After months of waiting THERE IS FINALLY ANOTHER REVIEW! That I can use anyway… NOW! On with the show!

The lights flash on blinding the group of two on stage. "GAH!" Jenna startled. "Too bright."

"That's because the light s just came on" groaned Jess.

Jenna shrugged her shoulders. "Hello and welcome to episode eleven of TRUTH OR DARE: TOKYO MEW MEW/POKEMON STYLE!"

"Did you have to shout the last bit Jen?" asked Jess cleaning out her ear with her pinky finger.

Jenna grinned evilly. "Yep" came her reply and clapped her hands making the cast poof on stage.

"Oh no…" groaned the TMM/Pokémon group.

"Oh yes" grinned Jenna. "The first REVIEW if from Shiawase Koneko on 2/6/11."

Don't you love when internet stops working and closes while you were reviewing, then when you go back to review again, everything you typed in your review is still there! =D


((glomps Ryou and Brendan))

Couldn't resist... o.o

Hmm... ((thinks of some dares))


Everyone: Who's your favorite YouTuber?

Everyone: Do you watch LPs? My favorite LPer is chuggaaconroy. XD

All: Do the Carmelldansen.

All I got. :3 (Plus, it's hard to type a review while sneezing uncontrollably.) I should go take some medicine now. x3 (or totally procrastinate, watch this week's Mario Party board on "TheRunawayGuys", listen to Vocaloids, maybe write some of the next chapter of TOD and then, eventually, take medicine and end up napping. XD)

Jenna raises an eyebrow as Ryou and Brendan groan from the glomp. "Erm… I had to deal with a dead laptop for a month till I could get fixed" muttered Jenna. "My fave youtuber… hmm… I have a lot. I've subscribed to a load. (See RivierRose on Youtube for my faves) LP? OH! I've seen chuggaaconroy. Okami is the best! I have that game."

Everyone else says the favorite Youtuber and LPer. Before everyone gets in a like and does the Caramelldansen (I have the song on my laptop -.-').

"The next review is from DragonEmerald98 on 3/18/12"

Okey, dokey! I'm in a very interesting mood, so prepare yourselves!

Dares and Questions(oh please- they're all dares!)-

All: Okay I only know some of your Japanese names so I'll be calling some of you by your Mew Mew Power names! Just a warning!

Kishu: So many people have just kissed you or forced you to sing a song.. I want you to dress up as a ballerina and do ballet!

Mint: Show Kishu how to do it, and make sure he has to wear a tutu and everything! then make sure he has an audience that includes the Mews, Sardon, and Tarb! Then slap him for me, just cuz.

Wesley: I don't like you- (pushes him of a cliff)

Pudding: Here- have a cookie!

Tarb: You're so annoying. And weak. Go join a gym or something.

Sardon: (knocks him out with a frying pan) Y'know... I've never even watched any episodes with you in it, so I don't know what I should say to you...

All girls: (i hand them all frying pans) Go whack all the boys! Except Kishu- he's busy with his ballet.

Ryou: (smiles evilly) I saved the best for last... Watch this.

All except Ryou, Kishu, and Mint: First, all the girls gotta get Ryou back into that girly getup, pink hair dye and all. Then, take him to the ballet stge. After Kishu performs, the grand finale will be... EVERYONE BEAT UP RYOU IN PUBLIC!

Jess rolls her eyes and poofs the Pokémon group backstage. "I'm sooo gonna put a list of the English/Japanese names for the TMM gang at the bottom" Jess muttered.

Jenna laughs weakly. "Jess is our screen writer, I'm just the animator, Lillian is our researcher and Melody is our scripter/director/photographer."

Kisshu groans as Jess and Jenna pass him to Lillian who drags him off screen to get ready. Mint smirks as she follows the two.

Jenna sighs as a loud whistling sound comes from Keiichiro falling off the cliff followed by a quiet poof. A click of fingers and a dazed Keiichiro pops into the studio. "You have a Keii-flamer, Keiichiro-kun."

Pudding cheers before stuffing the cookie into her mouth. "Manners Pudding-chan" came a call from Jess.

Jenna flashes her gym membership card to Taruto (Change t to n and you have Naruto [Japanese for Fishcake {who names a kid fishcake?}]) and dragged him to her local gym. The remaining girls grin as they are passed the frying pans. "Thanks" they call as they stat bashing the remaining boys (Keiichiro, Ryou, Kish and Pai).

Ryou gulps at the reviews evil smile. The remaining girls grab the equipment needed and make up Ryou.

Meanwhile… Jenna passes out tickets to the show (Comedy Show) as she drags Tart to the gym.

3 hours later the show starts with a few comedy pieces, Kish's ballet dance (which did surprisingly well) before finally falling onto Ryou's finally which had the crowd dying of laughter.

"See you in the next episode" said Jenna. "I need at least 5 reviews before I update."

The English and Japanese names for the TMM gang

Ichigo Momomiya – Zoey Hanson

Mint Aizawa – Carina Bucksworth

Lettuce Midorikawa - Bridget Verdant

Pudding Fong - Kikki Benjamin

Zakuro Fujiwara - Renée Roberts

Berry Shirayuki (English name unknown)

Kisshu – Dren (Nerd backwards)

Tart (Taruto) – Tarb (Brat backwards XD)

Pai - Sardon

Deep Blue

Masaya Aoyama – Mark (*gay*)

Ryou Shirogane - Elliot Grant

Keiichiro Akasaka - Wesley J. Coolridge III (the third)

Tasuku Meguro (English name unknown)

Masha – Mini mew