Chapter Twenty-Two- Dream Softly

Draco Malfoy sighed heavily. It was just his luck, really-things never really went his way. Sure, sometimes he thought they did, or they were, but no. They always managed to turn around and spit in his face, doing an evil pixie dance and whisk his happiness off with them as they ran away. Enough of metaphors though, he really, really hated Solar Lovegood right then. He'd vowed to now blame everything that went wrong in his life on the small blonde boy-mostly, and more accurately, because Solar was usually, even if only indirectly at times, the one to blame.

That day in particular, Draco really didn't want to even see the boy-he was worried he might murder him if he did. So, why you ask, was our poor mislead and slightly idiotic former bad boy so upset that day? Well, simply put it was because of Ailsing Kilatre. Slightly less simply, because she had lost her memory that lead up to her rescue of her sleepwalking, half-silky best friend-Solar Lovegood. There was that particular connection.

Every disaster that year had been connected to the small boy, and Draco had become sick of it. If it wasn't bad enough that the first time Solar had interrupted them just before he kissed her, then Solar had to go and almost drown himself and Aisling had forgotten the fact that they had now kissed. It was the old, one step forward and fifty steps back tale. Because, with Aisling and Draco that's all he ever seemed to be doing, even if that wasn't the original saying.

One thing Draco could be happy about was that Aisling had kissed him, not the other way around. Maybe, he could make her jealous somehow? Honestly, he didn't think many eighteen year old just liked one girl but unluckily for him he seemed to only have eyes for her. Maybe, he could gouge his eyes out, that might solve the problem...His eyes watered at the thought, and he pushed the idea aside to the 'Maybe' category. At least then he wouldn't care who the person was. Heck, maybe he could cast a sleep to make him gay and that would solve the problem? He frowned; he didn't like the idea of possibly being left to pine over someone like Indigo or Harry, even if it did solve his Aisling problem. He thought about this for a few moments and then, concluding he had a bit too much of a vivid imagination banished the idea to 'Desperate'.

He wished he had a male friend he could tell his problems too, but maybe that was more the kind of thing girls did. He supposed that any male he told would either say 'tell her' or ...well, no doubt you can imagine if you've ever met a chav.

Maybe, just maybe he would get over it? Damn. He really had far too much time on his hands to be thinking about gouging his eyeballs out to save himself from his love-life problems. He would probably end up with more of them if he did though. He looked up and grimaced. Professor McGonagal was staring at him angrily.

"So, Mister Malfoy- would you like to explain the transfigiration laws to the class? As you seem to know them so well that you weren't listening to a thing I've been saying." Draco grinned at her, helplessly. Oops...maybe he did necessarily HAVE the time to be thinking about this, more taking the time out of his lessons. Same thing.

"Polymers are made from long chains of hydrocarbons bonded together which are alkenes because they have double carbon bond which allow them to join together in incredibly big and long atoms?" Draco asked hopefully, as he hadn't even been listening to the question. Professor mcgonagal sighed.

"No, Mister Malfoy-try muggle chemistry next time you want to amaze people. I take it you don't know the laws of transfiguration?" Draco blushed and nodded silently. "Then, I suggest that next time you don't spent your time doodling hearts all over your textbook." She told him angrily, and walked away. Draco's face flamed scarlet and he quickly turned the page of his textbook so that the other members of the class craning their necks to see could not.

Maybe he would gouge his eyes out.


Huff. Solar was terribly annoyed with himself. He had caused Aisling to forget something important - he could tell. Sure, he didn't exactly know what, but Petra had told him. She and Draco has kissed! (Aisling and Draco that was, notDracoand Petra...) Yet, there he was watching Aisling as if she didn't know. She didn't. He could have kicked himself - definitely no pudding for a month this time! This was much worse than the last time. There had been a real tangible kiss and expressions of passion. He smiled. Well, at least he knew for sure that they liked each other-that definitely helped his cause somewhat. He didn't know any memory spells, however, and he doubted the teachers would help him reignite the passion between the two friend. If anything they'd be glad that at least two students weren't making out in a corner somewhere-or worse.

He looked down at Aisling. She was fine now, three days had passed and she had recovered within a matter of hours. Lucky for her really to be as she was. He was sitting in the stalls of the Quidditch pitch following her progress around the pitch. She had gone back to track running. He held a muggle stopwatch in his small hand and was timing her lap times. He didn't care for the stopwatch but he didn't want to use magic that day-the fascination with the object was all of the shiny buttons. He had to be careful to resist the urge to push them and ruin the timing. She was definitely fast, rivaling Petra's slow times. But, who could be expected to keep up with someone like Petra? You couldn't even if you wanted to, unless you were like her.


Petra stood silently in the library, unmoving and perfectly statuesque. She was reading a book, and had been for the past hour-terrifying anyone who ventured near and then realised she was both alive and real.

She was quite enjoying the book. It was a play-another Shakespeare, her interest had been sparked again when Aisling re-read Romeo and Juliet. She was entertaining herself with Richard III at that moment.

"What are you reading?" Draco asked, as he walked up to her. Petra shoved the book back onto the shelf, and a sever Madame Pince jumped on the book like a cat, replacing it in it's correct position, lovingly. They watched with interest, and then continued with their conversation.

"A book," Petra told him, in her usual, unhelpful way. Draco groaned, unprepared to ask her more, for fear of the answer or the unhelpful statements.


"What are you doing?" Petra asked him, carefully.

"Talking to you." He replied, equally unhelpfully. Petra nodded.

"Nice talking to you. See you later" and she moved to walk away.

"Where are you going?'

"I thought wed finished talking."

"No wonder everyone avoids talking to you, Petra." She smiled

"It's a gift" Draco laughed.

"A very useful one too, I expect."

"What did you want then?" she questioned, a little wearily.


"Try 118 188," Draco blinked, "If you fall off a horse what do you do?" He shrugged, not understanding her meaning.

"Get an icepack?"

"Too literal. What do you do?"

"I don't fall off," He told her, arrogantly.

"This is a hypothetical conversation, Draco. Stop being literal!"

"Okay, fine. What am I supposed to do?"

"You're the one who's supposed to tell me." She said, flatly.

"Do you even know the answer to this?" he asked her, suspiciously.

"Of course I do," she snapped "Just answer the question. Imagine you can't ride, and you fall off the horse" Draco nodded and though about it.

"When did I get a horse?"


"Fine," he grumbled. He hated the hypothetical - it wasn't going to happen so why talk about it? "If I fell -as I am an apparent iincompetent rider- off this hypothetical horse, I somehow suddenly own, and I am magically unscathed, I...get a better trained horse!" He exclaimed happily. "That's it! A new horse. Thanks, Petra!" he grinned at her and ran off, out of the library.

Petra blinked.

"Why do I get the feeling he completely and utterly missed the point of that metaphor?" she asked herself, in exasperation. She made a mental note to never say anything in the least bit metaphorical or hypothetical around Draco again.


Draco smiled to himself, even if that Petra did talk a load of rubbish she could make some sense, even with all that metaphorical crap. He knew what he had to do now. He had to get a new horse. He had to find a new girl. That was the best idea yet!


Indigo watched in disbelief at the Ravenclaw table, as Draco tried to chat up girls - it wasn't working. You could tell that, although he was naturally very good-looking, he didn't have the knack or the inclination to do so. He really wasn't doing very well. If only he'd take away some of his followers-Indigo would be forever indebted to him.

Aisling sat down beside indigo with a smile.

"Hey, Indy," she greeted him cheerfully.

"Hey, Ash,"

"You okay?" he nodded uneasily, hoping she wouldn't look towards her own house table. She didn't, maybe she'd already seen and that was why she was sitting with him? Maybe not. It didn't matter. Indigo was just happy for his best friend's company as they hardly got to spend time together anymore.

Solar joined them after a few minutes, a smile on his face -which looked distinctly false-and singing 'Freak out'

"Good song," commented Indigo with a smile.

"Agreed," Added Aisling, as the blonde sat beside her.

"Thank-you. 'You don't always have to do, everything right-stand up for yourself, and put up a fight!'" they all nodded and Aisling absentmindedly wished that she had an Ipod or something...maybe a giant stereo, that worked...

"Avril Lavigne's older stuff is so much better" Indigo commented, they all nodded.

" 'If I had my way I'd never get over you...' " Solar sang, loudly enough that Draco heard, looked up and caught his eye. Solar gave him a meaningful glance, then looked back to Indigo and Aisling.

"We get the picture, Sol" Aisling said, patting his shoulder softly.

"Just demonstrating a good song-many life lessons can be learnt from songs." Solar told them, seriously.

"Name some!" Aisling challenged

"Avril Lavigne songs. "

"But so many songs tell you things that are wrong!" she exclaimed

"Such as?" Solar returned the challenge.

"Firstly, 2play - this can't be right. Okay, it admits that affairs are wrong, but condones them because he can't keep an handle on his lust? That's wrong!," her friends nodded " Fall to pieces by Avril Lavigne might sound pretty, but it's telling people to pine over others even when they've been hurt by them."

"I suppose" Indigo conceded "3am is a great song though."

"Agreed. Amazing song."

"If you give up on someone, even if you're scared - you should try."

"Or at least get with them again?" Solar raised an eyebrow.

"Hey! At least it's not an affair!" Indigo glared at him.

"Exactly. Very good idea. It's actually quite a cool lyric - maybe its because Matt Willis sings it though...he had a nice voice," Indigo coughed slightly.

"I'd like the song to come true." he told them.

"I suppose it'd be a nice idea if people could do that, but them commitment would mean nothing..."

"No, only a second chance with the people you leave behind, or have problems with, I meant." They all nodded.

"Any others?" solar asked.

"I like N.E.R.D" Aisling told him.

"That had absolutely nothing to do with this conversation."

"True, but still a valid point." she told him. He nodded.


Solar put up his hands to silence them.

"Okay, let's play a game-"

"This isn't hide and seek again, is it?" Indigo asked a little boredly.


"Or sleeping lions? You know what happened last time." Aisling added, remebering only too well Dean Thomas' trip to the hospital wing as a result.

"No I-"

"Or murder in the dark?"

"Just let me tell you!" Solar grumbled. The pair silenced, and let him speak. "Thank-you. In this game you quote three song lyrics to describe your feelings or situations currently."

"Okay..." Indigo replied. Aisling shrugged and nodded.

"Okay. Indigo - you first." Indigo gulped but thought about it.

"'So, who's David, some guy who lives next-door?', 'So I'll cash my cheques and place my bets, and hope I always win. Even if I don't, I'm fucked because I life a life of sin', 'Dude she's amazing, and I can't believe you got that girl' "

"Now, Aisling," Solar told them.

" 'You look into my eyes I go out of mind, I can't see anything 'cos this love's got me blind.' 'Something isn't right, I can feel it again, feel it again. This isn't first time that you left me waiting. Sad excuses, and false hopes high, I saw this coming, so I don't know why I let you in.' ''cos you're hot 'n' you're cold, you're yes then you're no, you're in and you're out, you're up then you're down, you're wrong when it's right-it's black when it's white. We fight-we break up, we kiss - we make up' "

Solar chuckled. He'd thought so. He so enjoyed being right.

"See you both later - I have to go and help Hagrid." and he skipped off toward the grounds.

"Sometimes," Aisling began, "I want to kill that boy."

"Only sometimes?"


Later on in the common room Aisling entered to find Draco sitting forlornly on the plush, dark green sofa. She wandered over to the blonde boy and smiled.

"Are you okay?" he sighed and nodded

"Yeah - I'm fine"

"You don't look fine"

"Then why ask?!" he snapped, Aisling looked hurt but answered.

"Because I was worried about you - I'm sorry I was now." she turned and walked away, Draco frowned and gave up.

"Sorry, Ash, Sorry." she turned back to him and shrugged.

"Doesn't matter. You don't have to tell me." He looked around for something to say, then held up the book in his hand.

"Othello?" he asked, hopefully.

" 'and who is he to say, that I play the villain?' I know it." Aisling walked over to him and took the book, flipping it over and admiring the shining cover. She loved new books, in fact, it smelt quite nice too.

"Can you explain it to me?" Draco asked, with a smile.

"Sure," She told him, sitting on the floor in front of him and going over the plot.


Aisling had ended up sitting with her legs draped over Draco's lap and reading the book while explaining. Draco had actually enjoyed the play quite a bit, and concluded that the Shakespeare lark was quite cool. He grinned, Othello was better than he'd thought. Though he felt a chill when they talked about Iago - a little more and in truth, Draco knew he had been very similar. Maybe not as cunning, or even intelligent as the main villain, and not as charming - but still, he had betrayed the people he should have actually been working with.

It was late, and Aisling had fallen asleep, her legs still on his lap. Maybe the idea of finding a new girl wasn't such a good one, or possibly it would be the best thing he ever did. He wasn't sure if feeling the way he did was fair on Aisling, or anyone around him. Most especially, as is the nature of humans, he wasn't sure if he could do better. Was it better to find someone he didn't feel it was wrong to like, than to let himself like the person he did? Was it wrong to like someone three years younger than him, who was most definitely under-age? Would he be the best person for her? Could she do better? Could he find someone older, prettier and less emotionally bogged down? Could he deny the fact that, whatever he did, his attention always turned back to her, as a friend, as something more, as something impossible?

He wasn't sure.

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