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"From Yielders All Things Catch"

Chapter 4

Bella's POV

We pulled into Emmett and Rosalie's apartment complex and I decided I had to tell Alice the truth about Edward. Well, the truth about my feelings for Edward. She'd be able to give me pointers or something, and then with that thought I quickly changed my mind. I didn't need pointers. The whole situation was weird. I was so attracted to this guy I'd only met once. I'd just be me, be Bella, no need to get worked up about a guy. I'd been doing fine on my own. Okay, not fine, if I was being truthful with myself. I hadn't bothered with anyone since Jacob. But I knew I was ready, I was tired of being that 3rd or 5th wheel when I was out with my friends. I pulled into a spot next to Rosalie's little cute red car. Alice and I got out and went into their apartment.

"Hey Guys we're hooommme" I called out as I made my way to the kitchen. Once Alice and I had set the groceries on the counter I settled into what was my routine whenever we had a cookout or get together. "Tell Emmett to start the grill" I told Alice shooing her out of the kitchen. She went bouncing off to tell Emmett and I started putting the groceries away. I was putting a bottle of the White Zin in the freezer to cool down when Edward walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Bella, do you need any help?" he asked me as he leaned on the counter. God he was just so cute... No cute wasn't the right word... I didn't have the right word for Edward...

"Not really, but I could use some company." I told him... What was I doing? I was used to just getting everything ready... I didn't need him distracting me with his handsomeness. There that word might work slightly...

"Sure, so how did you get into Stage Management?" Edward asked me and from there we flowed into a fairly nice conversation as I mixed up my famous Taco Dip and got the hamburgers ready for the grill. I felt so at ease with Edward I wasn't distracted at all.

"Alice and I have been best friends since high school. She volunteered to do the costumes for the musical our junior year because she was madly crushing on a guy who was in the show. I tagged along cause I had nothing better to do. And I loved the work. I helped build the sets for the show and when the SM needed help I volunteered. I fell in love with it, in the fall they asked me to SM the fall show, then the spring musical. I decided to go WSU for Stage Management and stayed here in Seattle after I graduated. Alice had enjoyed the costuming so much she went to school for it too. We met Rosalie and Jasper while at WSU. Rose was already dating Emmett. We all became good friends, more of a family really, especially once Alice and Jasper finally got together. What about you? What's your story?"

"Emmett and I grew up here in Seattle, but I wanted a change of scenery so to speak so I went to Darthmouth for music. Its been awhile since I've been home. I stayed east even during holidays. I really love music. All kinds of music. From Classical to Rock, even a little country. I consider myself well schooled in music. What's your favorite band?"

"I doubt you've heard of them. Cowboy Mouth. I've been in love with them for years. Since I was in 7th grade and heard their song "Jenny Says" on the radio. I had to wait until I was in college to see them live, which is a hell of a lot awesomer than hearing the on the radio.They come to Seattle once or twice a year and I never miss it. Sometimes I'll even take a road trip to see them"

"Really your favorite band is Cowboy Mouth? I know them. I've never seen them live but I heard of them."

"You'll have to come with me next time they're in town. But I have to warn you I take my Cowboy Mouth Concerts very seriously" I grabbed the hamburgers and a bucket of beer and the bottle of White Zin handing some glasses to Edward to carry, and we headed outside to where the others were. I noticed Alice kinda grinning and looking between me and Edward when she thought I wasn't looking. Emmett had the grill fired up and ready to go. We all were hungry and ready for a night of good food and some Mario Party.

Edward's POV

Dinner had been good. Bella was an excellent cook, or at least an excellent hamburger preparer. We had stood around out back while Emmett grilled and talked easily enough. They all treated me like I'd been a part of the group for forever. I didn't need to worry about finding a place with them. After dinner we all had gathered around the TV and played some video game called Mario Party. It seemed like they'd played this game over and over. They had a good time with inside jokes and trash-talking. Bella completely schooled Emmett in a few of the games just like she said she would. After the game was over Alice got up to leave. I was slightly disappointed because I knew Bella would be leaving too.

"Bella, we should get going. If we're gonna get up and go see Charlie tomorrow I want to head to bed soon." she was saying to Bella.

"Okay Alice, can someone help me up?" Bella had been sitting on the floor near the chair I was sitting in, so I stood up and held out my hand to her. As soon as she grabbed my hand I felt something flowing though my hands like shock, but pleasant and warm. Man I must have it bad for this girl. I had made a mental note of downloading some Cowboy Mouth songs since it was her favorite band. We had a good talk while I watched her get dinner ready for the grill. It felt natural to be around her, to talk to her. I'd never felt this way around any of the girls I'd dated. I wondered who Charlie was. Maybe a boyfriend? A girl like Bella couldn't be single could she? I didn't want to get my hopes up. As everyone said their Goodbyes I wondered when I'd see Bella again... I knew I wanted to see her again.

Bella's POV

Alice and I had gotten up early and were on the road to Forks by 7. I wanted to see my father. Make sure he was alright, do some grocery shopping and wash his clothes, straighten up the house. He wasn't a slob but just didn't take care of the small things. I don't know how he took care of himself now that I wasn't there to look after him. I made it my business to get back to Forks at least every few weeks. He was the Chief of Police for the small town of Forks, and I knew that town meant alot to him, more than his health and personal hygiene did.

Alice was driving since my truck was old and didn't get good gas mileage. I knew she was just itching to bring up Edward. "So I noticed you and Edward seemed to get along well last night" she was saying to me.

"Yeah, he's pretty interesting" I told her. I knew she wanted more details but I was gonna make her beg for them I thought grinning inwardly.

"Pretty interesting? Seriously Bella?" was all Alice said. I knew she wanted more from me. "You guys seemed to talk quite a bit when you were getting the burgers ready." I knew she was fishing for details.

"Yeah, I told him how we all met, he told me about Dartmouth, he'd actually heard of Cowboy Mouth" I told her.

"Only you would bring Cowboy Mouth up." she said as she rolled her eyes.

"Actually he did, well not really, but he brought up music and asked about my favorite band." I saw her eyes light up with that. I didn't get it.

"Ooohhh, he's asking about your favorites?" Crap I'd given her too much, she was now slipping into match maker mode. So I decided to just be honest.

"I think I like him, but I really wanna take it slow I don't know if I can handle it" I whispered very quietly. I knew she'd hear me.

I heard her squeal "Finally Bella!! I'm glad you finally found someone to like..." She was strangely silent about the subject after that. The rest of the drive was spent listening to our favorite cds and singing along. Soon we were pulling into the driveway and I knew Charlie was home. His police cruiser was parked right out front. I ran up the stairs and grabbed the key from under the eaves and let myself and Alice in.

"Dad" I called out into the house. I heard the TV going in the living room, so I headed there.

"Bells?" I heard him get up and come over grabbing me up into a big bearhug. "I'm glad your here Bells." Charlie wasn't big on words but it meant alot to me to know he was glad I was here. Ever since Renee left us to go marry a stupid baseball player, Charlie and I had been close. I walked into the kitchen to get started on the mound of dishes I knew would be piled up, as Alice hugged Charlie and went to get the wash started. We had brought our dirty clothes with us who could pass up a free washer and dryer? The rest of the day was spent in quiet. I cleaned up the house and Alice and I washed all the clothes and Charlie took us out to lunch where we caught him up about the show and then went grocery shopping for him. I'd picked out a few TV dinners I knew he liked and some stuff for sandwiches. I really wanted to make Charlie would be okay until after the show. I knew going into Tech Week I wouldn't be able to get up here again. After giving him the tickets for the show, we hugged him goodbye and made our way back to Seattle. Later that night after Alice and I got home I was putting my wash away and I noticed my favorite dark blue sweater in my pile. I knew I'd left that at Charlie's. I didn't have a need for it here. Alice must of grabbed it for me.