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Chapter 6

Bella's POV

It had been a long week. Between rehearsals I had been helping to load in the lights and the set, and now Tech Week was officially upon me. Normally Tech Week meant "Hell Week" for me. Between getting the cast ready then learning all the cues then fighting with myself to not think about Jacob. Jacob and I had been dating since my senior year in high school. We had made it though almost all four years of college, even with it being a "long distance" relationship. That was until my very last semester, Jacob had gone to a nearby reservation with his friend Quil and he'd met Nessie. At first it seemed innocent enough, he just had another friend he really liked to hang out with. Then Tech Week started and Jacob HAD to talk to me, right then, he even drove up from Forks because I couldn't leave my show. He told me that he was sorry but that he'd met his soulmate and that he didn' mean to hurt me but he that he couldn't spend another minute in our relationship when everything he'd ever wanted was back on the reservation with Nessie. I told him it was fine, that we could be friends, no problems, to go away into the sunset with Nessie. I barely remember getting though the show's run and then the fateful cast party... The one where I got drunk for the first time and ended up in Mike's bed. So every time Tech Week came around I always was a little unsettled, but this time around I wasn't. I was confident with the show and my work and I had Edward to distract me. God I had it bad for that man. I loved the crooked smile he gave me, the deep green eyes, even the way he smelled was heavenly. I decided I was gonna make a move on Opening Night after the show. I'd even "let" Alice talk me into going shopping with her for a new "opening night outfit". This morning was the only chance we'd get to go so I had showered and put on comfortable shoes and was waiting for Alice in the living room.

"Alice, come let's go" I called to her.

"Okay, ready?" she answered walking into the living from the room she now shared with Jasper. We walked out to the her car and made our way to mall, chatting lightly about the show and the latest gossip. Apparently Mike and Jessica were now an item.

"At least that means Mike'll leave you alone now." she was telling me.

"Oh, Mike wasn't after my body... He wanted to apologize for being ungentlemanly. I didn't tell you about that?"

"Uhhh, no you didn't Bella. You always forget the good stuff! When did this happen?"

"Um, the night before Tyler quit, I think."

"Oh, that explains it. You've been thinking about Edward ever since then" she turned towards me with a knowing look. We had parked and now headed into the mall. "So where to?"

"You're the fashion expert love, you tell me."

"Lets start here" she said pointing to a store on my left. We walked in and were browsing the racks when she pointed out a really cute black dress. "Everyone needs a little black dress. I can't believe I've let you go years without a little black dress." She handed me the dress and I went to try it on. It was the dress, cute but not too sexy, exactly my style. I brought the dress and walked out of the store.

"Now shoes for that dress. You are gonna look so HOT" Alice draged me around from shoe store to shoe store until I found a pair I could live with. I'm know for falling or tripping over everything in a 2 mile radius of me. So I choose a pair of comfortable black pumps that had a cute little bow on them. We paid and left the mall. When we got to the car I noticed Alice didn't have anything.

"Alice, aren't you missing something?"

"Huh? Oh, you know I brought my dress weeks ago!" That was Alice for you!

Edward's POV

Bella had been on my mind constantly. I had finished up most of my work for the show and had little else to do so I called up the editor from the Seattle Loaf and asked him if he had any shows he might want me to cover. I wanted something to drown out my thoughts about Bella. Drums usually do that for me.

"Hey Aro, you have any shows you would like covered this week?" I asked.

"Sure do kid, I've got a Spinnerbait show, and I want you to cover the Mouth show" Aro told me. The "Mouth" show? Did he mean what I thought he did?

"Mouth show?" I asked him.

"Yeah, Cowboy Mouth, they are doing a surprise charity event at the Jazz House in a few weeks. I'll get you two tickets."

"You have a deal" I told him. "Is there a chance I can get those tickets before Wednesday? I'd like to surprise someone with them?"

"Sure, come by the office and get them when you pick up the Spinnerbait tickets.I'll want the write-ups on my desk the following morning by 10 so they can make print by 2" and Aro hung up.

Holy Hell! This was it, I'd give the tickets to Bella. I had the perfect plan to try and make this wonderful woman mine.