Rock A Ghost

Here we parody of Rock A Doodle! I hope you enjoy it! Chris goes on a quest with Razor, T-Bone, Amy Rose, and SpongeBob to get Danny to come back so it will stop raining. With the help of Miley, they show Danny he can bring up the sun.

Chrissy-San's Stories presents…

Rock A Ghost


David Kaufman

Barry Gorden

Charlie Adler

Miley Cyrus

Lisa Ortiz

Tom Kenny

Vanessa Hudgens



Character Development…


Cartoon Network


Costume Design…




Sound Maker…


Directed by…


We see we are in space…we pan to what appeared to see Earth in total darkness…then we hear a male's voice narrate…

Once upon a time…long before I realize I was in love with a human girl…the sun…came up. Now I know to some of you people that it doesn't seem like a big deal…but imagine for a second that it instead of rising up…like this…

Suddenly, we see the sun peek from the edge of the Earth and began to rise.

One morning where you live, she took a look around and decided to go back to sleep. It happened to us once…I guess I better tell you the whole thing.

Then we start zooming down on Earth and then we hear the sound of a teenage boy singing as we come to a small yet peaceful looking farm. On top of a fence stood a boy about 14 with black spiky hair, blue eyes, wearing a red and white shirt, with light blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. He was named Danny Fenton and he was singing.

Danny: Cockadoo



He turned into a ghost kid with a black and white jumpsuit that had a DP emblem on the front with white spiky hair and glowing green eyes and he started walking toward the small farm.

Cockadoo what a day

The sun is shinin' brightly

Cockadoo sunny day

Down here on the farm

Danny suddenly spotted a rain cloud about to cover up the sun and he rushed over and yelled at the cloud.

Cockadoo stay away

You big ol' wet ol' rain cloud

Or I'll cry out loud with this voice of mine

The sun smiled as the rain cloud moved away and Danny jumped down with a few kids who were admiring his singing.

This is our best friend Danny Fenton also known as Danny Phantom, the ghost kid. He may not be the smartest person, around, but the fact was, that boy can sing.

Danny: Sun Do Shine!

Danny jumped on the window sill of the Simpson family.

Homer Simpson: Sun Do Shine

Sun Do Shine

Sun Do Shine!

Bart and Lisa look up in surprise from their video game as Danny continued to sing.

Danny: Well, my daddy taught me how to sing

And that's why this voice means everything

As Bart and Lisa went back to playing video games, Danny walked toward a small house.

Sun do shine, you better shine

We all had our jobs here where we live. For Danny, it was bringing up the sun, and when he sang…well up she came.

Danny: You better Shine!

Chorus: You better shine!

Danny walked over too young tom-kats. One was slightly small and skinny who was about 25 with rust-colored fur, amber eyes, wearing a blue work suit, with a red hat backwards. He was Jake Clawson, aka Razor the SWAT Kat the narrator of this story.

Next to him was a blond-hair big framed tom-kat with brown stripes, wearing the same blue work suit, only it was short sleeved, showing a white long sleeved shirt underneath and a red hat backwards too. He was Chance Furlong, aka T-Bone the other SWAT Kat.

Hey, that's me and T-Bone working on a car.

"Hey Razor and T-Bone. What are you up to?" Danny asked, smiling at the kats.

"Just trying to get this darn car fixed, Danny," T-Bone answered with frustration.

"That car again?" Danny chuckled.

"The very same," Razor answered with a casual smile.

"Well hello girls," Danny said to Amber, Bonnie, and Star.

"Oh, he's so hot!" Amber sighed.

Danny blushed slightly as he glanced at himself in the mirror, wondering if what they mean was true, "He's like a dream…" Bonnie moaned.

"He is a dream…" Star cooed.

And a girl by the name of Valerie shoved the girls aside and said, "And his angle too…"

Danny walked by them and walked up on the plank toward a red-head girl named Kim Possible who was playing on her guitar.

Danny defiantly knew how to make our lives shine like the sun that's for sure. Since our lives were in peace and harmony.

While in the swimming pool and sun-bathing was a yellow sponge with blue eyes, wearing a white shirt, brown pants, black shoes, and a red tie. He was called SpongeBob. And in her small home overlooking the pool was a pink hedgehog, green eyes, wearing a red headband, red dress, and red and white shoes. She was Amy Rose. And right now, she was sweeping her porch. This caused the dust to go right on SpongeBob.

"Hey!" SpongeBob cried in outrage before he started to dust himself off and Amy rolled her eyes.

Well…plenty of harmony anyway…not to mention lots of sunshine.

Danny: (takes a guitar) Well, my daddy taught me how to sing

And that's why this voice means everything

Sun do shine, you better shine

Chorus: You better shine

Danny: Well, the sun do shine, you better shine

The girls sighed as they fainted.

You better shine

Razor and T-Bone: (You better shine)

Danny: You better shine

Lisa, Timmy, Jimmy, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Bart: (You better shine)

Danny: You better shine

Sonic: You better shine

Danny: You better shine

Sun, you better shine!

Kim smiled as she rapped on her guitar. And Danny did the same with a smile.


Everyone started to laugh at the last part. Danny smiled and started walking down the plank.

There was no doubt about it, Danny kept us toons up and shining,

Jimmy, Timmy, Lisa, Bart, Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles came over and greeted with the same, "Great singing, Danny!"

Unfortunately, that all was about to change…

Later, Danny was asleep in his bedroom, and dawn was about to peek when a scary looking ghost with purple flames is shooting from him and riding a scary looking horse came galloping up.

One morning…before Danny was even awake, a stranger by the name of Fright Knight came up and offer a challenge for making Danny to stop singing and brining up the sun.

Danny turned into his ghost form and flew at the Fright Knight and started to fight him.

Of course Danny wouldn't give up without a fight. But what he didn't know was that this ghost was sent by Freakshow, the duke of all Night; a nasty villain.

After a harsh struggle and bruises, Danny managed to defeat Fright Knight. He sucked the ghost in the Fenton Thermos before collapsing to the ground and turned human from exhaustion.

The good news, Danny won the fight. The bad news the evil knight bully had done his dirty deed…

The toons were coming out of their homes, since they heard all that fighting and watched as Danny shook his head. The sun was peeking around a hill!

From all the commotion, Danny had forgotten to sing…and the sun was coming up…without him!

The toons gasped as Danny felt upset seeing this. The sun continued to rise.

When Danny saw this, it broke his heart. He assumed that his singing…probably never did raise the sun.

The toons began to whisper among one another. Timmy whispered to the PowerPuff girls, "Guess he isn't who he claims to be…"

"Look! It's coming up without him!" Homer cried.

"He's a phony!" Knuckles shouted as Danny winced slightly hearing this.

"Hey everyone! Cock a doo!" SpongeBob crowed and everyone started to laugh.

Freakshow's plan had worked…they had turned us against our own best friend…

Danny started to walk away with his head hung low. The sun went back down and the rain started to come down.

And without a reason to sing, Danny left us to go looking for work in the city. Then…came the rain…and our troubles…with Freakshow…

Leaning against a tree just a few ways from the farm was a pale man with red eyes, wearing a black hat, black long overcoat and holding a red staff. He was known as Freakshow…he smirked evilly knowing that Danny will NEVER come back.