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Bloody Kisses



So far...:

Shes the school gang leader, a delinquent, Most feared in her school but by this tiny bet she has suddenly became the enemys school student councils' slave! after chapters of boys and jealousy (ocassionly some melon bread ;)) out pinkette has been kidnapped and taken to Hokkaido! while Kiba, Naruto and Chouji look desperatly for her the masters and our favorite slave have found some trouble brewing at the cottage with Kankuro missing...?!







Groups scattered around in the blizzard looking frantically in every place they could find in hopes in finding the missing Subaku sibling.


Feeling like giant snowmen everybody looked only occasionally to take a rest. It was dangerous and the weather had not one bit of hope in calming down, but they knew if this kept going Kankuro could possibly, never be found.


Even Sakura were one of those giant snowmen. Even thought she might be their new "slave" she was one of the first people to volunteer in the search.

F l a s h b a c k

"W-We went out to g-go skiiing! b-b-but then the weather-out of no where-j-just changed and b-before we knew it we were all-all running inside a-and Kank-Kankuro was-wasnt there no more! t-the blizzard and the-....I-im sorry!" The boy said tumbling over his words as he found the ground strangely more appealing.

They all stared at him, shocked. For century old vampires one thought went through their head or at least, one name.


In one swift movement Gaara was out of his current position next to Sakura and was up putting on a giant snow coat and heading out the door, not even remembering to put gloves and a hat for the cold weather.

"Garra." Sasuke called but it was too late as the reh headed vamp had dissapeared around the corner. Sasuke sighed, getting up and passing the sweating, stuttering boy as if he wasn't there. The other followed suit but Sakura stayed seated as images ran through her mind. Not just images but images of Gaara's face, his expression.

Gaara was like stone, almost emotionless but when Kankuro was brought up he had nothing but shock and despair on his face. Sakura shook her head trying to get the painful image out of her head. No luck.

Sakura stood up as her 'masters' were about to leave out the door.

"Im going too." she announced as they turned to her. Some wearing weary expressions. The white eyed vamp. spoke up.

"No need, stay here your going to catch a co-"

"No im going and that's that. End of story." she interjected as Neji stared at her with wide eyes. Before he knew she was dressed in full snow clothes. A tiny smile formed on his lips.

"Come on, im ready to go freeze my ass now."

E n d O f F l a s h b a c k

And here she is looking for a boy she had never met before but was willing to die for. She puffed deep breaths of air as she walked up the giant mountain with Gaara.

'Yeesh its so c-cold! heh, wow its so cold my t-thoughts are s-stuttering!' She looked at Gaara, or what she could manage to see. With all the snow blowing around he looked like a silhouette in the blizzard and if it wasn't for his bright hair she probably could've been walking with a bear for all she knew. She frowned slightly as she squinted in an effort to see him better, his face was almost the same as before, shocked and despaired but now stotic as before the incident. She noticed snowflakes clinging to his red hair remembering how he left in such a rush forgetting to bring his hat.

'He must be freezing...'

Gaara stared ahead even in such a bad blizzard he could see ahead perfectly. He could also tell how Sakura was looking intently at him, he slightly admired how rosy her cheeks were but then his thoughts went back to worrying about his lost older brother. His eyebrows forrowed together, no matter how many abnormal things vampires could do they weren't perfect. He was annoyed how he couldn't sense Kankuro no matter how hard he tried. Right when he was about to try again he felt something fluffy come over his head. He quickly turned to the source to see Sakura grinning at him, he was wearing her hat. He shook his head trying to take the warm cloth but was stopped by the pinkette.

"No, keep it on." It may have sounded like an order but Gaara knew that she was almost pleading. He sighed and gave her a soft smile then turned ahead. He was grateful really and it made his dead heart jump again to life but he was a vampire, dead, he was use to the cold. Heck he is cold. But he was more worried about her, she wasn't a vampire. Who could get sick and weak at an instant if not taken care of. Yes a human with blood running through her vein-

He felt something pointy in his mouth poke his bottom lip.

"Shit..." he mummered.

"What?" She asked, he shook his head, afraid that his eyes were noticeably red...

"Gaara..." she called. But she smelt so good, so addicting, so....mouth watering....

"Gaara..." he shook his head.

'Stop it...' He told himself, she was their slave, not food.

"Gaara..." But on the other hand he could make her so whatever he wanted. Just a bite wouldnt-

"GAARA WATCH OUT!" His thoughts dissapeared, fangs caved back in and eyes turned from red to green. And then, there was a crash.

B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


He growled, pearl white eyes fierce and glaring around. Who thought things would go like this? all he wanted to do was get his pink haired slave away from them and in his arms but yet here he was, in the cold looking for Gaara's brother and no Sakura to be seen. He cursed mentally. He wanted to tear something down right now, but with all the other student around he couldnt or it would give away his and maybe the others secret.

He felt onyx eyes boring in his back, he turned his head to glare at the ebony haired prodigy who returned the glare back.

"What.?" He spated at the Uchiha. Sasuke closed his eyes and looked away continuing the never ending search. Sasuke also missed Sakura as much or maybe more than Neji. Even though both of them hated each others guts they both wanted the same thing. For Sakura to be theirs. With one last glare the both walked separate ways.

Sasuke sighed.

"Aa...What could be worse..?" he asked himself walking around aimlessly.

"Hm....Well....that stupid dobe and dog looking guy could be here..." he thought out loud as he looked at the white endless sky. He smirked feeling like he won a small battle against the "dobe". He chuckled to himself but then stopped as he squinted to the sky.

"I swear i must be seeing things cause that little orange dot looks alot like-" He stopped eyes wide.

"Oh kami..."



B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


Kiba stared down as he watched the orange blob fall straight down. Actually that blob was Naruto. Kiba sighed. Not only did Tsunade get them a ride, but the ride just have to be...

"Sky diving..." Kiba felt shivers go up his spine. God he hated high places...he gulped and walked to the edge of the door.

"Thanks man." he said to the helicopter driver as he nodded, Kiba nodded back then bent his knees down a bit.

"1....2....3!" He jumped. It was like he was flying, just flying downwards...

"ITS SO COLD!!!" He could feel the air and snow hit him like freezing bullets. He reached for the cord attached ot the orange bag Tsunade had given them before, he then pulled and was immediately pulled upward again. He let out a breath.

"Glad thats done...." Kiba looked down and raised an eyebrow.

"How come i don't see Naruto's parachute?" he wondered to himself as he drifted down. In 20 seconds he could see the snow covered ground of Hokkaido, and to where Sakura is.

He saw orange alright, but not parachute orange. He then sweat dropped.

"Baka, forgot to take out his parachute..." Landing on the ground with a thud, Kiba walked to the orange blonde who was surprisingly still alive. He shook his head.

"You lucky son of a bitch." He grabbed Naruto by the shoulders shaking him.

"Naruto! Naruto! Wake up!!!" finding consciousness he looked hazily at his dog loving companion.

"Oh hey Kiba....We....We gotta get out of here cause I need to go rescue Sakura-Chan...." he said loopily to him.

"Stupid, Were already here." He told him Naruto who then shot up fast.

"Woah that was fast!" gaining his energy back. He looked around then looked down, his mouth went wide.



"OH MA GOSH KIBA! I SQUASHED A CHICKEN! AH?!" He panicked quickly getting off the chicken.

"NARUTO! Shut up! you didn't squash a chicken!" Naruto stopped mid panic.

"Really?! then whad' I squash?"




"HOLY SHIT I SQUASHED TEME?!" Naruto jumped up picking up the "chicken" shaking him wildly.

"TEME! speak to me?! hello?! Oh my god I think I killed him!" Anime tears ran down Naruto's face as he looked at the flat looking vamp.

"T-Their gonna KILL ME." He imagined himself being tied up by the student council as they ate ramen in front of him, without sharing. Naruto shuddered,

"M-my ramen...." He then started to shake Sasuke wildly again.

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WAKE UP! DONT TAKE MY RAMEN! PLEASE PLEASE" He started to beg, Kiba sweat dropped again at his companions stupid but random behavior. Kiba watched his blonde best friend try to wake up the squashed, almost dead Student council member.




"How 'bout this huh? how bout i give you a-a- a....Foot massage! yeah-yeah! ew....that kinda sounds gay but- ANYTHING I Mean ANYTHING-"

"Naruto...I think you have to do...the thing."

"AND-...what?" he stopped his pleading to stare at the spiky haired brunette.

"The thing?..." he looked confusingly at him. Kiba nodded with a mischievous glint in his eyes as he gave the blonde a wicked smile.

"Yes....you must give him....C.....P......R." He said the last three letters in a deep voice sending chills up in Naruto's spine. He looked at the evil looking boy with fear.

"W-What's that?" he stuttered, Kiba's smile grew wider as he went closer to Naruto and whispered in his ear....






B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


Quick Pic! She sits there waiting, for what? bangs cover her eyes, Whose eyes? red as crimson as the blood around her, Who's blood? Her skin almost matching the snow around her, Whos skin? and she waits. For who?

....Her next prey.

"Lets run"




"AH!" Sakura shot up from her position, she then flinched as a sudden rush of pain hit her head. She groaned putting a hand to her head trying to ease the pain. She then felt another hand caress her back. The pinkette looked up to the source and found herself staring at a pair of light green orbs.

"Try to lay down and rest more." His voice was cool and sent shivers up Sakura's spine, his hand work didn't help the situation neither. She shook her head.

"No, Im fine now." She looked around her surroundings, it was a dark, dim place that smelt of soil and snow. The only source of light was a tiny, handmade fire pit made out of sticks that was ready to die at any minute.

She the looked back at her male companion noticing he was only clad in a thin, damp sweater. She then noticed how incredibly warm she was even though the fire was small, she looked down. She was wearing his jacket. She frowned, she was grateful really, the thing that made Sakura frown is how careless he could be with his own health even if he was her "master". She then stood up and drapped the jacket around his shoulders. He looked up to her ready to refuse her kind gesture but before he got the chance she was already seating herself closely next to him underneath the fluffy cloth.

"Now both of us can be warm." she said quietly but loud enough for him to hear. A tiny smile appeared on his handsome face. Now closely next to each other, his arm around her waist and her head on his shoulder they sat there watching the fire burn and sparkle, in warmth.

They stayed like that for minutes until the questions thawing in Sakura's head began to pop out.

"What happened?" she asked him looking at his pale face. Any girl would swoon right now, alone in who-knows-where with one of the hottest boys in F.H., snuggling. But Sakura remained surprisingly calm.

He didn't take his eyes off the pit.

"Hm. Avalanche...the weather is getting worse." His answer was short and blunt but Sakura just nodded. She sat there next to him watching the fire in his eyes dance like a beautiful serenade, it made her breath hitch and form lump a lump in her throat. She swallowed and looked at the pit.

'Damn pretty boy...'

"So...where are we?" She scanned the area again, it wasn't the roomiest of places.

He answered again bluntly again.

"A cave, it was the closest thing to shelter I could find, Sorry." His apology sounding sincere.

Sakura stared dreamily at the captivating fire pit letting her mind take over. So he saved her... but what was he being sorry for? Because he didn't bring her to a fancy inn to rest? she didn't care.

"No its fine, as long as were safe." she said to him. He shook his head understanding what she meant.

"No, not that, sorry because we're actually trapped in here." He then nodded his head towards the right. Sakura looked. Oh, now she got it. She stared at the uneven wall of snow covering the entrance. She sighed. Great.

She let her mind wander once again until a pang of pain had hit her again. She groaned as she digged her head into his shoulder wanting the pain to go away in all. He watched her until she stopped and then layed his eyes for what seemed to be the hundredth time on the pit. He gave a sigh, while he was in his only little lustful stage he hadn't noticed the giant piles of snow heading for them. He with inhuman like speed had successfully grabbed the pinkette and found the closest thing to shelter he could find without being buried in snow. But of course even someone like him could run out of luck because the avalanche had trapped them both inside. Of course he tried to get out both of them out but sadly for him there was just so much snow covering the entrance that not even a vampire could escape and so, they waited in hopes that someone would find them. He took a deep breath and held it in for 5 seconds then let it out. Sigh, today was just not his day, first his brother has gone missing and then he was trapped in a cave with his favorite pink headed slave. Well, actually the last part didn't sound so bad to him, he had an advantage but a cave wasn't the most....romantic places.

He stole another glance at Sakura who was now just resting her forehead on his shoulder. He then averted his eyes to his jacket that covered them mostly, to think, making a bet that she would surely lose to so she could become theirs and then steal her away from her....friends, and yet she could care less if she was stuck in a dark cave with a vampire that almost lost control and only care if they were safe. Another tiny smile found its way ony his face. She is really something. His eyes found its way to her soft, cotten pink hair, sure it was the girliest of all girliest colors and not one of the many colors he adored over the years but he found himself somewhat drawn to it now.

His eyes followed to a silky strand of pink to her face. He admired the tiny blush that adorned her face, it was one of his favorites, it made him know how alive she was. And how dead he was. His eyes hardened, was there a happy future for the immortal? especially when the other is not. He found himself staring at her lips, he licked his lips, so tempted to kiss hers right there and then. How he wanted to trail butterfly kisses on her cheek and down her-

His breath hitched.

It didn't help him one bit of how her addicting scent roamed around his nose and how he knew how vulnerable she was right now. But the big thing that made it worse was that she was practically giving herself to him. His eyes blood red stared at the creamy body part with lust, he could feel his fangs almost piercing his lips almost begging for him to let them eat. No matter how much his body was begging for him to put his mouth to her neck he tried to restrain. He had to get his mind straight again.

"Sakura..." Oh god. Did he just purr her name?

She turned her head slightly.

"Hm...?" She was getting sleepily, the pain in her head becoming numb.

"Do you believe in....vampires?" What?

Her body became fully awake now, vampires?

"Vampires...?" she repeated making sure she wasnt hearing wrong, she felt him nod his head closer to her and she shivered, she could feel his cold breath tickle her ear.

"Yes, do you believe in vampires?" This wasn't going according to plan, his eyebrows furrowed together, he felt as if he had no control over his body anymore. He took in another whiff off her scent, dammit.

It was her turn to furrow her eyebrows but she answered anyways.

"I can't say i do...I mean, its not like I see vampires walking around but then again..." He felt himself smirk, he felt two parts of him fighting with each other, one that wanted to eat Sakura and the other wanting to save her. And the one wanting to eat her was winning. He snuggled into her neck, letting her scent control him. While on the inside, Gaara was struggling, he was losing his body to himself, the beast self. He kept chanting to himself, not food, not food, not food. But his body could care less.

Sakura flinched at the sudden closeness, they were sitting next to each other but they were never that close that he would be practically eating her neck. Not funny.

"G-Gaara....y-your too close...." She was suppose to be fearless , she was L.H. leader for gods sake but somehow she felt weak like she was in the clutches of something evil, and she was. Her heart was starting to race now, and not in a good way, Gaara was acting different and it scared the heck out of her. The pain in her head came back. Sure she had been...touched in many ways but the way he sniffed her and snuggled gave her the creeps.

He could literally feel how nervous she was now, and it drove him crazy. His eyes were glowing red and he wanted to push her further and further.

"Sakura....do you know what happens when a vampire bites your neck?" He licked his lips and his fangs were happily agreeing happily. Sakura's breath quickened with her heart she could see Gaara's eyes, red eyes, and he didnt give a damn. She was too scared to reply.

"You become completely paralyzed and you body numbs with sensation." Gaara neared closer if possible.

"And then...." He kissed her neck

"You become completely hypnotized..." He chuckled as an idea popped into his head, the beast was freeing from its cage.

"But Sakura do you know what happens when a vampire...kisses you?" The beast pushed further. Gaara was looking straight into Sakura's eyes, and he admired how big and scared her emerald eyes were, Gaara lost it, he officially lost his body to his mind and it scared Sakura even more.

He continued.

"When a vampire kisses you..." He moved towards her, their noses touched and she flinched back.

"You become completely his." And then a leaned closer. Sakura's mind was yelling her to do something, anything to get away from the red headed boy that was scaring the crap out of her. For sure this was no joke.

"Sakura, I order you to kiss me." He grabbed her chin and leaned in to claim her lips and then-

She collapsed.

Gaaras eyes became wide and the glowing red eyes faded to a dark rust color and he gained control over his body again. He quickly grabbed Sakura around her shoulders and put a hand to her cheek.

"SAKURA! SAKURA!" He screamed, All his life he was naturally a calm boy but now he panicked as if the world was ending, and that was how he felt. He felt mad, terrified and mostly scared.

His eyes widened and he cursed to himself.

Sakura had a fever, and it was getting worse. They had to get out of there, they couldn't wait. He growled and with vampire like speed he took the coat, wrapped it around her and set her on his back. He then set them across from the snow covered wall, he bended one knee and then, he pounced.


He huffed, that didn't work, he set himself up again.


He could now feel the snow stick itself onto his sweater, they weren't going to melt anytime soon. He glared at the wall, he only left a mark. He once again set himself up again and ran with full force and pounced


He let out deep breaths, almost there, he held onto Sakura tighter, he could feel her warming up his back and puffing in and out hard. She had a high fever. With determination he set himself up.

'Im gonna get you out of here...' And he pounced putting more energy into his legs then ever.


They were free and he ran as quickly as he could, he could feel the wind race against him as he ran. Shit they shouldn't have walked up so far... he heard mumbling and he turned his head sideways to see Sakura out of the corner of his eyes.

"...Gaara..." Her eyes were heavy and her cheeks were flushed and slightly puffy.

He stared at her with sadden eyes and looked forward.

"Dont worry Sakura, where almost there," his dead heart ached, and he almost felt like crying. Now he felt vulnerable.

"Im sorry Sakura..." he mumbled.

He felt a light squeeze around his neck.

"Its....ok...." His eyes widened once more and then a tiny saddened smile came across his face.

Boom. His eyes glowed. Gaara shook his head.

No. Im not giving Sakura to you. His eyes hardened, no, he was not going to lose control to the beast. He sprinted down the hill, he could see the cottage up ahead, he pumped more force into his legs he was almost there and then, He stopped.

Neji was standing in front of Gaara looking at him, shocked. Gaara stared at him and then lowered his head and handed Sakura to Neji and quickly like the wind, disspeared. Neji watched him leave for what seemed to be like hours before he and the girl on his arms dissapeared into the blizzard.

B L O O D Y x K I S S E S




"You DIRTY Half demon!"


The door opened with a slight creak as the boy entered the room with a soft tap in his steps. The red headed boy at the window looked up to see the sudden intruder and sighed as he played with the chess piece in his hand. Pawn

The "intruder" gave a slight nod before walking up to the red headed vamp.

"...You never play chess..." The pearl eyed boy said more like a statement than a wondering. Gaara's eyes never leaving the pawn in his hand replied.

"What do you want Hyuuga?" He spatted his name with extreme venom. Neji have a slight smirk before setting himself in the seat across across from the chess board.

"Simply to speak with a fellow member of-"

"Your full of shit." Gaara interjected causing Neji to glance at his eyes then back down.

"Then tell me what your full of." Neji said using the same voice as Gaara did.



"Why are you crying?"

"I love you..."

"Waiting is wasting for people like me...."

Gaara glared at the pawn than the prodigy across from him. He placed the pawn in his hand to the board as he moved it diagonally to the left. There was a pause as the temperature in the room felt like it was dropping fast.

"Thats dirty Hyuuga." Neji shrugged as he moved his pawn forward, once.

"I gave that up along time ago, Subaku." Gaara moved another pawn forward once also. His eyes suddenly stopping to stare at Neji's white ones. Gaara smirked.

"You know...you were never one of my favorites." He stated looking unfazed. Neji didn't make a move to reply back but moved his pawn forward and made a motion that the pawn had jumped over Gaara's. Neji smirked before taking the said pawn.

"I had the feeling." Suddenly Neji's eyes turned to glared at the red headed Subaku. Gaara didn't move as he half expected this.

"What do you do with Sakura?" he spat out bluntly.




"Sakura, Run!"

Gaara gazed at the fuming prodigy bored as he set his pawn to "jump over" Neji's. Gaara took it.

"I don't see how any of that is you buisness." Gaara stated as he returned Neji's glare.

"Answe me Subaku!"

"Haruno Sakura."


"And then they lived happily ever after..."

Gaara raised his voice also.

"Back off Neji!" His fists starting to clench and unclench.

"Not until you tell me!"

"Is there such a thing?"


"Look I did it!"

Neji slammed his fists onto the table making chess pieces fall over the table. They were unaware of how loud they were being to the students in the next rooms.

"Fuck off!" Gaara said standing up.

"It doesn't matter!" He said through clench teeth. Both of them glaring head on to each other, their game clearly forgotten.

"It DOES. You touched Her!!"

"Its not like you could!"

"Dount touch me!"

"I love you."


"SHES MINE!" Neji grabbed Gaara's collar. Gaara growled.

"NO SHE IS NOT!" Chess pieces were cracked as they exploded around the room leaving the board and table into now sticks as the two boys huffed and puffed from the lack of breath. They stared into each others eyes seeing who could break one another first.

"Dont try to look so wise..."

Neji stared into Gaara's red ones as he slowly let the grip of his shirt loose.

"Dont cry cause it feels so right"

"You know we all have to share her. Whether we like it or not." Neji stated as he looked out the window into Hokkaido's dark night.

"Dont try with fate so fierce"

Gaara glared at him with his red eyes as a sadistic smirk adorned his features. His blood stained eyes staring at Neji.

"Yeah? Not for long."

"Cause you will hate yourself in the end."






B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


The onyx haired vamp. glared at the blonde intensely as he held his throat.

"Cough- N-Neve- Cough- Ag-AGAIN!" The blonde smiled sheepishly as he too held his throat as Kiba rolled on the floor, dieing of laughter.

B L O O D Y x K I S S E S


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