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Title: Sakura, My Pink Neko maid!

Summary: She has Cute Black and pink ears, A cute long Black and pink tail, AND guess what! shes the maid for the guys! who is she? Sakura of course! Shame shes a Punk, kick ass, Skater tomboy of she would be theirs in a second! but thats ok, they like em' Fiesty! Sakura Centric

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Bloody Kisses



Summary: Shes the school gang leader, a delinquent. Most feared in her school, Who knew by just a small bet could lead her to slavery?! especially when her masters are hot, sexy, possessive playboys of the school next door! and worst of all...who knew that they were vampires?!




Every School has a leader (or leaders). Weather the leader (or leaders) is a Boy or girl you Must respect the Leader (okay i think you get it, their can be more than one leader). This was the first rule in Konoha Fire High.

Konoha Fire High was a Private school, filled with the most richest and successful students. Their leaders...the most richest (and hottest) boys in the entire school was-

"KYA! ITS NEJI-SAMA!" Neji, A heir to the Hyuuga clan. He is one of the leaders of Konoha Fire High. He is the gentleman of the group. But dont be fooled, even though he acts like a gentleman he is a MAJOR playboy. He is also a smoker (Dont hate me, its just part of the story) Hes gorgeous from his silky brown hair to his toes! Some girls are even jealous (but still love him!) of his pearly pupil less eyes. You would be stuck looking at them forever. He is VERY popular with the girls

"GAARA-KUN! KYA!!" Gaara Subaku. His blood red hair and green eyes will leave you screaming! he may be anti-social but boy can he melt you heart. Gaara is the badboy of the group. He may be a smoker but he knows his limits when it comes to women. His cool attitude is what women love about him the most.

"SASUKE-SAMA! SHIKAMARU-SAMA!" Sasuke. after his brother he is a big heathrob. His natural spiky hair and coal stone eyes are memorizing. Very hot but you have to admit, all of them are hot! his cool composure and badboy attitude sends the women drooling.

Shikamaru Nara. He may be lazy but he is one of the biggest playboys belive it or not. Hes 'Troublesome' attitude is what the girls love about him. And he is very mysterious.

They walked through the hallways with pride. Their Neck ties around their uniform collars. Now why neck ties? In Konoha Fire High. Its a Tradition for boys and girls to trade neckties and ribbons when they are dating or are boyfriend and girlfriend. So short to say they all were taken but their fangirls have not given up on them yet.

All of them Were the 'leaders' of the school. The Big heatthrobs and playboys of the school you could say and-

"Sasuke, Shikamaru, Neji, Gaara-Sama! Come quick! the Delinquents have started a FOOD FIGHT In the cafeteria!!" A Short boy about their age said. He was covered in all types of expensive food. Some fangirls looked disgusted at the boy and mad that he got to talk to "their" boys.

The group of boys gave each other looks and started to run toward the cafeteria.

Did i tell you that they are ALSO the student council? which means any damages and or injurys will come out of their...mommy and daddy's wallet, and when mommy and daddy have to give money out of their wallets...well...lets say their lucky if they Even see the next day.

B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


"Haha take that whore!" a plate full of spaghetti flying through the air landing on the target.

"Kya! my hair! take this you bitch!" the 'target' screamed through the left over spaghetti at the pink haired girl who had thrown it at her.

The pink headed girl blocked it with a tray as she throwed the tray hitting her 'target' once again.

"That will teach you not to mess with the Delinquents!" The cherry blossom replied as she dodged a plate of steak.

Who is this girl? Delinquent Haruno Sakura. And, also 'Leader' of their school. Konoha Leaf High. Also known as "The school of Delinquents" She could kick-ass better than any guy! And she is ALSO feared in her school. She has bangs over her eyes but you can still see those mischief filled eyes. By her records, she is the most trouble making girl of Konoha leaf High AND Konoha Fire High. Very stubborn and also beautiful (said by ALL guys of Konoha Leaf high and even some of Konoha Fire High) she is hated by most girls (since she hangs out with the hottest guys of Konoha Leaf High) She keeps her head high. Ready for whatever you throw at her. Faceing the world with her best guy friends. She has a deadly Atmosphere around her when shes pissed but when shes pranky (like right now) you seem you want to be with her at all times. Shes all about fun and is never serious unless she wants to be.

She and her gang was Inside Konoha Fire High. The Elite school for the rich (and snobby) students. They were currently in the Hige Cafeteria. The Elite school students on one side of the cafeteria. And the Delinquent School students on the other side of the cafeteria.


A plate of Sushi has hit a muscular guy in the face causing him to fall and squash two smaller boys under him.

The petite pinkette high-fived the blonde with sparkling blue eyes.

"Good Job Foxy!" The pinkette commented her best friend as he smiled his foxy grin.

Naruto Uzumaki, also a pranker. He and Sakura has been best friend ever since she first started at Konoha Leaf. They had pulled many pranks on the teachers before. It was like a daily routine for them. he has always had her back and is secretly crushing on her. He is a VERY possesive of her and doesnt like it when other guys are by "his" Sakura-chan except his best friends of course (who are also best friend of Sakura) But Unknown to Sakura...Naruto has a "little" secret he has been keeping away from her.

She smiled a beautiful smile that sent his heart fluttering but then she stopped when she saw a bowl of salad flying toward her other best friend.

"Dog Boy! Watch out!" She called as he quickly looked at her then blinked then look at the flying bowl then quickly duck as the bowl was caught by a chubby boy.

"Phew, thanks Sak!" he thanked his best friend as he smiled as the small dog that his in his grey hood barked as a way of saying "Thank you Saku-chan!"

Kiba Inuzuka, A pranker and a playboy at Konoha Leaf. He is a dog lover and is always having his faithful companion Akamaru. The small dog he keeps in his jacket. Kiba is a playful boy with an eye for girls. But thank god he isnt perverted. And also, Like Naruto he is keeping a secret away from her AND is ALSO crushing on the petite Pinkette. He is also stuck by her sides and has been the one to break them out of detetions.

She smiled at him then looked at the chubby boy that had caught AND ate the salad.

"Nice catch their Cho." She complimented the "skinny" boy. His name was Chouji Akamichi. He doe NOT like to be called fat. if you even say the word "FAT" around him. He will go on a total rampage and KILL you. He loves eating and is Sakura's best friend AND Sakura is his "Eating partner" He also likes Sakura. And the thing about him that he liked about her is that she knows that he MUST have the last bite!

He bit an apple chewing quickly as he nodded.

She turned around to have a Pie in her face. (Ironic huh?) he wiped the pie out of her face as she glared aroung the room. With MURDER in her eyes. Some of the students of Fire High quivered at te deadly girl.

Sakura soon found out the girls that had threw the pie at her and that were laughing and stopped once they felt a shiver go up their spine.

They turned around to meet the deadly glare of the beautiful girl as they smirked. Inside they were slightly frightened. All four of them had Ribbons. They must have boyfriends already.

Everybody stopped throwing food at each other watching the scene.

"How did you like the pie hag?" One of the girls said hand on her hips in a bitchy manner.

Sakura smirked at them. as she took one slender finger and touch the leftover pie on her cheek and lift the slender finger slowely to her mouth as she licked it.

"Hmm...well i have to say...why dont you have a taste?" With the last sentence a dark glint sparkled in her emerald eyes as she took a pie shoving it in the red head's face.

Sakura, whos hand was still on the metal pan slid off the pie pan off the girls face as the red head gasped in surprise. Her thick black glasses covered in pie. Her friends behind her, agape as they looked at her.

Sakura only smirked as snickeres were heard.

"Hmmm..." Sakura said in a thinking manner slid off some pie of the red head with her finger as she put her finger in her mouth tasting the pie.

"Yup, your pies are much better than the ones at our school. She said taking her finger out of her own mouth.

The red head fumed as she wiped some pie off of her face.

"Why you-!"

"Oops, where are my manners? how silly of me" she said innocently blinking her cat-like green eyes mocking the glasses wearing red head.

The red head and her friends looked at Sakura confusingly as Sakura picked up another pie.

"Your friends must want a taste too" She said, the dark mischief glint sparkled in her eyes as she shoved the pie in each of the 3 girls faces.

The whole roomed filled with laughter at the girls shocked faces. Sakura Haruno has outdone herself again.

"Hmm..." Sakura each took a bit of pie with her finger on each girls faces as she tasted it. Her small finger in her pouty lips with an innocent look on but her eyes mocking them.

"Yup, your pie is defiantly better than our pie" she said mockingly as laughter filled the room.


The Laughter immediately stopped when the big cafeteria doors slammed open as four very pissed off student council boys looked over the room.

"What the hell is going to here?!" the shout echoed through the room.

And at this. It Made the Pinkette turned around to meet lust filled eyes.

B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


The four boys groweled. (Except Shikamaru and Gaara)

Damn those Delinquents. was all they could think of. Except Shikamaru who thought it was troublesome.

"I am going to shut down that school if its the last thing i do" the ebony boy growled as he stomped toward the cafeteria. This just wasnt their day. And being the student council was NOT easy, With all the damn paper work and the fangirls that bug you 24/7.

He was very pissed and trust me you DO NOT want a pissed Uchiha or Hyuuga...or a Subaku for that matter okay you REALLY do not want ANY of them pissed.

Gaara looked at the fangirls as they walked. His eyes bored and slightly disgusted. All the girls at Konoha Fire High were either a fangirl whore or a fangirl. He grunted at the fowl smell of them. Perfume. Oh how he HATED the smell. It either they dont take a bath of the TAKE a bath in tht awful smelling stuff.

But most of all he was most disgusted by their blood smell. It wasnt as bad but he could smell it was tainted. He grunted. Was ANY of them pure? they probably lost their virginity at the age 10!

Now why would he dislike the blood? well not ONLY were the student council hot, playboys. They were also...

V a m p i r e s

Vampires. Yes the one that suck your blood. And yes the one who sucks your blood from hunger (or maybe lust) and yes the one who can make you their 'mate'

And yes all four of them are vampires.

But back to the story...

They had finally made it to the cafeteria, the small boy that had told them following behind recieving glares.

Pushing the doors open (more like slamming) they came face with the huge cafeteria. Food all over the walls and students. Outraged. The ebony haired prodigy yelled.

"What the hell is going on here?!" The food covered students looked over at the screaming boy.

"Well what the-" His voice immediately stopped when the pink haired girl turned to them. Her eyes meeting theirs. At this movement they swear their hearts had skipped a beat.

She blinked her emerald eyes and at this small action it brought the boys back to earth. Sasuke had choked on his words. feeling his face turn red his nose was going to explode like a volcano.

Shikamaru who kept thinking of "troublesome" had finally stopped looking at the girl in front of him. And he thought. He actually thought. That she might just be better than clouds.

Neji's pearl eyes had grown wide shocked at the girl who looked deep into his eyes. More shocked that she wasnt drooling at the sight of them. And more fascinated that she had ACTUALLY looked into his eyes with a blank expression.

But Gaara. His thoughts were FAR from them. Of course he was interested in her but the aroma that filled his nose made his mouth water. And HELL NO it wasnt the food but the aroma that girl was holding. He licked his lips as if he just saw a nice steak and that he had not eaten in days.

And the rest of them noticed too as they also licked their lips with lust filled eyes.








B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


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P R E V I E W x B L O O D Y x K I S S E S

I couldnt believe my ears! "WHAT?!" i shouted. I was NOT going down without a fight. "From This Day fourth, Haruno Sakura. You are a Slave to the Konoha Fire High Student Council!" He roared as the students grew Quiet. I couldnt believe it. Who knew me. Me Out of ALL people. Was going to be a slave, to the richest, snobby, playboys of the ENTIRE school. Well, If i was going to be their 'slave' than i might just have a 'little' fun. I mean, they never told me i HAVE to be an obedient slave. I smirked as a plan formed through my head.

'Fine, If you want me to be your slave. Be prepared for hell because Im going to make you wish you were never even born!'


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