midair. However, moments later her head connected with something hard and the last thing she thought before slipping into the black land of unconsciousness was she hoped she had held up the shield long enough to save the earthlings.

" … Is the camera still working? …. "

" … Good, start rolling on my count .. 3, 2, 1."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am live for ZTV from the Cell games where an explosion has just rocked the arena. So far, there is no sign of Cell or the other fighters however our own Mr Satan here has managed to rescue a little girl from the ensuing rubble, selflessly injuring himself in the process. We will now go live to Mr. Satan for his view on the situation."


The first thing Gonyhe noticed that almost every muscle in her body ached. It reminded her of her stint in the time chamber with Vegeta, where she usually woke up in a situation such as this. In agony, with no idea where she was. For a moment, in her delirious state, she was sure she could smell her mothers homemade pancakes. She twitched slightly, suddenly becoming aware that she was cradled in someone's arms. At once she relaxed, thinking that she was cradled in her fathers arms and her mother was making her famous pancakes.

However as Gonyhe finally managed to shake off the last remnants of unconsciousness she realized a few things. She was not in her house because she could remember her mother hysterically crying as she waved her family off only a few hours ago. Two, it couldn't be her father carrying her because his arms weren't that small nor was he that weak. At this revelation, Gonyhe opened her eyes slowly, hissing slightly as the influx of light caused her to blink rapidly. She shifted on her back; now well aware she was being cradled in someone's arms who smelled suspiciously like sweat.

The first thing she noticed was a very hairy chest, pressed straight up against her face. She gagged loudly, causing the person who was holding her to squeak in surprise and release their hold on her. Still fairly groggy, Gonyhe let out a whoosh of air as her backside collided with the ground.

Mere seconds later a camera was shoved in her face, leaving the bewildered girl to stare around in confusion.

The ZTV camera man had the camera mere inches from her face, causing her blood to boil. The dark haired anchorman was at his side, holding a microphone out to her. His lips were moving but Gonyhe could barely hear him over the distinctive ringing. She put a finger in her ear and twisted, grimacing slightly when it came away bloody. Although she was no doctor, she deduced she probably had a burst eardrum, which would make balancing and simply keeping upright extremely difficult.

Mr. Satan had seemingly scampered away to the safety of behind his students, all of them looking at Gonyhe like she had some highly infectious disease.

"How long was I out?" She asked, blinking slowly as she tried to get her bearings. She pushed herself to her feet, not surprised as her head spun and she staggered slightly.

She let out a slight whine upon putting pressure on her right foot, which was already slightly swollen. Although it didn't seem likely that she had broken a bone, a fracture on one of the smaller bones was sounding about right. Hissing slightly, at a stabbing sensation near her midriff, the young girl looked down to see a tear in her gi and through it she could see the odd shaped wound in the shape of Cells deadly tail. The wound itself and the area around her stomach and gi was stained a bright crimson from the blood she had lost. The amount of blood she had lost was starting to affect her, as she was beginning to feel weak and was breathing rapidly. Not to mention a clammy sweat had broken out on her forehead. It was easy to recognize the signs of hypovolemic shock. Not that it was surprising, the wound itself was incredibly deep and she hadn't been able to apply pressure to it when she was being tossed through the air. Knowing what she had to do but not liking it, she summoned a ball of energy in her palm, tearing her gi at the wound more so that the full extend was exposed. She grimaced slightly at the full severity of it but grit her teeth and pressed the burning hot ball of energy to her wound.

The gathered earthling gasped, one even threw up.

Gonyhe resisted the urge to scream as the energy ball burned at her skin, destroying her tissue but cauterizing the wound in the process. The pain was excruciating, more painful than when she actually received the wound. The smell of burnt flesh assaulted her sensitive nostrils, prompting her to wrinkle her nose slightly. The area around the wound tightened in response to the high heat and she eventually relinquished the energy ball and took her hand away, biting her lip as the cold air assaulted the fresh burn. The pre-teen looked down, satisfied with her work at stopping the blood but grimacing slightly upon seeing the flesh beginning to blister and turn a yellow, puss filled color. Ignoring the throbbing pain and making a mental note to acquire a senzu as soon as possible, Gonyhe turned to the terrified humans beside her and raised an eyebrow in question.

"Er, it's only been a few minutes the explosion. Can you tell us what caused that?"

Instantly Gonyhe's eyes opened wide.

"Shit the explosion … GOHAN!" Without even stopping to think, the young girl blasted into the air to get an eagle eye view of the scene, completely unaware that in the Mount Paouz region, one mother had just heard her daughter swear and had fainted on the spot.

Up in the air, Gonyhe sucked in a breath, all thoughts leaving her as she viewed the destruction. Right in the spot where the pre-teen had last saw the brave android and Cell was a mile wide crater and probably around a mile deep. The further from the sight of the explosion, the shallower the crater became. However, there were scotch marks as far as the eye could see and Gonyhe could still smell the distinctive scent of burnt flesh. Any shrubbery and soil on the ground had been stripped bare from the ground and had been tossed through the air from the sheer power behind the kamikaze attack. They were all lying haphazardly within a five mile radius. From the crater itself, a steady stream of black smoke was still rising. Gonyhe lowered her head, silently thanking the stoic sixteen for his sacrifice. The fact that the monster was gone seemed too good to be true, especially when she hadn't located her brother yet.

She narrowed her eyes, looking around for any sign of her super saiyan brother. She didn't have to look very far, down on the ground was the distinctive golden glow slightly obstructed by a small pile of rubble. His golden, spiky rocks were visible, poking through the rocks and so was half a leg. Chewing her lip slightly, Gonyhe landed and prodded the pile of rocks with her toe.

The pile grunted, causing Gonyhe to chuckle slightly. She did so again, only harder and this time her brother sat bold upright, causing the rocks that were sitting on top of him to go flying in a few directions. The pre-teen raised her arms, shielding herself from the flying debris before pulling her brother to his feet.

Gohan dusted himself down, wiping a trickle of blood from his forehead before turning to his sister with a somber look. "Sixteen?"

"No sign and I can't sense him because he's an android."


"Couldn't see anything from the air and I cant sense anything, looks like its over."

"Dad and the others?"

"Right behind you." Gonyhe smiled upon seeing the rest of the earths special forces coming in from a landing.

Gohan turned with a matching smile, waving to his friends who looked to be all in one piece. Krillin was sporting a slowly blackening eye, Yamcha looked slightly burned and Tien seemed to have a split lip but they looked to be fine. Although, Vegeta was looking even grumpier than usual probably because he hadn't had a chance to take a swing at Cell.

"It's over, finally." Yamcha laughed, putting his hands on his hips.

Tien nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, for a moment there I didn't think we were going to make it."

"Well all we have to do now is use the dragon balls to wish everybody back to life." Goku said, oblivious to the existing tension in the air. Piccolo and Gonyhe were still annoyed at the large saiyan for putting forward his son to fight in the first place.


An explosion rocked the arena and Gonyhe's senses flashed and she twisted her body at an awkward angle, wincing slightly as there was a flash of searing pain across her recently cauterized wound. There was a scream of pain followed by a heavy thump from somewhere behind her followed by an all too familiar, dark chuckle.

The rest happened in slow motion.

Gonyhe turned slightly, looking over her shoulder to see the last person she ever expected on the floor. The proud saiyan prince's eyes were wide open in a lifeless stare, his head tilted slightly to the side. His mouth was open in the last sound he had made before his deathf. There was a large, bloody hole in the center of his chest, the armor that Bulma had invented for him offering barely any protection from the power behind the blast. There was a steadily growing puddle of blood surrounding the saiyan prince and he wasn't moving at all. Ironically, it had been the changelings finishing move, the demon who had haunted most of his childhood, which had finally felled the mighty prince.

The pre-teen felt her blood run cold looking at the scene but she couldn't turn away. She bowed her head slightly, in silent respect. Although she wasn't always Vegeta's biggest fan, in her eyes he was invincible. The epitome of a saiyan: hard to put down and impossible to keep down and to see Cell kill him so easily seemed to crush Gonyhe's hopes of getting out of the cell games alive.

Time seemed to speed up as the saiyan princes time travelling son saw the fate that had befallen his father.


Trunks shout was raw and full of grief, instantly he powered up as high as he could go, easily ascending into the super saiyan form. Gonyhe knew what was going to happen before Trunks acted and not even thinking of the consequences, she ascended to match him and tackled the time traveller in mid air causing the two to hit the ground in a tangle of limbs. Meanwhile, the remaining earths special forces were still too busy alternating between looking at Vegeta's lifeless body and the newly revived Cell to notice the scuffle the two were locked in on the ground.

"TRUNKS!" Gonyhe screamed, sitting on the teenagers chest and slapping his cheek to attempt to rouse him from his hysterical state. He was attempting to throw his young friend off, but in his grief fuelled rage Gonyhe was easily able to thwart his attempts. "CALM DOWN! Getting yourself killed isn't going to bring Vegeta back! Now I'm going to let you up but I swear if you go for him I'll knock you back on your backside again."

Warily, Gonyhe stepped off the time traveller, fully anticipating him to make a dash at the android but it would seem that the fight had been sucked out of him. Gonyhe's heart panged for him as she remembered how Trunks had lost everybody in his own timeline and had just lost his father for the second time in his life. She put her hand out to him, helping him to his feet and giving it a reassuring squeeze. He offered a smile that did not meet his eyes but stayed obediently on the ground. For that, Gonyhe was glad, if he lunged at Cell in his emotional state he would lose and Gonyhe definitely wasn't able to stop Trunks from getting himself killed whilst trying to stop Cell from killing her.

It would seem that the remaining earths special forces were still in a state of shock. Goku was visibly shaking in rage as he went over to the downed saiyan and closed his eyes. Yamcha was shaking for a completely different reason whilst Gohan had turned a worrying shade of white, staring up at the android in disbelief.

"Sixteen." He whispered.

"Almost succeeded." Cell stated emotionlessly, his energy flared for the briefest of moment and Gonyhe felt sick, instantly feeling the dramatic increase. "Sixteen gave me enough time to protect my nucleus and because of Piccolo's cells I am able to regenerate. Also, thanks to my saiyan cells I have now experienced a power boost, making me even more powerful than before."

"Now, who did I hit?" Before now, a shroud of smoke had been obscuring the android from the view of the gathered earths special forces but Cell had floated forward slightly, coming out of the smoke screen.

His eyes darted around, surveying everybody and who was still standing. The androids lip twitched slightly upon seeing Gonyhe continuing to apply pressure to the spot on her stomach he had tried to absorb her from earlier, but his eyes lit up when he saw Vegeta on the ground. A low, demonic chuckle ripped from his lips. "Well since he's out of the way, how about we make things interesting?"

Without even waiting from an acknowledgement from the gathered warriors congregated below him, the monster hunched over and spread his wings, releasing his dangerous looking tail. Gonyhe stepped back a little, eyes opening wide in fright as the monster started to pant heavily, the small hole on the tip of his tail expanding to a substantial size. Cell seemed to tense and then out from that hole in his tail shot seven small, blue blobs. The pre-teen watched in morbid curiosity as the blobs morphed in shape to eventually reveal seven miniatures of Cell. The child monsters gathered around their creator, chattering excitedly.

The gathered fighters eyes popped open as they eyed the smaller fighters warily, unsure of Cells tactics. After all, it was a well known fact that using the multiform technique would reduce a fighters power as he would have to split it between all of the copies he had made. So, why would Cell do this?

As if reading their mind, Cell looked toward his enemies. "Oh and don't be getting any ideas about my juniors being weak. They each have all my powers and abilities. Now children listen up, those people down there are your enemies. Go have fun, hurt them, kill them if you like. Except you!" He pointed to one of the Cell juniors. "Bring me that girl down there."

Gonyhe felt her head spin at Cells demands. Of everybody gathered, he had chosen to tell his creations to bring her toward him? She felt her stomach church unpleasantly as she looked over her shoulder at the body of Vegeta, suddenly being reminded just how powerful the android was if he could bring down the prince so easily.

"Stop this Cell, I'll fight you if that's what it takes!" Goku cut across, surprising his daughter. For someone who had been so unwilling to jump to his sons aide, he was volunteering very quickly to fight the android.

However Cell simply laughed. "I have no interest in you anymore, Goku. Your son has intrigued me with this talk of the inner power which you were so quick to support. I will get it out of him." His eyes locked on Gonyhe who shivered. "One way or another."

Gonyhe turned to her fathers best friend. "Krillin, senzu beans, we need them … now!"

The bald monk seemed to freeze for the briefest of moments before scrambling for his inner pocket in his gi, however he didn't get very far. Just as he pulled the bag containing the beans out into the open, there was a burst of power followed by a flash of green and the android was in front of the terrified human, swiping the life saving beans out of his hands.

The rest happened in slow motion. Cell turned and unsheathed his tail from his designated space behind his wings. The deadly spiked tip of shone slightly in the sun, then like a serpent it attacked, heading straight for Krillin's throat. There was a flash of orange followed by a grunt and a sickening squelching sound.

Krilllin staggered to the side, colliding with Yamcha who managed to steady him and the two looked on in horror at the scene. Where the deadly stinger would have struck Krillin in the throat, killing him instantly, Goku had intervened pushing his lifelong friend out of the way in the nick of time. However, he was not quick enough to avoid being impaled by the androids tail.

Gohan cried out from somewhere behind Gonyhe but she was in a daze, watching in morbid curiosity as the android laughed loudly at his trophy. She attempted to dart forward but something was stopping her, in her dreamlike state she was fighting back viciously although for the life of her, she couldn't seem to muster any energy to focus her attacks. In reality, it seemed she was only waving her arms about in the air.

She was vaguely aware of someone whispering reassuring words in her ear but her body was numb to the affect of them, the wetness on her cheeks a clear indication she had been crying. The demi-saiyans eyes grew wide, watching as her fathers blood dripped, seemingly in torturous slow motion.

Cell seemed to swirl his tail about slightly, only prolonging her fathers suffering until it burst through the back of his gi. Goku screamed out, blood steadily dripping from the gaping wound on his stomach, staining the sandy ground beneath his feet.

Goku's eyes widened in pain, his mouth open in a silent scream as he choked slightly. Crimson blood dribbled from his mouth as he swayed on the spot.

Gonyhe's mind was spinning. In the space of five minutes she had just saw the monster successfully injure and kill the two most powerful people she knew. Her stomach was in knots and she was hard pressed to keep what little breakfast she had actually eaten down. She wanted to get to her father, to help but whoever was holding her back had a pretty good grip on her midsection. And admittedly, even if she reached her father what good could she do? Cell had taken out Vegeta and her father with no effort on his part. Could be beaten?

Although it was wrong of her to think of such things at a time when her fathers life was in crisis. She could not help but compare her life to others her age. Any other normal eleven year old who just witnessed their father become impaled on a biogenetically engineered android should by rights, be a quivering mess on the ground.

Cell seemed to swirl his tail slightly, causing a fresh batch of blood to spray from the open wound on the back of her fathers gi.

Her stomach turned and she threw up.

Eventually the android finished his torture and withdrew his tail causing the earth raised saiyan to sway slightly on the spot for a matter of seconds before crumbling to the ground.

The biogenetically engineered android chuckled manically before walking back a few paces to where several Cell juniors were successfully holding back the fallen saiyans son. It was only then that Gonyhe realized that the boy from the future was returning her earlier favor and was forcibly restraining her by wrapping both his arms around her in a bear hug.

Somebody was screaming and had been throughout the full ordeal, it was only then Gonyhe realized the person screaming was her.

When the android walked a bit further away, Trunks released the death grip on her and she stumbled forward, landing on her knees at her fathers side. She was only vaguely aware that she was in a pool of her fathers own, crimson blood.

There was blood, so much blood.

It leaked out from the gaping exit wound on her fathers back, gravity only helping the blood travel. The entrance wound on the front was saturated in blood which stained his gi and his torso. Goku's eyes were closed and his breathing was shallow but at least he was breathing.

Gonyhe was alerted to the fact that her brother was still being restrained by the cell juniors and at this point was becoming hysterical.

Milliseconds after Gonyhe reached her father, the remaining earths special forces had gathered round her father.

"Is he?" Tien dared to ask.

"NO!" Gonyhe snapped, her voice hoarse from screaming. "We have to get him to Dende or get him a senzu bean or he wont be for much longer."

"What if we cauterize the wound?" Trunks asked, kneeling down next to her and placing a tentative hand on her shoulder. He knew what it was like to live in a world where senzu beans and namekain healers did not exist, only old fashioned medicine.

"It'll only stop him loosing what's left, he's lost too much blood and I think it's pierced his intestine." She didn't have much knowledge on saiyan anatomy and the only other person who could have provided an insight was in the otherworld, but she didn't want to risk it.

"If we provide a distraction can you get him to Dende?" Piccolo cut across, staring straight at his young student.

"Well yeah but …"

"Just do it."

Gonyhe could hear the worry behind her teachers voice. They had already lost Vegeta, who was one of their strongest fighters, if Goku died the only person they would have left would be Gohan and judging by the hysterical sounds he was making, he was in no fit state to fight.

The remaining fighters made a wall in front of the downed saiyan and his daughter, however it seemed to be for nothing as the moment Gonyhe even attempted to lift her severely injured father, Cell commanded his juniors to attack.