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Bitter Sweet

Chapter 2: Becoming Parents

Yumi stared out the front window, watching the cars pull away. It was sad, watching her best friends go; they had lives too, though. Today had been a good day, since everyone was able to see each other…she could only guess when the next time that happened would be.

She realized, with dismay, that it'd been a while since she'd heard from her parents. She wondered how they were doing. Hiroki was getting older. She missed them. Of course, she didn't regret not going with them, but she at least expected a phone call.

"The line goes both ways, Yumi," Ulrich muttered as he watched her eye the phone pensively.

The Japanese girl nodded with a shrug. "Yeah…but maybe it's not a good idea."

Ulrich took her hand with a smile. "Come on. They're your parents. Let's give them a call."

Maybe it was the way he smiled, or the certainty in his voice, or they way he said "let's"- including himself-she wasn't sure which, but at that moment, she knew she'd go along with any of his ideas…even if it lead her off a cliff.

"Alright…" she whispered, and picked up the phone.


Aelita paced back and forth across the living room, vaguely listening to her husband as he spoke to her. Her fists clenched and unclenched, her head swam, and she bit the inside of her lip to keep from saying or doing something stupid.

"Baby…you're going to wear a hole in the floor…" Jeremie told her. "Come sit down with me. Let's talk."

Now that she was away from her friends, she could react in the way that she wanted. She didn't have to paint her face and act like everything was perfect. It wasn't. He knew that. Why couldn't he understand, then?

"I don't want to sit…" she finally muttered, and continued pacing.

"Aelita…is this about what you talked to the girls about?" he finally asked, after silence-well, besides the sounds of Aelita's heavy breathing, and her feet hitting the floor-enveloped them.

The pink-haired girl froze, sighing. "…No."

Her husband jumped up at this. He couldn't just sit by idly and watch her when she was so upset. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer than he probably ever had. She laid her head on his shoulder, and Jeremie felt her tears soak through his shirt.

"Aelita…please don't cry."

"I'm not."

He didn't reply to this, because he didn't think he could. "Please, just tell me what's going on."

She dislodged herself and went to sit down. Jeremie stared after her for a moment, but then followed and planted himself beside her.

"Yumi and Sam said…well, that there's one way to tell for sure if you can get pregnant."

Jeremie tried to keep himself from hyperventilating. Of course it was about this, but why was she suddenly so interested in it? He wasn't sure he wanted kids ever, but especially not now. He just got a good job, and a nice house, and he and Aelita hadn't been married long. If they ever had children, he wanted it to be in a few years, at least. They were only sixteen, after all.

His wife looked at him, making sure he was listening. He nodded to show her he was. With a sigh, she continued. "Well…you know what I'm talking about…right?"

Again, he nodded. Already, his mind was thinking of less-awkward scientific replies in case she asked any questions. However, to his delight, she didn't.

"I don't…"

Jeremie looked down. She sounded so sad at this. And suddenly he understood. Aelita was a smart girl. She probably knew children now wouldn't be the best idea. Perhaps it was just having the choice in it. She wasn't even given that. He took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I'm sorry, Aelita…"

"Why?!" She almost screamed. "I mean, I'm a girl, aren't I? Everything else works! Why am I not…normal?" A few tears squeezed from her stubborn eyes and slid down her cheeks. Jeremie used his free hand to wipe them away.

"I don't know…" he muttered, his three least favorite words together. "I can think it's because you lived in a virtual reality, at least to our world, for so long that you didn't need certain aspects of the woman…I mean, do people even reproduce in Lyoko?"

"There aren't any people in Lyoko…" she replied callously, then realized she was only proving his point. She sighed yet again. "So…that's it? There's no hope?"

The blonde shrugged. "There could be. Maybe after you've spent enough time here, your body will adapt to fit our world better."

Aelita smiled coyly at him. "So you're saying that I need to practice?"

His eyes grew. "W-what?"

"By putting myself in a situation in which reproduction is possible, perhaps my body will change. That's what you were saying, right?"

He was sure he was three shades of red at that moment. "Well…I suppose…but that's not-"

He was cut off as Aelita smiled and pushed him down on the couch…



He didn't answer. Sam only heard the sound of his snores. Sighing, she rolled over in bed and stared at the digital clock on her bedside table. It was still rather early, too late to be up, but too early to think of starting the next day. She couldn't sleep though, and she sighed again.

This was all happening too quickly. Sam wasn't ready. She loved Odd, of course, but this all was such a big leap. She wanted the sex, sure…but not the responsibility of another life at such a young age. Curse her for having no extra money for rubbers that week…

Sam shook away the thought. She loved Odd. She loved being with him. She loved her unborn child, though she didn't know for what reason. Still…did she love the baby enough to go through with it? There was always another option.

Or was there? Abortion was stupid, but so was her getting pregnant in the first place. She had just graduated, for goodness' sakes. She didn't have a job, and Odd was making minimum wage working at a restaurant. A baby and its expenses were too much for now…too much for ever.

Still, now everyone knew the truth. It'd be too hard to cover it up. She could always say it was a false pregnancy or a miscarriage if she had to. She wasn't sure of what to do. Her head swam as she argued with herself for what felt like hours.

She would go, she decided, to get information tomorrow while Odd was working. It was just information. She didn't have to do it.

Life was complicated…


Yumi was in tears. Ulrich was shocked, since she seldom cried, but sure enough the girl was standing in front of a sink, heating up the second bottle under the hot water, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Yumi? What's wrong?"

She put the still cold bottle down and held her face in her hands. "I'm so sick of this, Ulrich…"

"Shh…" he whispered, coming over and rubbing her back. "You know you don't mean that."

"I'm just so tired…" she whispered in a weak voice. "I was expecting this…but…it's just hard, Ulrich…"

"Of course it's hard, but it's also rewarding." There was a brief pause. She agreed, silently, he knew, but he wasn't convinced. "Come on. Let's feed them and you'll see."

He grabbed the bottles in one hand, and Yumi's hand in the other. Together they walked the small house to the back room where Nanami was crying loudly and thrashing about in her crib, while Alex just stared up at the ceiling, almost patiently.

Their father picked up the crying girl and held her as he fed her the bottle. She gulped it quickly, at once content, her brown eyes almost smiling.

"See Yumi…" he whispered, entranced by his beautiful daughter. But Yumi didn't answer; she was asleep in the rocking chair…



Sam smiled shyly, hugging herself as she walked to the front desk. "Hi. I…um…uh…"

The woman seemed to understand. "Would you like some information, dear? You don't have to answer any big questions right away."

She nodded, taking the brochures quickly, as if trying to hide them. When she realized how ridiculous she looked, however, she stood normally. "Thanks…"

Walking over to the waiting area, Sam sat and flipped through the brochures, without really reading anything. Her eyes slyly scanned the other people in the room-three women, one a girl around her age, and a middle-aged couple. So many people were all brought together for the soul purpose of ending a nonexistent life. The thought made her sick.

Or maybe it was the morning sickness.

Either way, it didn't seem fair. The babies had no say in whether or not they should live or die; they had to trust their doubtful parents. All at once, Sam grew protective of her stomach, of the tiny body inside.


Sam jumped, turning to follow the voice. The other teen girl, a pretty blonde with dark brown eyes, sat down beside her shyly. "I'm Veronica."


"Sorry to say such a thing," Veronica started, looking at her lap, "but it's nice to see someone else my age here."

The brunette stared down at her stomach, hugging herself again. "Yeah…but I changed my mind."

"Me too." Veronica sighed. "My boyfriend left me, and my parents already said that if I try to take care of a baby, I'm on my own…I think I'm going to get him or her adopted. I would feel way too guilty about this."

"I know what you mean."

Adoption? Sam hadn't thought about that. What would Odd want? Not this; not seeing her sitting in this building, even considering it. But would he want to get their child adopted?

Sam stood. She needed to see him. "I'm sorry. I gotta go. I hope for the best for you." She didn't hear what Veronica's reply, for she was already to the door. On her way out, she took the brochures and tossed them in the garbage can.

The lady behind the desk smiled.


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