"Hello I'm back and 'Tokyo truth or Downtown dare' is now back in sync" said Melody.

"Aww it was a shame about what happened to the last one" said Ichigo.

"Yeh" said Saki.

"So your sister is now joining in with this one huh" asked Masaya.

"Yes so shut up before I zap you or say the word" Melody shouted.

"What is the word?" asked Saki.

"Sit" replied Melody.

Masaya fell face first onto the floor.

"Ooops" said Melody before falling on the floor laughing her head off.

"While my onee-chan is having a laughing fit I would like you to send in your questions or dares to us" said Saki.

"Before we leave one important thing" said Melody "You can dare us"

"As this a continuation from last time everyone that joined in the show is still here" said Saki "and someone else is also joining in."

A loud poof noise was heard and Toffee, Meg, Mika, Julie, Amanda and Lucinda appear.

"Hi People" said Melody.

"Hi Mel" reply the six people.

"How's you?" asked Melody.

"I'm ok" replied Toffee.

"And I" replied Mika.

"DIE PINKIE" shouted Mika and Toffee and stared to run after Ichigo.

"IMOTO-CHANS HELP ME" shouted Ichigo running round the studio.

Everyone else in the room sweat dropped.

"Saki, go help onee-chan" said Melody.

"Hai" replied Saki.

"You too, Kish, Onii-chan" said Melody.

Kish and Ryou nodded. Kish went over and caught Mika making her blush before kissing her on the lips. Mika kissed back. Ryou went over and caught Toffee and did the same as Kish.

"Onee-chan, hide" Saki whispered and Ichigo managed to turn into her cat form before running out the catflap.

A loud boom is heard and Ichigo come back in the studio and jumps into Melody's arms. Melody jumped and her snow leopard ears and tail popped out. Saki also jumped making her Artic fox ears and tail pop out before hiding under the table with Melody carrying Ichigo on the tail.

"Their afraid of thunder and lightning" sighed Lucinda who had her White wolf ears and tail out.

Another loud boom was heard and Lucinda started shivering.

"Uh oh not another flash back" Melody said getting out from under the table "Lucinda you still there?"

"Yes, Shall I tell you what happened?" Lucinda asked.

Everyone nodded but stayed quiet.

"Ok" said Lucinda "when I was about 5 and I saw lightning hitting a tree setting it on fire and it was a thunder storm as well as a lighting storm".

"I'll say one now" said Melody "I heard during a thunder storm a kid was under a tree, the tree got hit by lightning and fell in the kid."

"Wow that's bad" said everyone before shuddering.

"I'm board now" said Melody after five hours of silence.

"We could always tell ghost stories" suggested Julie.

"Good idea but I'll put I up on another story" said Melody "well think we better go"

"Bye" said everyone.