It was a cold winter night. Evalena lay curled up on the icy cold steel cot using the thin white sheet she had been given to keep warm.

The howling wind outside kept the troubled teen awake. She tossed and turned in a vain attempt to get comfortable. She looked out the window at the red lone wilting flower on the window sill, bathed in pale moonlight. Letting out a low sigh, she closed her eyes to sleep.

A loud scream rent the cold air like a knife. Evalena bolted upright at the terrifying sound. Breathing heavily, she looked around the room with her different colored eyes until her gaze rested upon the lone flower on the window sill. Her eyes snapped to the closed door as a fresh chorus of screams and voices echoed through the corridors.

Evalena sat up slightly, drawing the sheet tighter around her. She began to shiver with fear more than cold when she heard footsteps drawing near her door.

"Here, this must be it!" a gruff voice said outside the door.

Evalena yelped in fear as the door was kicked open to hit against the wall. She stared wide-eyed at the two men walking in, both with guns. They were both dressed all in black suits.

One of the men, a burly dark blonde with cold blue eyes, smirked. "I think we found her, get the boss."

The other, smaller black-haired with deep green eyes and a sharp featured face nodded and left the room.

The blonde turned his attention back to Evalena, still smirking. "Aren't you a pretty thing?" He chuckled. "The boss'll be pleased."

Evalena whimpered slightly, trying to sink down.

Time ticked by slowly, then finally the black-haired man returned.

"He'll be here in a moment." He said as he came up beside the other man, not taking his eyes off Evalena, who trembled under his cold gaze.

Both men stepped farther to the side as another man walked in.

He was slightly taller than the other two with a strong, thin build. He wore a black suit like the others. His short dark brown hair was spiked, which showed off all of his smooth features and bright blue eyes. He smiled gently at Evalena as he walked towards her. "Hello, dear."

Evalena shrunk down farther.

"It's alright, my dear. There's no reason to be frightened," He turned to the men. "Out!" he said sharply.

The men quickly left, closing the door behind them.

The remaining man turned his attention back to Evalena, smiling softly. "I'm not going to hurt you. The others here are unharmed as well. So no reason to be scared, my dear." He sat down on the edge of the cot.

Evalena pulled her legs to her chest, fear evident in her eyes.

The man's smile faded slightly. "Ah, maybe it would be best if I introduce myself, eh?"

Evalena watched him intently, still fearful.

"My name is Duke. I am the boss of the Osomaromi Gang. You may be wondering why we've invaded this godforsaken excuse for an orphanage," He paused to catch a glimpse of her face, to see if the expression had changed. It had not. He continued. "Well, I've been watching this place for awhile, and you." He smiled.

Evalena's eyes widened. "Me…?" she said in a tiny whisper.

Duke nodded. "Yes. I have decided to take over this wretched place as my new hideout, since my old one was burned to the ground. The others will be enslaved, but you, my dear, shall be the little bird that is the loved pet."

Evalena shrunk down further.

Duke reached out and touched her cheek, causing her to flinch and squeeze her eyes shut. He pulled his hand away and stood up. "Well, I'll leave you to sleep. Everything will be put into action. Tomorrow morning."

Evalena watched him as he left the room. As soon as the door closed, she scrambled out of the bed and made her way to the window. She knew she had to get out of the orphanage, no matter how nice Duke was.

Slowly, she eased the window open, though it still creaked. Careful not to harm the already dying flower, she eased herself out and dropped onto the ground, several feet below. Her knees buckled as she made impact and she fell to her knees with a low whimper.

It took several minutes for Evalena's body to recover from the fall and from the icy wind stinging her skin. She managed to get to her feet and start walking away from the building towards the road.

The frightened girl spun around as someone yelled out, "Hold it right there!"

It was the blonde that had come into her room. He had a gun pointed at her. "Hey, you're from the girl from the orphanage! I gotta tell Duke!" He turned and relayed the message to a comrade near him.

While he was speaking to the other man, Evalena took off. Her heart was thumping hard against her ribcage and her bare feet hurt from the cold concrete of the sidewalk.

There was the sound of yelling in the distance. "Come back, Evalena!" It was Duke. He had come to get her back personally.

Evalena only ran harder.

The pair made it into town, which was quiet except for the occasional car.

"Evalena!" Duke called. "Please come back! I won't hurt you!"

Evalena cast a glance back at him, then turned her gaze back forward. She saw an alley off to the side and quickly ran down it. She looked around frantically to see a very narrow passageway off to her left.


Frightened, Evalena squeezed herself into the passageway, moving until she was halfway through to the other side before stopping to catch her breath. Her heart beat wildly in her chest, feeling as if it would burst out at any given moment.

Duke ran into the alleyway, looking around for Evalena, but she was no where to be found. He growled in frustration. "Damn it, Evalena!" He turned and ran out.

Evalena breathed a sigh and slid out, wincing as the rough walls scraped her skin. She looked down at her arm, covered with flecks of blood from the scrapes. She sighed and left the alleyway. She walked down the sidewalk, staring at the ground. She was trying her best not to let the chill of the air get to her, nor the fact that her body was screaming with pain.

Duke turned to see Evalena off in the distance. "Found you." He took off running in her direction.

Evalena was too tired to notice Duke until he had caught up to her. She screamed as he grabbed her arm and turned her around.

He smirked. "You thought you could run away. But I have you now!"

"No!" Evalena screamed, wrenching her arm away and bolting off, Duke hot on her heels.

Evalena was too frightened and blinded by the tears of pain and fear that clouded her vision to see the tall black-clad figure in front of her. She slammed full force into him, sending her sprawling on her back.

"What the hell?" The figure turned and looked down, allowing Evalena to see his demonic features. "Watch where yer goin'!"

Duke came up behind Evalena. "Evalena, stop running already!" he said, glaring down at her. Then he looked up at the other man and gasped. "What the hell are you?!"

"I'm Beelzebumon. And you should keep yer kid from runnin' inta people!" the man snarled.

Duke laughed. "No, she's not my child; she's too old for that! But she is returning with me to the orphanage," He reached down and picked her up under the arms. "Come on!"

Tears spilled down Evalena's face. "No, please," she pleaded in her soft voice. "I don't want to go back…."

"You will go back!" Duke growled, angered.

Evalena sobbed with fear.

Beelzebumon saw the fear on her face and glared at Duke. "Hey now, if she don't wanna go back, why make 'er?"

"Because," Duke snapped irritably as he hoisted Evalena onto her feet. "She is mine! I will make her do as I see fit."

Beelzebumon frowned. "Now that ain't fair! She said she don't wanna go wid ya!"

Duke glared defiantly at Beelzebumon. "And what do you think yer gonna do about it? Mind your own damn business!"

Beelzebumon bared his fangs and pulled a gun out of his holster, pointing it at Duke's head.

Evalena's eyes went wide.

Duke merely continued to glare. "Go ahead, shoot me. See if my gang doesn't kill your sorry ass!"

"Gimme the girl!" Beelzebumon said in a warning tone.

"Fine!" Duke said, throwing Evalena at Beelzebumon, who managed to catch her with one arm while keeping the gun still pointed in his direction. He scoffed and turned to walk away.

Beelzebumon looked down at Evalena. He saw that she had passed out. Putting up his gun, he scooped her up in his arms and walked to his home.