A Turn Of Events

Daughter Of A Hero

"Mr. Satan, what's happening?" The squeaky voice of the anchorman was barely audible over the obvious shaking of the ground. From their place just in the shadow of a mountain they were a bit away from the main action but hadn't escaped the stray, strange balls of light that had been sent their way, nor had they escaped the ground shaking so much below them that it knocked them to their backsides.

"Tricks! All Tricks!" The great martial artist screamed from his place cowered on the ground, hands over his head. Thankfully the golden explosion of light had short circuited the camera earlier on, so all they had was audio otherwise Satans reputation would have been ruined.

"The boy! He took out all those mini Cells." Mr Satans student, Pirozhki stated from his vantage spot on a conveniently placed boulder. He was squinting into the distance when an explosion when off, causing him to lose his footing and tumble off the boulder, landing on top of a shrieking martial arts champion.

"Tricks! I'm telling you it's all tricks! This is just a show and those phony martial artists are trying to fool you all, cant you see?!" Mr Satan stood up, his eyes wild and hair unkempt. He seemed slightly hysterical. "And I for one wont fall for these tricks … now who's with me?!"

No sooner had Mr. Satan made his declaration of unity than another shockwave rang out, loosening the rocks from the humans poor choice of refuge. It happened in slow motion, the rock fell out of a crevice and tumbled toward the ground, the anchorman, cameraman and Mr. Satan's students watching it curiously while the world champion continued to babble on about light tricks.

The rock hit its mark, landing directly on Satan's head and causing a crack to appear right in the middle of the rock, spreading all the way to the top where it eventually split the rock, the two halves of it falling to the ground. The afro-haired man seemed to sway on the spot for a few moments, visions of children bathed in golden glows and a super powered bug running round his head. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he lost the battle with consciousness, falling to the ground.

"Well ladies and gents, I know you can't see it but it seems that Mr. Satan is so unfazed by this latest development that he's went for a nap! You've heard it here first folks, this is ZTV reporting live at the Cell games."

"THERE IS NO WAY IN SEVEN HELLS DID KAKAROTS PACIFISTIC LITTLE HALF-BREED ASCEND!" The mighty saiyan prince lunged forward, grabbing a shrieking Radditz by the hair and yanking him unceremoniously out of the way so he had a full view of the magic ball.

The saiyan prince practically had steam coming out of his ears at once again being bested by the Son family. He picked up the ball and began to shake it, causing Bardock to snort and Baba to begin to flail her arms about wildly as she squawked in protest about how priceless the artifact was. Vegeta peered through one eye, staring at the ball critically as though it were all one big joke and even went as far as to rub his eyes in disbelief. Huffing in annoyance he tossed the ball over his shoulder causing the witch to make a mad dash and dive to catch it before it shattered.

Bardock backed off slightly, Fasha and Radditz coming to join him with the latter still rubbing the base of his neck where Vegeta had almost scalped him. The scarred saiyan rolled his eyes at the prince's tantrum in which the only tree on the relatively small planet was bearing the brunt of and only imagined just what King Vegeta would think of his sons decorum.

"Wait. Kakarot's dead … does that mean he'll be coming here?!" Fasha asked suddenly, causing Bardocks stomach to drop and Vegeta to momentarily stop punishing the tree.

He chewed his lip thoughtfully. "I guess it does."

Radditz snorted. "Don't get too excited, he's a few space pods short of a full fleet."

Vegeta finally gave up his assault on the defenseless tree, turning round mere milliseconds before a very familiar shape flickered into existence. He was garbed in a eye wateringly bright gi with well defined muscles and onyx hair that stood up and defined the laws of gravity. He cocked his head curiously to one side upon turning and catching sight of someone who looked exactly like him apart from a scar on his cheek.

The great saiyan opened his mouth to say something but never got very far as a resounding crack echoed all over the tiny planet, followed by a sickening squelching sound. Bardock blinked as the crimson liquid sprayed outwards and the earth raised saiyan tumbled backwards, landing on the grass below with an oomph whilst cradling his now clearly broken nose.

Leaving his victim on the ground without even a second glance the saiyan price stalked away with a self-righteous smirk on his face. "That's for that impossible brat you call a son."

"He's got Cell on the run now!" Yamcha whooped, punching a fist into the air and almost squealing. Krillin joined him in his celebrations, the little bald monk and the desert bandit just happy as they now had hope they were getting out of the Cell games alive. Tien, a little more reserved than his friends only nodded happily, his eyes never leaving the boy glowing golden in the destroyed arena.

"He has the power to defeat Cell." Piccolo agreed, not specifying anything else, his narrowed eyes also never leaving his student.

"Very ominous there, Piccolo." Trunks joked, trying to diffuse the tension but his words fell on deaf ears as he observed the two people who knew the boy most in the world, his mentor and his sister, simply staring impassively at the boy. "Am I missing something?"

Gonyhe chewed her lip, flicking a lock of hair away from her eyes. "Something's not right, I can't put my finger on it but I don't like it. He's not fighting the same, he's not even trying to put up a defense. Look at him down there, he's just standing there without a care in the world he's getting …"

"Cocky." Piccolo finished, his hands clenching at his side slightly. There was a hint of a growl on the end of his sentence as it seemed Piccolo's main rule went completely out the window: don't underestimate your enemy.

"He can be cocky all he likes, he's got the power to defeat Cell." Yamcha argued stubbornly.

"Cockiness leads to mistakes." Trunks agreed softly, his eyes reflecting his own experiences when his cockiness had led to his mentors death and almost his own.

"GOHAN!" The earths special forces jumped slightly as Gonyhe screeched down to her brother, in no doubt that she had inherited her mothers lungs. "DON'T DRAG THIS OUT, FINISH IT SO WE CAN WISH DAD BACK!"

Gohan turned his head, teal eyes connecting with his sisters in a gaze that made her shiver. His voice was soft but deadly and even from her position in the cliffs Gonyhe could hear every word. "No Gonyhe, he deserves to suffer."

Piccolo swore softly.

The ground shook below, barely staying still for a moment as the two powerhouses duked it out above for the sake of the planet and on a larger scale, the universe. Of course, the tables had now turned and the boy who was glowing a fierce gold was all over the genetically engineered android.

There was no warmness in his eyes any longer, only a cool malice which made even Cell shiver when he looked in his tormentors eyes. After all, Cell was perfect and thus knew when he was outmatched. There was a whistling as the green speckled body cut through the air at speeds close to untraceable, the resounding boom mere seconds later indicated the falling body had hit the ground with bone shattering force.

The android lay still in his self made crater for a few moments, taking the time to do an inventory of his injuries. He was struggling to breathe, feeling as though there was a weight pressing down on his chest. His head spun, the bones in his body aching to the point where it was almost unbearable to attempt any physical movement. The full idea that a mere child could defeat him was ludicrous. He was perfection in human form, how could an eleven year old have him defeated and barely break a sweat doing it?

The twelve year old in question was hovering in the air, his teal eyes surveying the defeated android with an emotionless stare. He could hear his allies and sister screaming in the background, telling him to finish it but he just couldn't bring himself to deal the finishing blow yet. After all, half the planets population had been decimated in the androids pursuit for perfection. His father had died and so did Vegeta. Although the latter didn't bother him as much.

That same saiyan rage that seemed to descend on him when he lost his temper was a constant at the forefront of his mind, urging him to draw blood from the android who'd caused him so much pain.

"Please Gohan."

Gonyhe's voice floated to him over the chaos of the battlefield and he turned his head slightly, locking eyes with her. He frowned, chewing his bottom lip slightly upon seeing his sisters pleading eyes but once again, that voice inside his head seemed to scoff at his weakness and urged him that the only way to avenge his fallen comrades was to drag out the androids suffering as long as possible.

His senses screamed at him and he turned slightly, just in time to receive a left hook straight to his cheek. The blow didn't do much, just jerk his head slightly but it was enough to make Gohan narrow his eyebrows at his would be assailant. The android had a mad look in his eyes that wasn't there prior to Gohan reaching the second super saiyan level. He was getting desperate.

"When I knock you down, you would do well to stay down." Gohan hissed, lashing out with such fury that it sent the android careering back into his crater. He didn't get back up.

The young warrior turned to his friends gathered on the cliff top or rather what was left of them. The two main players, his father and the saiyan prince had been taken out and left the fate of the world on his shoulders. The responsibility was heavy and even though the adrenaline and the mind numbing energy flowed through his veins, Gohan began to feel weary. Cell's energy was fluctuating and he could almost smell the crazy off him. The rational part of his mind barely audible over the roar of this newfound saiyan bloodlust urged him once again to end it quickly and reminded him of yet another one of Piccolo's lessons he had learned as a young boy: desperate people were dangerous. In that sense, desperate, power crazy, perfection obsessed androids were deadly.

Out of the corner of his eye, Gohan watched the crater but there was no movement, the android seeming to have taken his earlier warning more seriously and stayed down. Once again Gohan met his sisters pleading eyes from across the battlefield and found himself fighting back the bloodlust. This was not him, fighting was not what he enjoyed doing. Dragging a fight out to hurt the enemy was not who his mother raised him to be. He held out his hands in front of him, clenching his knuckles and watching as the skin stretched and tightened over the knuckles. The golden glow illuminated his skin and the blue bolts of electricity danced and crackled over his body, prompting the young boy to stare slightly taking the time to truly look over the transformation.

His senses screamed and he threw himself to the side, landing hard on the ground and skidding slightly until he came to a stop, wincing slightly as the friction burns began to appear on his left side. In his peripheral view he watched the very familiar red beam sore through the spot where his head was previously. Frieza's death beam, highly concentrated and very, very dangerous.

His rage piqued, Gohan pulled himself to his feet, crouching down in a stance as his aura flared and lashed all around him.

The android stood across from him with his arms crossed in a very obnoxious way, not even bothering to put up a defense. Instantly Gohan was suspicious as previously the android had been too scared to pull himself from his self made crater and now he wasn't bothering to defend himself.

"What's got you so cocky? You know you're beat, Cell."

The android chuckled darkly, talons tapping idly on opposite biceps as he stared at the boy who had caused him so much trouble, who he had sorely underestimated. "Well young Gohan, I know I don't have the strength to defeat you, yet."

"What do you mean yet?" Gohan narrowed his eyes, gathering his power in preparation for some sort of ambush.

"Well I'm going to leave and get stronger and we'll resume this little fight at another time."

Gohan's mouth dropped for the briefest of moments before he gathered his wits, shook his head and narrowed his eyes. "And what makes you think I'm going to let you leave here today, Cell?"

"Well you're not going to have a choice." The android smirked. "You see, after I got to know your sister a bit better earlier on, I picked up on a few things: That demon wave for one, very efficient and her fighting style, unique. However, I also picked up another, more effective way to get around, I think you're familiar with it."

Just as the android raised two fingers to his forehead in a very familiar gesture, up on the mountain Gonyhe gasped loudly and threw herself into the air, transforming into super saiyan as she rocketed toward her brother and his opponent.

"Gohan stop him! He knows instant transmission!"

Gohan's head snapped round slightly toward his sister in a stupor, wondering how the android had learned that particular mode of transport. After all, Dr. Gero had infused Goku's Cells with the android long before Goku learned the technique from Yadrat, so it would stand to reason that Cell shouldn't know it. And even then, how would Gonyhe know about his newly acquired technique when he hadn't displayed any knowledge of it previously. Luckily his common sense kicked in and he dived for the android in a flurry of golden energy. He sailed through an after image, landing roughly on the battle scarred ground as the androids energy disappeared from the planet.

There was a brief moment of stillness, almost as if it were the eye of the storm then the chaos broke loose. The earths special forces began to holler in anger but they were drowned out by Gohan's scream of pure rage. His energy skyrocketed, his golden aura exploding outwards and the sheer force of it knocked Gonyhe off course in mid air as she tumbled backwards, crashing into the ground with a grunt and causing her to lose control of her transformation. Her head smashed into the sharp end of a boulder causing stars to erupt in front of her eyes and the telltale smell of blood to assault her senses. The comforting blackness crept in from the edges of her consciousness and her eyes starting to close, the throbbing in the back of her head almost too much to take. The last thing she registered was the ground shaking under her because of the sheer volume of power her brother was giving off.

"She's waking up."

"Give her some room."

The fog cleared and Gonyhe blinked slightly, hissing in surprise as an influx of light almost blinded her. She swallowed, grimacing slightly at the cotton taste in her mouth. There was still a dull ache in the back of her head where she had collided with that rock but she ignored it, opening her eyes fully to find half a dozen faces staring over her. She squeaked in surprise, prompting the faces to back off slightly, giving Gonyhe time to scramble to her feet.

The young girl looked around wildly, soon recognizing the lookouts familiar surroundings as well as its occupants. Piccolo, Trunks, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha and Dende were staring at her expectantly whilst Mr Popo tended to the flowers nearby. Gohan was sitting at the edge of the lookout, feet dangling over the edge of the platform and staring into space.

"What happened?" She croaked, wincing as her throat stung. She raised her hand absentmindedly to rub at her windpipe.

"Cell escaped." Piccolo said simply, staring at Gonyhe impassively.

Gonyhe frowned, feeling suddenly uneasy around the group of fighters she had been raised alongside. "Why do I feel like you're placing the blame on me?"

From his place hanging over the lookout, Gohan snorted loudly.

Trunks looked between Gohan and Gonyhe, clearing his throat slightly. "We don't blame you, Gonyhe. We're just upset that Cell got away. Why didn't you tell us you knew instant transmission?"

"I tried, back when Dad first got here after Yadrat but nobody was interested and I don't know it, not really." The young girl shrugged. "When I died after Cooler, King Kai picked me up at Yamma's using instant transmission before I even knew dad could do it. I asked him to show me how to do it. Between training my backside off to learn Kaoken I never had time to master it and King Kai only managed to teach me the basic mechanisms of it before I was wished back. I hadn't even gotten around to actually transporting myself over five meters. I haven't had a chance to practice it because we've been so busy training for the androids so I didn't think it was important, especially because dad could do it if we really needed it."

"It still would have been nice for you not to keep secrets from us." Gohan was at her side faster than she could blink and it took a few moments for her to register that his hair was no longer glowing golden.

The harsh sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed around the lookout and there was a collective gasp from the gathered fighters.

Gohan's head flinched slightly but otherwise he never moved, continuing to stare at his sister through narrowed eyes. Gonyhe withdrew her hand, hiding her satisfaction at the telling red mark that was left on his cheek.

"You are not going to blame me for Cell getting away. Cell used one of Frieza's death beams to kill Vegeta, does that mean Frieza is responsible?" She let the question hang in the air for a few moments, rejoicing internally when she saw a few of the fighters had the decency to look ashamed. She turned on her brother, waving her finger menacingly in his face. "Now I know you're angry that Cell got away but blaming people isn't going to help. You are going to snap out of whatever temper tantrum you're in, call the dragon and wish everybody back. Then after that, we'll catch a spaceship and chase Cell across the galaxy if we need to. Ok?"

Gohan's eyes dropped to the ground like a child being scolded. He nodded his agreement as he turned back toward Dende and Mr Popo who were arranging the glowing, orange spheres.

As the remaining earths special forces made their way over to the gathered mystical spheres, Gonyhe could almost taste the fear in the air. It was not the fear of Cell himself, because they were as aware as she was that Gohan was now infinitely stronger than Cell, but it was the fear of not having a leader. Until now, Goku had always been the leader of the little gang of misfits because he was always he strongest, the one that could be counted on in times of crisis. Now that he was gone, nobody was willing to step up. Piccolo, although powerful in his own right was no leader and only tolerated fighting in the group because of Gohan and Gonyhe. Trunks was from the future so didn't technically even belong in the timeline. Tien was a loner and preferred to spend his time with Chaioutzui avoiding big crowds of people. Yamcha had the charisma to be a leader but because he lacked the strength the saiyans did, he knew nobody would take him seriously as the leader. Krillin had the attributes to be a leader and was strong for a human but he still felt a loyalty to his best friend and would not take that role from him, even if he was dead. Gohan could have been the leader, but he was too emotionally damaged to tell what direction was up at the moment.

Gonyhe sighed loudly, kicking at the tiles as she stomped across to the group. The sooner her father was wished back the better.

"But Goku … we need you!"

Inside Gonyhe's anger was almost reaching boiling point. Her hands were clenched into tight fists at her sides, her nails digging into the palm of her hands so much so that she was drawing blood. Her small form was shaking in anger but no-one else seemed to notice as they stared up at the sky and listened to Goku's disembodied voice and his explanations for wanting to stay in the otherworld.

"… think about it guys; every time somebody threatens the planet it's because of me. Piccolo, Red Ribbon Army, Radditz, Vegeta, Frieza, the androids and now Cell. It's all because of me."

Gonyhe wanted nothing more than to teleport to the otherworld and rip the stupid grin she had no doubt he would be sporting, off of his face. How dare he? He had already abandoned them once.

"… So if I don't come back it means there'll be no more threats to the planet."

"And Cell? He's still out there." Gonyhe managed to spit out through clenched teeth, keeping her voice remarkably level.

"Gohan can take care of him!" Goku said, not a care in the world. "You've gotten so strong now kiddo, you've surpassed even me."

At this Gohan's cheeks flushed slightly and Gonyhe felt herself smile. She was incredibly proud of her brother, when she put her jealousy aside anyway. "It doesn't mean you wouldn't come in handy in the battle."

"You'll have Vegeta."

"He's coming back?" This time it was Trunks, his voice rising a few octaves in surprise.

Gonyhe couldn't blame him as judging from the expressions on everybody's face they were thinking the same thing; Vegeta wouldn't have wanted to come back. After all, Vegeta showed little if any affection to his young family and everybody knew if given the opportunity he would fight Goku morning and night. He was practically being offered that opportunity and was turning it down. Gonyhe felt her respect for the volatile saiyan increase.

"So that's it then? You're planning on abandoning your family; Mama, Gohan and me just so you can go gallivanting all over the otherworld and get a few more fights out of it?" Gonyhe snapped, the animosity in her voice clear to hear. "If you're so desperate for a fight come back and fight Cell and actually be a husband and father."

There was silence for a few moments as Goku no doubt struggled with what to say in response to his daughter.

"Gonyhe." Gohan warned but there was no emotion behind his words, no doubt his fathers choice had taken the fight right out of him.

"Can it Gohan, he's a lousy father. We've done it without you before, we'll do it again." Barely stopping her form from shaking in fury, Gonyhe turned her glare on the young guardian who flinched under her harsh glare. "Son Goku you are nothing but a coward."

She softened her gaze, mumbling an apology as she saw the guardians flinch. There were no more words from her father, her last sentence hitting home. As her allies eyes settled on her, she briefly wondered if she would ever hear from her father again until she joined him in the otherworld. The image of her mothers beautiful face settled in her minds eye and her stomach dropped, wondering how she would tell her mama that her own husband hadn't wanted to come back. She shook her head, gritting her teeth against the thought. At least this way her mother could only be hurt once more, not constantly as her father came and went as he pleased, putting everything before her family.

"Dende, summon the dragon."

"Gonyhe are you o-?" Trunks was abruptly cut off.

"Fine." She barked. "Let's get Vegeta wished back so we can end this with Cell once and for all."

The pre-teen turned her back on her friends and family, focusing on the dragon balls whilst furiously attempting to blink back the tears that were accumulating in her onyx eyes. As much as she was giving off the hardened persona to those around, mostly because someone had to remain strong, her own heart was breaking. At any age, it was hard to accept that your own father had abandoned you, but when you idolized that person the pain was downright excruciating.