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Summary: First they left her out of training, then missions and slowly she vanished from their lives. Now seeing the same girl they left behind walking on the streets straight past them made their hearts break. Will things go back like it was in the old days or will this be the end of their friendship for good?



Left behind

A soft rustle was heard in the darkness of the night. A person rushed by, running through the woods. Jumping from one tree branch to the next, she got closer to her goal, the big green gates where her home and rest was waiting for her.

Another gust of wind blew made her hood and caused it to slide backwards a bit, revealing some of her pink locks. Grabbing her hood she pulled it back in its place. She tied her red scarf a bit tighter, hoping that it would keep the cold out.

She was so close now, she could already smell the scent of Ramen from Ichiraku's. A dull ache appeared in her heart at the scent, remembering who was probably eating there right now, along with his other two friends of course.

A long time ago, she would have sat there with them, instead of being on a mission like now. Not that it was her choice to be here instead of with them, she remembered it all to clearly what they'd to her. It was scarred into her mind forever and for that reason, she became closed up, the cheerful glint in her emerald eyes dulled until it faded and only the dark, killer look was left within them.

No, she wasn't the cheerful, naïve, little girl of 13-years old anymore. After that fated event four years ago, she was now known as the Pink Illusion, the fearless and merciless ANBU squad leader.

She stopped briefly by Izumo, giving a quick nod before disappearing again. She leapt up onto the roofs, not wanting to run into anyone when she was heading to the Hokage tower, to give in her report before she could finally lie down in her bed.

She leapt over to the next building, glancing briefly to the right to see three shadows sitting next together, talking together and having fun as if nothing had ever happened. It only made the hole in her heart bigger, tears started to shine in her eyes but quickly she blinked them away.

'They aren't worth my tears, not anymore' she told herself, and turned to fix her gaze on Hokage tower, not noticing a head popping out of the stand the moment he felt her charka signature, and a lone onyx eye following her movement to Hokage tower, before it disappeared again.

She stopped in front of the tower, sighing softly before straightening her back and walking inside. She knocked softly on the door three times, waiting for the 'come in', and when it came she walked quietly into the room. Closing the door behind her she could already could smell the faint scent of sake and the dried ink on the papers. She smiled unconsciously, the familiar scent told her that she was finally home, not on that terrible mission anymore.

She turned around, looking at the blonde Hokage sitting behind the desk, not troubling herself to hide the sake which was standing on the desk. She walked forwards stopping short, a few inches from the desk and handing her the mission report.

"You're late."

"I ran into some trouble, it's all in the report."

Tsunade nodded looking from the still closed scroll now in her hand to the woman standing before her. She'd already placed the mask on the side of her face, the mask which was shaped as a fox referring to her crafty skill on missions and the way she could sneak up on her targets, letting them suffer in her genjutsu before she killed them. She was proud on her former student, don't forget that, but the hard and deadened look in her emerald eyes made her heart fill with sympathy for the girl.

The moment she knew what had happened, she scrapped Sakura from Team 7, not that they already hadn't done that, and placed her under her full guidance. She learned everything from Tsunade, from her healing jutsu's to her killing moves to summoning her slugs. From Shizune, the poison specialist, she learnt the most efficient and deadliest poison's to help her to succeed in the following missions. Thanks to them Sakura had passed her exams from chuunin to jounin with ease.

She wanted to join ANBU too, but realised she needed more than the skills she had already learned. She knew that she was a natural genjutsu person, and she'd gone to Kurenai for her aid. Months after beginning training with her, improving on her already good skills, had made her a genjutsu specialist. Next she had gone to Gai to work on her speed and taijutsu. A year after starting her training she finally thought she was ready to go for it and pleaded with Tsunade to let her take the exams. After much whining and the one argument over how she needed to do this to prove to them what she had become, how much better she had now become, Tsunade finally gave in.

She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a cough from the pink haired woman before her.

"Yes what were you saying Sakura?"

"I'm rather tired from the long journey so if you don't mind I'd like to go home. Unless there's anything important, something that can't wait until tomorrow?"

"No, no you can go," Tsunade quickly said, dismissing the girl with a wave of her hand.

"Thank you Tsunade-sama," and with a swirl of petals she was gone.

Tsunade sighed and took another sip from her sake cup before turning around in her chair, and glancing at the world outside the window. The Sakura who'd just stood before her wasn't the real Sakura she began to train years ago. No, that cheerful one died a painful death after her team had left her behind, the only hope was that she was able to forgive them for what they had done to her. And if Tsunade knew the girl as well she thought she did, that chance was slim to none. She took another sip, her look was saddened. 'If there was only something I could do to bring the old one back.'

Sakura dropped her keys on the table next to the door before bending down to untie the bindings of her boots. After she was finished she kicked them off, then grabbing them and putting them away neatly in the closet. Ino hated it when she left them in the hallway.

Unwrapping her scarf she walked into the living room to find her best friend Ino lying on the couch. She placed her scarf along with her ANBU mask on the dinner table, before walking towards the blonde sleeping nin and crouched down before her.

The deep circles under her eyes told Sakura that her friend hadn't been sleeping well the past few days. She sighed annoyed, Ino always worried too much about her when she went away for a solo ANBU mission. She stood up to snatch down the blanket which hung over the couch before laying it down on Ino, wrapping it softly around her so she wouldn't get it cold in the night.

She stood up once again, untying her travelling cloak and throwing it over the chair before walking into the bathroom.

Letting the shower run she walked into the kitchen to fetch the first aid kit before setting off to the bathroom again. Even though she was a medic and could easily heal the cut she got from one of her opponents, she didn't want to waste her chakra on it when she just wanted to rest and sleep and recharge her chakra. Putting the medic kit down on the sink she quickly stripped off her clothes, actually enjoying the stinging feeling when she peeled the clothes away from her cut.

She stepped into the shower, letting the water fall down on her. She closed her eyes. It was one of the rare occasions she would actually let her guard down for just a little bit. Not being the infamous Pink Illusion but just her, just Haruno Sakura. The water always washed away the blood she had spilled from that night on her mission, washed away all the thoughts which would come to her again in her dreams. But some thoughts never seemed to wash away, she always thought back to them.

Flash back

"Oh Sakura, the training is already over, we'll speak to you later okay.?" Naruto said smiling brightly before running off.

"Oh you don't need to take time off from the hospital Sakura, I think me, Naruto and Sasuke can handle this," a lazy voice spoke from behind his precious Icha Icha book.

End flash back

Sakura snapped her eyes open, noticing that tears were leaking out of her eyes, since the scent of salt gave it away. She angrily wiped them away. She remembered clearly, the memories were vividly imprinted in her brain. Slowly they started to train while she was doing hospital shifts, or simply leaving her out of training sessions or else not telling her. She simply shrugged it off that they thought she was training with Tsunade.

Then they started pushing her out of the missions, saying they didn't need a medic for this mission because it was simply too easy, or it wasn't worth her time. She shrugged it off that they wanted her to focus on her medic career.

But then they had even stopped hanging out with her, no more eating by the ramen stand after their return. She was pushed from their lives, her heart breaking with it. She cried over it, getting her almost to the point she couldn't handle it anymore. And when she didn't show up for her shift, Tsunade had gone looking and found her crying in the training ground she always used to train her, knowing immediately that something was wrong. After she'd told her what happened, she'd reassigned Sakura from their team, putting her under her full charge instead.

Which of course led up to the way she was now. She hadn't talked to them since they'd stopped hanging out with her, refusing to return their calls on her birthday and avoiding them on the streets. She stopped caring and shut herself off, only Ino and her ANBU team mates were the ones she was talking to, and strangely also Neji. After she made jounin she was paired up with the Hyuuga a lot, she really could talk to him and he was focused on the missions and talked about stuff that was important to both of them and not the nonsense rambling she was so used to hearing from Naruto. But loving someone like she had her boys, was something she couldn't do anymore. She'd simply forgotten how and had no urge to remember it.

She snapped out of it when she heard soft knocking on the bathroom door.

"Sakura are you there?"

Sakura turned off the water before wrapping a towel around her soaking wet body. "Yes Ino, I'm here."

She could hear the relieved sigh from Ino, making her smile a little.

"You're late," Her angry voice rang through the door. Sakura only rolled her eyes, and finished drying herself off. She was only a week late, so it wasn't really that big a deal.

"I ran into some trouble, no biggie."

She put on her clean garments and binding the cut on her left arm before opening the door.

"It was about time-" Ino started before looking startled at her bandaged left arm.

Alarmed she pulled Sakura to the kitchen seeing that the blood was already starting to shine through.

"How did you get this? Does it hurt?" She asked worried.

Sakura only rolled her eyes at her roommate. She carefully pulled herself out of Ino's grasp, not wanting to hurt the girl, before grabbing her stuff and walking in the direction of her room.

"An ally of my opponent got a lucky shot, I didn't expect it. It's nothing."

"Well just be more careful forehead, I don't want to live alone in this place."

"You could always ask Tenten to live with you," Sakura replied yawning slightly.

"I'm being serious here!" Ino yelled, clearly livid.

She worried so much over her friend, and had even thought she was dead when she wasn't back five days over time. She couldn't sleep and stood by the gates hoping she would come soon. Not that she would tell her, she didn't want Sakura to feel pity for her.

After Sasuke had left, she and Sakura became very close friends. And even when he came back nothing had changed between their friendship. Ino saw Sakura as her own sister, even though they had their cat fights with each other of course, only to apologize moments after and make it up by going out together bar hopping. She really cared for the pink haired girl, and couldn't understand how she could think so lightly of it.

Sakura turned around, sighing inwardly when she saw her blue eyes already shining with the tears that were welling up. She threw her stuff on her bed before walking to Ino, hugging her.

Ino's eyes widened at Sakura's action, before snapping back and she hugged the girl back. It wasn't like they hadn't hugged before but with Sakura you could never know, exactly which mood she would be in and what way she would be acting.

"I'm sorry I said that. I didn't mean it. I know you couldn't sleep because of me, but please don't worry, I'll come always back for you pig."

Ino scoffed, nudging her friend playfully. "You better, Forehead."

Sakura smiled softly. "Now, if you don't mind I'm gonna crash into my bed and I won't wake up for a few hours."

She let Ino go and turned around sharply, with a little wave of her hand she wished Ino goodbye before closing the door behind her. Ino watched her until the door closed behind her pink haired friend. She turned to the first aid kit, grabbed it and put it back into it's place before walking off to her own bedroom. She didn't feel like cleaning up and she would wash Sakura's uniform tomorrow. She glanced one more time at her door whispering softly, "Welcome back Sakura," before closing her own door behind her.

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