Twisted Interlude

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Solar Lovegood and Aisling Kilatre stood outside Gryffindor common room-waiting. Aisling was impatient but Solar's face was calm and dream-like, which irritated Ailsing even more than having to wait for their friends to get ready. Both Aisling being a Slytherin, and Solar being a Ravenclaw, could not enter the common room in order to speed their friends along and therefore had to wait outside the common room, with the fat lady glaring at them for even knowing where the common room was.

Aisling sighed and Solar hummed a Three Sisters song to himself. After another ten minutes of impatient sighing from Aisling and out-of -tune humming and occasional singing from Solar the fat lady told them to go away so she could have peace and quite staring deliberately at Solar, who was oblivious of his singing adverse affects on the nerves and patience of those in hearing range of him.

Aisling told Solar to shut-up and the fat lady allowed them to stay-though somewhat grudgingly.

Just as Aisling was reaching the end of her patience and Solar felt it about time he burst into song again their friends appeared in the door way.

Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger , Ronald Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas claimed out of the portrait hole and grinned at them.

"At last" grumbled Ailsing and Solar smiled vaguely at them , too lost in thoughts about Hippogriffs and whether they ate daisies petal by petal or whole. Ginny smiled apologetically "Sorry, Ron was having a fit because he lost the book Hermione bought him. isn't he sweet sometimes , even if he is my obnoxious older brother." she made a face and Ron went bright red. Hermione laughed and Neville grinned unable to hide his amusement.

Aisling laughed too and patted Ron's shoulder "cheer up she won't dump you over that. "then paused "You'd have to lose 'a brief history a Hogwarts' to do that Ron" Ron smiled sheepishly and Aisling wondered if he had actually lost it -which sounded very like Ron- but knew that Hermione and Ron loved each other too much to ever break-up.

"Come on we're going to be late because of you slackers. We have to go and meet Luna and the others downstairs." Solar nodded to what Aisling had said confirming it and Ginny linked Aisling's arm and they made their way down stairs.

At the foot of the main stair case stood a group of pupils waiting for them. Luna Lovegood, fresh-faced, white blonde hair flowing loosely down her back and smiling broadly at them; Hannah Abbot , Shorter than the rest, smiling lazily ; Harry potter, eyes alight when he saw Ginny and his black hair aria ; Draco Malfoy, blonde hair hanging slightly over his forehead, blue eyes warm and a reluctant smile tugging at his lips. With them were Petra Roberts and Indigo Larkright. Petra was tall with long glossy black hair and bright green eyes. She was a Slytherin like Ailsing and Draco but fitted in well with the group. Indigo, a Ravenclaw ,best friend of Solar Lovegood , was slightly shorter than Petra ,had Brown hair and large grey eyes. They reached the others and after a summer -spent mostly together- apart. Embraced one another. As the school year was not intended they had made their way to school in different ways and only Solar and Luna had been able to get the train with the other pupils. Aisling was happy to see her friends again. They were an unlikely group but nevertheless fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. Ailsing had a reddish brown colour for her hair which looked like copper, hazel eyes and skin paler then Luna's moon-white flesh. She was one of the tallest in the group, though also one of the youngest ,standing at five foot nine inches and being the same height as Draco.

Draco gave her a large hug which was not unusual , though she was the only person he hugged she had a feeling it was because it was she whom had brought him to the group.

Solar was laughing happily with Indigo. Ginny and Harry were locked in an embrace which seemed rather long-lasting. Hermione and Luna were hugging and exchanging stories of muggle holidays (as Luna had stayed with her muggle friend that summer in Devon), Neville and Dean were engaged with Petra's conversation -as they usually were- and Ron stood with Draco and Aisling. Aisling could tell he felt unconformable with Draco after everything that had happened last year but she adored Draco and wouldn't have him any other way. In the summer they had all spent together, working through grief , losses, love and problems she had become close to Draco. He was -unlike the others used to think- a very considerate boy. He had felt the need to put on a show for the others before because he couldn't let his family down lest as he feared the dark lord would have killed them. As it stood now Lucius has publicly apologised for all of his wrong-doing during and before the dark lords second grasp of power. Aisling remembered that well. It had been shortly after the fall of Voldemort , a couple of weeks at most, when Lucius had stood in the ministry foyer and made a speech.

Lucius Malfoy, looked slightly nervous that morning. Pale but determined he walked up to the podium when the ministry official had finished his introduction of what he was doing. He was apologising. Lucius looked around at the people watching him. Waiting. He could see Draco and his wife looking just as pale as he was, tired and very proud of what he was doing.

Lucius swallowed. He could see former students of Hogwarts that he knew from his time at Hogwarts, pupils of today and one of Draco's new friends. The girl who he had invited to their house. Aisling was her name. Long dark hair hung over her shoulders, hazel eyes stared unblinking at him. This made Lucius feel like it was only she that he was about to talk to which both put him at ease and strangely scared him out of his wits. She was standing with two adults though they were both obviously too young to be her parents, Lucius remembered Draco saying something about her parents though he could put his finger on it. The female with Ailsing could been no older than 25 and had short cropped blonde hair and very green eyes. She was talking to Aisling who nodded without taking her eyes off of Lucius. The male was slightly older and was well over six foot. He stood protectively at her side watching him with eyes such a dark brown they seemed to verge on black. His hair was an ebony black and was spiked up with gel.

Lucius began to speak "Over the years during and between the dark...dark..."Lucius swallowed "Voldemort's rise to power for the second time, I did some very cruel and unwise things. I now fully admit that I was under no spell during his first rise to power and I acted under my own judgement. I was sent to Azkaban for my involvement in the sabotage of the last Tri-wizard tournament and accessory to the murder of Cedric Diggory and the attempted murder of Harry Potter numerous times. Many people suffered at the hands of...V-Voldemort and I regret to say that I willingly participated and at the time thought I was in the right." Lucius sighed slowly.

" I am apologising for the first time in my life. I regret my actions in hind-sight and I know what I did was wrong I am very sorry for everything I did. I ask for your forgiveness for all that I have done and I will gladly serve out my sentence in Azkaban for my crimes against the wizarding community." Lucius bowed his head to the crowd and looked at Aisling who bowed her head to him and smiled. He knew that at least one person aside from his family had accepted his apology, though Lucius wondered why it had seemed to personal to Aisling. The look on her face seemed to tell him that on some level she was there for more than just support for Draco , she was here for reason's of her own. Lucius wished he could place those fleeting words of Draco's about Aisling's family but found himself failing in his efforts. He wondered if he would find out some time soon, as he stepped down from the podium and joined his family.

Draco's mother had volunteered her services to her sister to help her care for her young nephew Teddy; who was also Draco's new cousin. Along the way repairing part of her bond with her surviving sister and beginning to sort out their past differences. Narcissa had also begun working at saint Mungo's hospital for magical maladies and injuries with memory charms as she had a talent for dispelling them. Her major patient she was working with was the former Hogwarts teacher Gildaroy Lockheart.

During the summer , Aisling reflected, many things had happened. Harry had ordered graves be made for Sirius (though there was no corpse) , Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. These graves now lay near the whomping willow and they planned to visit them regularly. Tonk's mother , who was looking after Teddy, now that his mother, father and her husband were dead she had found it hard and therefore after much persuasion on the part of the Weasley's (Mrs. Weasely to be exact) she and Teddy were now living comfortably at the burrow with the remaining Weasley's. Luna's house had been re-built and production of the quibbler had recommenced (show-casing Harry Potters defeat of Voldemort), Harry had made amends with his aunt , uncle and cousin for all that had happened in those years and they have returned to privet drives number four. Neville's parents had started to recover slightly and his mother had recognized him for one precious moment that he'd said he could die happier then he were would have before that moment. He and his grandmother had taken Seamus and his mother and father into their home as theirs had been destroyed in the raids. Ron had proposed to Hermione on the second day of the holidays by the lake and Hermione had been so thrilled she'd sprung on him and they'd both fallen into the lake. Hermione had been asked to be head of gridiron and professor Mcgonagal was headmistress.

Everything was going their way.

Petra, indigo, Solar and Ailsing hadn't been part of the group long but in the two months they had all spent at a summer home together they had become close friends. Luna had invited Solar , whom invited Indigo and Aisling and she had asked Petra to come. Though Petra had spent most of her time in the room she Luna and Aisling shared the others liked her enough and accepted her into the group.

Now the Tri-wizard tournament was back and nothing could look better. Though their delay was annoying they couldn't wait. "Come on. Tri-wizard announcement is about to start I want to see the goblet again" piped up Ginny. Aisling and Draco grinned and followed the others as they walked to the great hall.

Ready to watch this time. No Harry sticking his neck on the line . No more worry about dark lords. Just blissful time with friends and having fun.

Aisling looked at Draco sadly. Too old. Too much of a gap and too good a friend. Though she could wish she pushed it aside and followed the others. Ready to let the year of enjoyment begin.