Rock A Ghost

Yay! another chapter! I will be able to finish this story! anyway, last time, we left off with Hannah feeling guilty and Chris, Razor, T-Bone, SpongeBob, and Amy have all been captured by Pegasus! now what will happen?! read to find out!

Chapter 8: Escaping

Soon inside Pegasus's trailer was Chris, Razor, T-Bone, SpongeBob, and Amy all tied together while hanging upside down from the ceiling fan and their mouths were gagged with cloth.

Gantu shut the door behind him and he laughed as he kicked away a trash can; Plankton was flying above and he noticed the big whale like alien as he said, "No more kats, sponges, or hedgehogs!"

"Ah ha!" Plankton said as Gantu walked off; the algae guy started to fly at high speed toward the huge trailer.

Now I got admit, when bad guys go, Plankton, Freakshow's littlest minion has a bark worst than his bite.

Plankton slid on top of trailer and the group watched the fire line from inside go by them and they saw Plankton land in the pool. There was a window that showed the inside of the pool so Plankton peeked through the window and smirked evilly.

"Oh boy…" He said evilly as Chris, Razor, T-Bone, SpongeBob, and Amy stare at him all helpless.

Still he was a nuisance. And as we all were tied up at the moment, we weren't that happy to see him…

The group started to swing back and forth as Plankton swam out of the pool and went to the roof door; he started going through various objects but none of them was what he wanted.

"Oh come on!" Plankton growled as he saw the next object was a fork; finally he saw a can opener and he went, "Ah ha!" he started to open the metal roof door while singing.

Chris, Razor, T-Bone, SpongeBob, and Amy all glance at each other before they started to struggle harder to get free before Plankton can get in. But it was no use. The ropes were too tight.

Plankton: Oh ma…I missed your apple pie

Ma, I missed your stew

Oh ma I missed you!

Plankton got the part open and he smiled, "Ah ha!" He took a stick and opened the WHOLE door. (which is strange since he shouldn't do it in the first place…) "Look at that!" Plankton threw the door up and he tied a rope around his waist while tying it to a pot with a cactus in it; he then put the stick under the pot and on the rim of the door opening, "Look at that! Anticipation!"

The door suddenly slammed down right on not only Plankton's head, but the stick too, causing the pot to go up in the air. Plankton managed to get his head free, but since he was tied with the pot, it fell through the opening he made and he fell inside the trailer. The pot was shot back up through the hole by the couch. Plankton screamed in pain as the dead pelt Tiger's head went on his head. But he got free again and the pot crashed right on top of him.


Danny and Hannah were on a motorcycle and pretending they were driving through a neighborhood, although they weren't really. Danny was signing happily while Hannah had a depressed guilty look on her face.

"Cut!" Pegasus suddenly called, and everything stopped; Pegasus got up from his director's chair and shouted up to a big tom kat wearing a hat that covered his eyes and a shorter kat with one big eye and small eye, "Burke, Murray, what's with the snow?!" Burke and Murray were on top of the stage and were making fake snow, "Take 5, everybody, and Miss Montana, how about a smile? It's supposed to be summer!"

Danny helped Hannah from the motorcycle and she walked back of the stage motioning Danny to follow, "Danny I need to talk to you for a minute."

Danny laughed as he followed his girlfriend, "Don't mind him, I think you're doing great."

Hannah shook her head as she took out the note she took away from Danny before, "Yeah but…"

"Hey," Danny grabbed the note as he continued, "No buts about it-"

Hannah cut him off as she grabbed the note back, "Danny ya don't understand…I did something really stupid and terrible and I godda tell ya…"

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked confused and Hannah sighed as she opened the note and handed it to Danny; he recognizes the signatures except the one Chris made, "Razor, T-Bone, SpongeBob, Amy?" He turned to Hannah who looked guilty, "Miley, where did you get this?"

"From you…the night when we first met…" Hannah answered rubbing her arm.

"So…they were here?" Danny asked, frowning.

"They're still here…" Hannah corrected, frowning.

Danny stared at the note and turned to Hannah, "I don't understand…why didn't you ever tell me?"

Suddenly, a sword went through the screen, separating Danny and Hannah which made them both gasped as they both jumped back, "Cause she wasn't suppose to!" Pegasus said, coming around the corner; it was obvious he had heard the whole conversation.

"Uh oh…" Hannah gulped as Pegasus chuckled.

"Destiny Hope Stewart…I am disappointed with you…I told you to entertain him…" Pegasus put his hand under her chin causing her to look back up at him, "Not educate him…"

"Entertain me?" Danny repeated, and he glared at Pegasus in suspicion, "What is going on here?!"

"Calm down, Phantom Boy…your friends are just fine," Pegasus assured Danny.

"No they aren't, Danny!" Hannah suddenly said, "He's got them tied up in-"

Pegasus became angry and slapped Hannah to the ground as he cried, "Shut up!"

"Miley!" Danny cried out as Hannah rubbed her sore cheek where she was struck and she shook her head while her long blond wig covered some her face.

Since Danny was already in his ghost form he flew at Pegasus and pined him to the ground; he was both angry and upset since Pegasus struck his girlfriend AND that his friends were in danger.

"Where are they?!" Danny demanded, but he was forced off of Pegasus by Gantu and Skulker, "What did you do them?!"

"Don't hurt him, boys," Pegasus said as he sat up, "He's got a movie to make…"

"Yeah?! Well I'm not making ANYTHING with you!" Danny snapped trying to get out of the minions' grip on him.

Pegasus chuckled as he got to his feet, "Oh but Phantom Boy…I put a lot of money into this movie…I don't want to lose my money…" He walked over to Danny with a smirk, "And I'm sure you don't want to lose your friends…like the SWAT Kats who probably understand what you go through of trying to be the hero all the time like them…"

"That's blackmail, dude!" Danny retorted.

"That's show business, kid!" Pegasus snapped back, "Make up!!"

"Here ya pretty she-kat…" Plankton laughed; he managed to recover from his early accident and he got on top of a TV which was near Chris and the others.

"No way…" Chris said, since she managed to get her gag off.

Plankton just laughed as he leaned back with the knife in his hand and didn't notice the cord behind him until it struck it and electricity went through him, "OW!!" Plankton screamed and tried to get his knife free of the cord, but it got tangled.

Plankton was thrown back into a bunk bed and then he gripped a vacuum cleaner; because of the electricity, it started to run and Plankton let go of it and went onto T-Bone's leg which caused the fan they all were hanging from started to go at high speed and the rope gave away. The group fell onto the bed below and onto a couch. Plankton landed on the bed and the fan's blades fell toward him; he screamed as the fan's blades fell upon him and the bunk bed went back into the wall.

"Crud…glad I ain't him…" T-Bone said as soon as he spit out his gag.

Back the studio, Danny and Hannah were getting back on the motorcycle.

"Stand by…" Gantu said.

"Stand by!" Murray mocked.

"Quiet on the set," Gantu continued.

"Quiet on the set!" Murray said again.

"Hey! Shut up!!" Gantu shouted annoyed.

"Danny…I'm really sorry…" Hannah whispered, and she meant it since she loved this boy with all her heart.

"Hush…I'm trying to think of a plan…" Danny ordered and Hannah nodded; as the scene started to work again, Danny whispered, "Where are they anyway?"

"In Pegasus's trailer outside…" Hannah whispered back.

"Marker…Phantom Goes Crazy Take 2!" Technus said.

Danny glanced at Hannah before glancing in front of him and he saw the door that led inside the studio was open, "Oh yeah…" He smirked; he glanced down at the motorcycle and said, "I wonder if this motorcycle is a prop…" He said to Hannah, "Hang on, Miley!"

Danny then started the motorcycle for real and Hannah screamed while she manage to hang onto her wig as she and Danny speed off the stage, "That's not in the script!" Pegasus shouted as the teens manage to get through the door before the minions who were pushing the doors shut so they wouldn't go through, "Don't just stand there!" Pegasus cried seeing Technus and Skulker were both acting stupid, "Stop and catch those teens!"

"There it is!" Hannah pointed as Danny drove toward the trailer.

Inside, T-Bone who was bigger than the others was dragging them around while trying to avoid Plankton with only a baking pan, "Hold still!" Plankton ordered as T-Bone rushed over toward the door that led outside, "Ah ha! Got you now!"

"Ah!" Hannah cried, as her wig came off and onto Danny covering his eyes from seeing, "Danny! Watch out!"

"Whoa!" Danny cried as he took the wig off and the two teens crashed through the window, pushing Plankton into a pissed off fish's bowl.

"Ok Plankton! You are toast!" T-Bone cried with his eyes shut and started to swing down to kill Plankton.

"T-Bone! Wait!" Razor tried to warn seeing Danny was there now; but too late, T-Bone hit Danny with frying pan and the ghost kid turned human as he collapsed to the ground.

"What?" T-Bone asked, turning to Razor.

"T-Bone…you just…" Razor frowned and T-Bone gasped seeing Danny on the ground.

"Awe crud! I think I just killed him!" T-Bone cried slapping his face as Chris, who is still tied to T-Bone and upside down said,


"Hey guys…" Danny moaned before falling unconscious.

SpongeBob grabbed the folds of T-Bone's G-suit while crying, "He's dead! He's dead!"

Miley hugged Danny, "Oh no…"

Amy opened one of Danny's eyes as she said, "This is not good…"

"Guys, he's not dead…now someone untie me already?!" Chris said, while rolling her eyes; T-Bone took the rope, stretched it out, and she fell to the floor, "Make it obvious…"

Suddenly the group heard the sound of approaching motorcycles and they gasped to see Pegasus and his minions coming, "Oh no!" Miley said.

"Crud!" Razor cursed as Amy started to pull on Danny's shirt.

"Let's get him out of here!" Amy ordered and noticed the window, "Through there!"

The minions on the motorcycles stopped outside the trailer as the group sneaked through the window on the side as quietly as they can. Gantu got off his cycle and glanced around. Chris, along with Razor and T-Bone who were carrying Danny, Miley, Amy, and SpongeBob went over to limo that was attached to the trailer. Miley gasped and rushed over to the door.

"No way…we can't take Pegasus's limo…" Miley said, shaking her head.

"We've got no choice..." T-Bone growled as he opened the door.

Skulker, having sharp ears, glanced toward the sound of a door opening and he smirked.

While Razor and T-Bone put Danny on a couch in the back with Miley, Chris and Amy went to the front, "Amy, do you even know how to drive a limo?" Chris asked.

"It's a piece of cake," Amy laughed and turned to Chris, "Which is why YOU are going to drive it!"

"Me?! No way!" Chris shook her head, "I've NEVER driven a limo before!"

"Chris! Just do it!" Amy ordered.

"But what if I make us crash? Why can't you at least let T-Bone do it?!" Chris asked as she nervously took the wheel.

"Don't be such a scardy kat!" Amy retorted as SpongeBob closed the door and Skulker called out,


"Chris!" Razor shouted.

"Ok, ok!" Chris said and she started the engine, "Whoa!" The limo was still on break, so Chris shifted to drive and she drove off, "Hey, this isn't too bad!" Chris said laughing when she looked back in front of her and screamed to see Pegasus driving with Burke and Murray, and with some other minions.

Chris managed to avoid them and drive on with her eyes close, "Chris! If you wanna drive better, you're going to have to open your eyes!" Amy cried and Chris obeyed but her eyes first fell on the rearview mirror to see Plankton on the trailer behind them.

"Oh crud…look!" Chris and Amy glance back as Plankton used a toilet plunger to hang onto the side of the trailer.

"Come on, Chris!" Amy said, taking Chris's hand as T-Bone took the wheel, and the girls rushed to the back of the limo, "We godda lose that trailer!"

"How?!" Chris cried.

"Chris! Kats are climbers! Just climb down there!" Amy ordered pointing to the hook that held the trailer to the limo.

"I can't! I'm a human girl!" Chris argued.

"Don't be such a sissy!" Amy shouted.

"I'll fall!" Chris whimpered.

"You're a kat! You won't fall!" Amy said, impatiently.

"I will!" Chris retorted and Amy sighed in frustration.

"Fine, I'll do it myself!" Amy said, angrily, "Cause you're such a scardy kat!" Amy rushed to hook and took out her hammer before she started pounding on it; Plankton took out a knife and poked one of the wheels of the trailer which caused the hook to come loose and Amy nearly falling off, "Ah!! Chris!"

"Amy!" Chris cried and went to the edge of the back of the limo, "Razor! Help!" She shouted, but she knew the clever kat wouldn't hear her.

Amy hung onto the chain, "Ow!" She cried as Chris held out her paw.

"Hang on! Take my hand!" She cried and Amy strained to reach over, but the chain broke free and Amy along with the trailer went backwards into the water tower with Pegasus's head on top.

"Help!!" Amy cried out.

"AMY!!" Chris screamed out for her friend as she suddenly in her thoughts.

"Of course if you're a scardy kat…" She saw a faded image of Amy mocking her and Chris covered her face as images of the villains went around her, mocking her.

"Give me the boss…" The waiter said.

"You're such a scardy kat…" Amy's voice rang as Pegasus and Freakshow all laughed.

"No!" Chris screamed, "NO!!"

Chris suddenly gasped to see she was back in the real world and she got a determined look on her face, knowing WHAT she had to do. She rushed back into the limo and rushed back to the wheel taking it from T-Bone.

"Sorry, guys, but we're going back and getting Amy!" Chris steered the limo right back around and the minions gasped in surprise as Chris crashed right through them.

Pegasus gasped seeing his car coming and said, "So, they wanna play chicken huh?"

"Don't worry, boss, I'm not turning!" Murray laughed.

"Idiot! That's my car!" Pegasus cried and grabbed the wheel from Murray and manage to get out the limo's way.

Chris gasped seeing they were now toward the water tower, "Hang on!" she cried and slammed on the breaks. They skid to halt in front of the water tower and Chris got out toward the ladder that went up, "I think she landed up here!" She screamed, "AMY?!"

No answer, so Chris started to climb up, "Come on, we godda find her!"

Chris, Razor, T-Bone (who is carrying Danny), SpongeBob, and Miley started to climb up just as Pegasus and minions come driving up; Pegasus rushed over and started to cry as he hugged his limo, "Oh my baby…my beautiful baby…" The minions stared at him and Pegasus took notice of this; he glared at them, "What are you looking at?! Get up there!"

"Amy!" Chris cried again as she and Razor tried to help Danny get to the top with T-Bone.

"Danny, please wake up…" Miley begged, when she gasped at feeling one of her earrings fall off, "My earrings!"

The earrings hit Skulker in the face and he fell on top of Technus who in turned fell on top of Gantu, and Gantu forced them off him as he shouted, "Bozoos!"

Suddenly the water tower started to lean toward the right and the group gasped as they fell to the edge. T-Bone manage to grab a hold of one of the rails while SpongeBob and Miley grabbed his left leg, and Razor and Chris (who both manage to grab Danny) held onto his right leg.

One of the beams let loose and the water tower started to fall slowly down, "This is guys…we're going down…" T-Bone groaned, trying to hold on to the rail.

"Razor!" Chris cried as she hugged the slim kat.

"T-Bone! Can't you pull us up?!" Razor asked, trying to hold on to Chris, Danny, and T-Bone.

T-Bone tried to climb up, but it was no use… "I can't! You guys are WAY too heavy!"

They didn't notice Pegasus's helicopter heading toward them and T-Bone grip gave away, causing them to fall toward the ground below. But the helicopter caught them just in time! Pegasus smirked, "This is great!" He laughed and talked into the radio thinking Burke or Murray was in the copter, "Bring them in, Burke and Murray!" Pegasus turned and saw Burke and Murray smiling at him, "Burke? Murray? If you're here…who's…?!"

"Burke? Murray? Who are they?" Chris and the others looked to the front and gasped to see AMY was steering the helicopter.

"Amy!" Chris cried.

"Chris! Get T-Bone over here! This helicopter is too complicated for me to control!" Amy laughed as she threw the radio away since Pegasus talked to her.

"No problem!" T-Bone smirked as he took the stick and started to fly off.

"The Phantom and Hannah Montana are both gone!" Pegasus cried out in disbelief, "And I'm ruined! No!!"

T-Bone smiled as he started to fly the helicopter back toward their home which was still infested with pouring rain…

Me: Yeah! they saved Danny! and now they are going back to stop Freakshow once and for all! and this chapter was x-tra long for your enjoyment!

Miley: I wish you could have let me pound Pegasus…no one slaps me and gets away with it!

Danny: chill Miles… (hugs Miley from behind) maybe some other time.

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